Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22nd email: Ripped my pants!!

"Dont be sad peter thats why they call it shpoople!" I'm emailing late too. sup? seems like lots O crazy things are going on. and yes i got the food package and i love it with all my little heart<3.  no we haven't moved into a new place yet so its been crazy. but we should move tomorrow.... that's what we were told, but I'm not sure it will happen. is CO JAY gonna live with you guys? if so tell him to shower more often. lol jk tell him i love him. things here in Innisfail are going really good. my comp is a stud and things are looking good we should have a baptism or two here pretty soon so thats cool. the ward here is super cool all the members are way strong and do lots of missionary work. i ripped my pants really bad this week luckily the lady we are living with is a jack of all trades and fixed them up for me. anyway not too much is going on we got stuck in the snow really bad and some old farmer folk got us out with a tractor so that was fun. um the place we live in is freezing all the time so we do all of our studies in our bed to keep warm.   well anywho not much else to say training is fun the new area is cool love ya byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Question from mom:
How do you like training, is it hard? its fun my comp is dope and smart so its not hard at all. its more hard starting a new area without much info.
Goofy post to Dad:
 yeah we be chillin all day here in Innisfail. man half my ak47 is from turkey. when you go, see if you can get any bakelight mags. remember we don't talk to police we don't make peace bonds we don't trust in the judicial system we shoot guns.
I couldn't post his email to mandy... funny, but inappropriate!!!

January 14th email: New comp: Elder George

well even though you didn't write me i will extend my loving mercy to you and share with you my recent advent. well on Wednesday  i went and picked up my new companion. his name is Elder George and he is a super cool guy. he is from Las Vegas. and is all about sports he was gonna play college football for byu........ but he got brain damage so he didn't. now he kinda reads slow and stuff but not enough to notice, but he has a strong testimony and a super good work ethic so I'm super stoked to work with him. he said that there are 18 yr olds in the mtc now. so that's crazy. but any way after i picked up Elder George i made my way to the deep south of my mission. this area is the 2nd lowest point in the mission so that's cool I'm actually really close to Calgary now. any-who this area had no idea that elders were coming so we don't have a real place to stay yet so we are just living in a families unfinished basement right now. but should only be there for about 2 weeks. then we will move somewhere else. the family we are living with are awesome though, they are old school farmers so we wake up every morning to help them split firewood and they make us a huge breakfast. Phill would love living here. our basement electrical is run the same way old barns are is what bro. Smith told me, so ill take some pics of it for Phill, its pretty cool. its super cool doing morning studies next to an old fireplace thing. but anywho its been quite the adventure especially since i got supper sick 2 nights ago. i was throwing up for like 5 hours. it was miserable but the next day i got a blessing and i feel better now. but ill tell you a little about Innisfail. its really small but we cover like 4 really small areas we live in a tiny town called Bowden and there is nothing here but a penitentiary (prison)  then we go to another small town called Penhold a ton. we got an investigator living there and he accepted a baptismal invite the first time we met with him so thats super cool. his name is Jeff and he is from Newfoundland so he speaks perfect Pickey. and his wife is Mexican so its pretty weird but they are super cool. Sunday was super good, elder George spoke for 5 min and did a really good job and the ward is super cool they love doing missionary work so its rad. oh man its been crazy our first day we shoveled like 10 walks and it was the first time elder George has ever shoveled snow. and when we went to the car his hands were legit bright purple. he is hating the snow but he never complains cause he is a boss. but anywho ill have to take some good pics cause this area is really fun. its kinda like Hinton just way smaller and its a ward not a branch and its farm country. oh and the people we live with are super prepared for a natural disaster they have all these weird cold rooms and holes in the ground that they store food. its really cool. well thats all i can think of for now byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mom asked some questions:
Will you be moving soon?   not sure at thiss point i think the bishop is looking for one. the only problem is there is no one appartment buildings in this whole area haha
 Were you ever able to watch the videos of Scarlett we sent on the camera card? no i couldnt watch them..... i tried putting them in other peoples cameras but no go.
Where was that Christmas village picture from, you never said?  the members who's crazy Christmas stuff is the Vanovermeres. she is a crazy lady kinda like someone else i know....
 How do you like driving in the snow?  i have almost been in 3 crashes so far...... its turrible
Dad asked some questions:
 Are you still sick? Did you get some pepto bismo?  no im good no i just had to sleep a whole day cause i was throwing up all night
 How is the living quarters with the fam you are staying with? Do they have an apartment? well..... we pretty much live in a dungeon hahaha. we just have a little room and an unfinished basement.  oh yah im living with a way rad family and there son served his mission with a K nap. you know who served in Okinawa japan 1987?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 7th email: Big changes!

well today is pretty darn crazy both me and elder lee are being transferred so its really hectic. I'm going to an area called Enisville or something like that, it's outlining and I'm training as well so it should be crazy. i don't know my new comp yet but i will let you know soon. Elder Lee is going to an area called Parkland and he is being made district leader. so its crazy today cause we have to completely clean everything in our apartment cause sister missionaries are coming here. but anywho all i know about my area is that sister missionaries used to be there. so it should be fun. i know its a ward even though its a small town so there must be lots of members but i hear its a hard area so it will be a neat experience. its kinda like my first area but this time I'm the trainer in the brand new area.... hopefully God knows what he is doing. well like i said today is SUPER crazy so i can't talk long but i love you lots hopefully all is going well back home and tell everyone im sorry for not writing them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 31st emails:

I sent this picture to Riley...
oh man that picture is great. my Christmas was really good i don't have much time today so i have to be quick but all is well i will write a letter today for sure! you will be very blessed for your efforts as primary commander. thanks for being such a good example to me of how to magnify your calling, im glad things are going so well and it was super fun to see the family. mothers day isn't to far away haha well i love you so much and hope all your wildest dreams come true. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

some random picture Riley sent... he never told us where it is (haha!)
email from Elder Lee:
Merry Christmas :)
Thank you for your efforts and all the gifts from your family
i took pictures but forgot to bring it... maybe next time.
Elder Knaphus has great desire to serve others and be rightous.
My English is still poor so there will be many errors in the letter which i sent to your family, hope they can recieve gift of tongues.
there are many mormons in Korea too :).

Thank you so much again your family's love.
 Silly face :D
Elder K enjoying his Santa punching ball

December 17th emails: Elder Lee is so funny!

To Mandy:
well things are going pretty darn good. we are starting to see lots of really cool things happen. we will start to have baptisms here in Sturgeon. but anyway the Christmas spirit is helping out a lot in the work, last night we had a call from a less active member who wants to meet with us. so that's really exciting. we also had a lesson with one of our investigators and she wants to be baptized but she just has to overcome some things first.  darn tootin baby scarface is getting so big its crazy. she is starting to look like a small human. well i think i will be emailing a long time today cause elder lee wants to email you guys and he takes forever to write in engrish ahahahshah welll see ya
To Mom:
well im feeeling quite cold today..... how are you feeling? dang well we have lots to do today so ill try to be quick... we are starting to see lots of cool things happen in Sturgeon which is way rad. and also the Christmas season is really good for being a missionary. we haven't been able to find someone we can skype with yet but we will work on it. im really sorry i suck so bad at writing and sending pics. but things are just too crazy and busy all the time. i just tried some new fruit that was really good.its called persimmon you should look it up. it looks like a tomato but tastes like a mango. we got the Christmas presents and elder lee is having a really hard time waiting hahahaha also my last package was awesome. the scarf is ginormous though. i have to wrap it around like ten times hahahahaha anywho things are going well the church is still true and there are rumors that china is being opened so that's cool. also the mission here in Canada is supposed to have lots of big changes soon.. like lots of sister missionaries and what not. hopefully we will get i pads soon. we had a super good sacrament meeting and things are going good we had our ward Christmas party and it was super fun, elder Lee sang in Korean, it was cool. well im prolly gonna have some members get a hold of you to set up the skype thing, it should be good.... of course im procrastinating it though hahahahah. oh the gloves are super nice too. well i got to go but its nice hearing from ya merry Christmas
Emails from Elder Lee:
to Phil
hey thank you for your letter and letting me use Riley's belly button.
to answer your question, Im not related to bwuce and i have no idea what kung fu is.
I also dont know what scezwan or kung pow is, so when i go to Utah you can show me and i will let you know.
By the way, i enjoyed seeing your airplane ;)

to Mandy
Merry Christmas to you too. Im so glad that im Elder Knaphus companion too.
yea he was telling a lot of stories about his family and i always enjoy to listen them.
that is good that you have a baby girl now. I grew up in Korea and moved to Vancouver 3years ago.
so i lived in Vancouver for 2years and the mission for a year. I have a younger brother and he is also serving his mission in Toronto.
oh are you good at cutting long hair?

December 10th email

haaha last week for p day i got a hair cut and we went to costco with some members hahahahaha it was rad. but man it really sounds like things are going really good. there is an ikea in canada. but its kinda far away and to be honest im prolly not gonna buy a tree.  man im starting to work pretty hard on my weight loss. its enjoyable. im at about 215 on Wednesday im getting a suit from someone so that will be nice, but jee wiz im stoked for Christmas we will have to skype im gonna find out this week where we will do it then i will let you know next p day all the info. man it seems like Stu is doing super good he is a stud im stoked to go to the temple with him when i get back. man when we skype you are going to have to make the boys behave cause it will prolly be in front of members. but anywho things are going good its really cold like -25 now a days. but it makes things exciting im stoked my new suit is going to be brown so that will be fun. anywho i got to get going bye love yaaaaaaaaaaa
well i have a little more time. today i committed myself to take some pictures cause i have been slackin really badly, also im gonna try to write a letter but no promises, well im kinda getting the suit from elder lee but its in another area and another missionary has it. its not new but in good condition. and im pretty happy things are going good. but yeah today actually isn't very cold for some reason but the next couple of days are supposed to get really cold so that will be fun. man you got to get a boat load of questions ready for Christmas so we aren't just sitting there looking at each other.... we have two Christmas parties we are going to this week so that's really fun. and on Christmas we are eating with this African family who is way rad and she cook the most gnarly huge meals ever. so im stoked for that too. i love you so much and it will be fun to see and hear from you all soon.

 Elder K and Elder Lee so excited for Christmas (Elder Lee sent me this picture, I don't get them for Elder K!!)

Dec. 3rd email

Man its great to hear that people are doing so good. i must say you raised one mighty fine family. well anywho things are going pretty good right now. we have been teaching a lot more people and the work is progressing. man its exciting that christmas is coming up so quickly. i feel like my mission is going by way too fast.  its really cool to talk with people of other faiths everyday and see how they have already gained truths from god but they are just one prayer away from being Mormon. thats really all it takes. just like Joseph Smith you can find the truth of all things if you just ask God. we are teaching a Muslim right now and its pretty intense cause Muslims are hardcore. but i really think he will be baptized. right now we are teaching 5 Filipino people. so that's pretty cool.. i might come back speaking Tagalog. but anyways its exciting that dad got the big job. its always cool to be working on Gods houses. have you still been going to the temple often? you should tell Stu to get temple worthy. its ridiculous the many blessings we have as members that the whole world is missing out on. well i really don't know what more to say...  i enjoyed the letters i received in the package. they made me happy. man has anyone of my friends tied the knot yet? how are Jason and his wife doin?  is max alive still?

 1. what is weather like right now?  we have no snow!!  really cold snow will be on the ground till april....
2.did you like last package?  yeah it was really fun. but for some reason i cant look at the videos on the camera
3.when did you get it? the week before this
4. do you need any addresses? i think im good.... i suck at writing
5. do you have to plug your car in? no not yet we just start it early
6. Garr has a companion that lives by you.  he said he even has your number.  Have you seen him? nope.... i dont know who he is
7.Do you have a christmas tree?  you should get, at least a small one! our appt is pretty small. plus im spending way to much money latley
8. who drives the most?  elder lee really likes driving so i let him do it the most
9. How do you like driving in the snow? its fine just like in utah
10. where will you skype from on Christmas?  I am so excited! not sure yet ill get back to you on that one