Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oct. 9th email: Saw the Northern Lights

 all is well here conference was really good. i enjoyed Hollands talk he is a boss hog. it was weird how the shared the story of peter 2 times. but they were unique so its chill. i thought the talk by Echo Hawk was neat. there are lots of native people here so we could use it. umm as long as the i pod has some good tunes im chill with whatever. but it would be nice to have some dvds with the church seal on it. like some conferences or the testaments or the D&C dvds cause our mission is one of the experimental missions soo we have portable DVD players that we can use so anything with the church seal we can watch. have you ever seen the clip only a stone mason the john row moyl story? it gives a shout out to torlief so that's neat i got to watch it not long ago. well im really hoping i get to train soon cause then i could boss my comp around and actually be productive but as of now im just pluggin along. jake hourouny has a cousin coming out next transfer so maybe ill train him that would be cool. thats cool that jed is workin for kepco. is kepco picking up some work? yeah dont send me any candy the candy here is way better anyways i can eat all the kinder eggs i want :) haha you could send me some cheapo headphones and a small oil container. the headphones are for watching videos on oh and yeah we got to see all the sessions they are on tv but we saw them at the stake center and one session at a members house. yeah the last package was fun i got everything... including things that i could get sent home for having haha trying to get a missionary to play the lotto. but i enjoyed the glad tidings from prophet Peter Popoff i felt like i had no need to here from Thomas S  cause peter told me all i needed to know haha the beef jerky was prolly my favorite thing. OH BY THE WAY I SAW THE FLIPPIN NORTHERN LIGHTS it was so cool i even got some pictures but they dont show up very well on the camera. if only i was Garr i could of found out how to get better pics haha. i didnt know were the firework setting was :( but things are going pretty well here in sturgeon the work is really slow but its there, so thats good. im studying a ton im trying to read the whole bible in 2 transfers its going pretty well im half way through the old testament. anywho i love you lots and i got to mail my presisdent

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oct. 1st email: "immersed in the waters of baptism"

yeah october is neat. they celebrate thanksgiving soon so that's weird. yeah thing are going swell here i helped a lady put together a marlin 30-30 yesterday it made me miss mub. also there is some cool rednecks in my ward who have guns and a huge farm so i like to chill with them(they have a really hot daughter too) my comp is really weird he has zero emotions and he hates everyone. im not entirely sure why he's on a mission. but its chil,l he works hard so thats what count,s but like 70% of our ward dosent like him cause he is just rude to them, so its kinda hard to do things. this week he was lectured by 2 different members it was really funny. right now im reading a poop load out of the old testament, im at the end of numbers right now and its pretty crazy. im glad we have the BOM to clear all of the nonsense up thats in the bible. oh i really enjoyed the bible bashing pamphlet you gave me hahahahaaha it was pretty silly. that shirt is pretty sexy too. you should send my kitty shirt to me so my comp will think im gay lol that would be fun. i took a pic of my ankle but its like 2 week after it happened so its not cool at all.  one of the members here is a physical therapy dude so he told me to do some stretches and stuff so it healed really quick. man the Brigham City temple looks so freakin rad. oh by the way someone in my last area is getting dunked because they went to the Calgary temple. so thats cool. so its almost like papshmere is helping me out here hehehehe. so thats neat.  2 people i taught are getting baptised. im gonna try to buy a scale today so my weight loss can move forward.  also i think next summer im gonna buy a new suit is that's chill? cause the one i have is gonna be destroyed after winter. plus im losing some weight so i can get a smaller one. the new camera you got me is super nice i like it. Abner, one of investigators is super stoked for conference so hopefully he will feel the spirit and get immersed in the waters of baptism. i just read the story about the talking ass and it made me think of dad haha cause those were always his favorite scriptures. what an example haha  today the lady at the laundry mat gave me and extra dolllar cause she likes me. it would be neat to see the Coulams, im sure he knows exactly where im at cause he served here. what family did he marry into? anyway things are going well the church is true enjoy general conference byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Answered Questions (kind of!!)
 -what is your apartment like? small
-what is the town like? rich
-who are your investigators? Jerry cunningham, tery federok, abner roque
-How is your ankle? hurty, but not bad i still boss niggas with it
-did you get the package yet? yeah i took some pics already, my comp wont let me take pics of him its funny
-what do you do with the pictures mandy and I send you? keep them for a little then recycle them(theres just to many to keep)
-who have you gotten letters from?no one
-what kind of gloves do you want me to buy you? any or do you want to just get them there? i dont care
-What do you do on pday? B ball
-Have you had to cook at all in this new area? lunches
-do you have a microwave? yes
-would you like a garmin for your car? a member gave me one
-do you ever get on facebook? not yet
-do you look at your blog? no
 -where do you email from? the library its a cool building its got fountains and stuff
-do you always email at the same time? kinda like at around 11 
-anything else you want me to mail you? tell nick to put lipstick on and kiss a napkin and send it to me....