Monday, December 3, 2012

Nov. 26th emails: The Army of Helaman

Today was transfers and nothing happened. mom you might magnify your calling too much... so most def send Elder Lee some fun things but don't send candy. me and him are loosing lots of weight so don't tempt us haha. send like protein bars or something instead. our singing in primary was great we sang with little kids The Armies of Helaman and the choir lady cried cause im so darn good at everything. but things in the mission are going really good, im super stoked for the next couple weeks. we have 2 less active families coming back to church and it is a really nice feeling to see someone be able to feel the spirit again and change there life. man the holiday season really makes it hard not to think of home. but i feel like the ward here is just a big extended family so that's really good. im glad im staying here for Christmas. im stoked to skype home and see baby scar scar. and maxy of coarse. i haven't got the package yet but i might get it today so that will be fun. oh im getting really good at chess too. during lunch everyday elder lee teaches me how to play and i almost beat him the other day. so thats cool im turning a little asian. next thing you know i will be in Yellowstone walking around with my hands behind my back and trying to pet a deer. anywho im still really bad at taking picture and writing letters so i apologize about that. but life just seems to busy on the mish. man i mos def miss shooting and i was actually thinkin about the time we camped outside cabellas. that was pretty fun. did they take out the good ol AK? and its been awhile since i have seen a good pic of max.... whats up with that? man i hope Stu is doing good. i love that fine young man more then captain hook loves the booty. tell him to get temple worthy. then he can be sealed to his puppies for ever well tell Cody i love him when he comes home and hopefully he is doing good. well im gonna go but i love you very much and the church is true byeeeeeeee

(email to mandy)
oh mandy poo. you are the best. im really glad you have such a good perspective on life. the most improtant thing you can learn in this life is that heavenly father loves you his son Jesus Christ knows you perfectly and knows exactly how to help you in any situation. and that heavenly father fights everyday so you can return too him someday with your family. as members of the church we don't realize how big of a blessing it is to truly understand who god is. most people think he is a blob or some mass that can be everywhere or is somehow three people in one body but sometimes 2 bodies. but we know that he is a loving heavenly father. and if you look at our parents on this earth and our families we can get the smallest glimpse of how much our perfect heavenly father loves us and wants us to be happy. thats really cool that you have a testimony of tithing. while on my mission thats been a tough thing for people to understand. but its one of the simplest commandments. we basically are asked to get rid of what Satan uses to make us greedy and prideful. and we gain blessing greater then we can even receive. and i love you lots. ill try to send some Christmas cards soon and tell Tammy and Roger i love them lots and they are the best.

(email to Chris)
well shoot happy almost birth day papshmere! ill share the story of on of our members who came back. he is an oil worker who works crazy hours and he was a convert and he randomly called us this week and said he wanted to meet with us... so we went to his place and he said he had been reading the BOM and had a really strong feeling that he needed to become temple worthy. so it was really cool we taught him a lesson about reading prayer and church and he came to church this Sunday and set up a time to meet with the bishop. so it was really cool to see. well have the happiest of birthdays and try not to get into to much trouble. 

Nov. 19th email:

well things are going really good. yeah we have a transfer right before Christmas so im really hoping i don't go cause then i wouldn't know anyone for Christmas and i would feel left out haha. plus there are a lot of really rich people here hahahahaha yeqah my comp is a sweet heart. man those couches better be broken in by the time i get home. ikea is turrible. but things on the mission are going good in this area there is a TON of less active people so we are working with them a lot we re activated a guy this week and he came to church and met with the bishop it was really cool.  well everyone is writing me so its hard to write this letter. but i think elder lee will for sure come visit. he says he wants to be with you guys when i come home hahaha anywho im not buying new clothes yet cause im still loosing lots of weight so im just gonna rep them like an OG then buy small ones. im at 220 right now. its pretty crazy i don't think i have been this light since i was like 12 haha it should be a good time i need to take some pictures i have really been slacking. ill get on that though so i can send you some fun things home. well i love you and im really excited to see you on Christmas via skype.

Nov. 14th email:

 well well things are going pretty good in the mission. its been really cold and snowed quite a bit. we have been shoveling walks and stuff like that so its fun. a member gave me some cute red gloves so i have been wearing those to shovel snow and what not. but i think i will buy some nice ones for tracting so i dont have to keep my hands in my pockets. umm me and my comp are singing in our primary program this sunday so that will be pretty funny. man its pretty crazy that colemamogram is home. i miss him. oh well missions go bye super quick so im not worried about it. hopefully everyone isnt married when i get back. my halloween was really good we just played B Ball the whole time and then my comp carved his first ever pumpkin haha it was funny. yes they trick or treat the same. "and a little trip up south would be fun too :D!!" mom you cant go UP south haha silly commander. tell colman he better use the hot tub at least once a week  for and in behalf of riley christian knaphus. and give him another hug for me. thats rad that colty is doing so good. tell  dallas she dosent have to write me..... just kidding i love her too. oh and i got the pakage awhile back im lovin the tunes mandy picked for me. i snuggle with my comp while listening to michael buble. didnt garr tell dallas not to write him? hahahaha sily gardino. well  im gonna bouce ok byeeee

 (a fun email we got from Riley's companion, Elder Lee)
Im a awesom companion of Elder thy son, he was telling me about you guyz a lot haha
Im enjoying to listen those story a lot. i heard his brother in low's fart is awful, but recently i beat his record;)
I also heard his sister is hair dresser, her hair looks nice. His brothers are such a goof ball, I was telling Elder Knaphus that your brother should shave beard
hey I also try to help your son to lose weight so he can marry with weem after his mission
Im excited to see you guyz one day and i will take care of him until end of my mission.
Oh..! i have som funny picture that will make your family happy:) (may be..)