Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sept. 30th email: keeping a Journal

man I've been really loving my mission. its definitely a challenge but im learning so much. i recently made a renewed effort to write in my journal but to also try and make it something my future family could benifit from and it has been really great. i have found that keeping a journal really helps me to remember all the blessings i have recieved throughout the day and also helps me see ways I can do better. you should try keeping a journal. so someday my kids can read it and learn how to be an amazing mother. i have a very firm testimony in being healthy. since we have been doing insanity I feel so much better. it makes no sense because we wake up an extra hour early to exercise but I have way more energy throughout the day and can focus more in my studies. today we had a fitness test then we moved on to the harder workouts so we woke up at 5 it was crazy, I have never been this sore on my mission. but it feels really good. it seems like there is a lot going on back home everyone is moving out.  Gar is slayin weems its exciting I only have like 8 more monthes till I'm home thats pretty weird to think. I'm a little worried since I have been zone, leader time flies a lot quicker. I'm learning a lot about engines too its pretty funny. I can now tell what truck it is by the sound it makes. anywho we are having more and more sucess here in Red Deer when I got here we had zero investigators. and now we have 8 so that is exciting. the ward we are serving in is really excited. we should have some baptisms at the end of October. we are teaching a family that is super accepting of the docterine but they have lots of bad habits to overcome we could potentaly baptize 6 of them together. that would be really cool. anywho thats al for the day hope all your wildest dreams come true.
well mommy im excited to get some cute letters its already getting cold here. right now it is sleeting. i think it will snow in the middle of October. I'm excited to get a new sunnto core! is it straight black? also i have a question for ya. i received a new winter coat for free because my really nice north face one is huge on me. do i have permission to sell it to a less fortunate missionary. or do we have a warranty on it and should i just send it back? let me know asap.

Sept. 16th email: My new companion is such a stud

mommy i love you. you are the best mom in the world. are you having fun on your trip? i hope so. things are going really good here my new companion is such a stud. remember how we had a missionary awhile back who was super funny and had a drawl? well my new companion im pretty sure is the same person. he is the funniest guy ive ever met. he loves trucks everytime we pull up to a truck he rolls down the window to listen to the engine then he tellls me all about why it is making certain noises. today he got super excited cause we pulled up to a huge diesel that  had a turbo. he always over exagerates his accent and says stuff like look upbear instead of look up there. its so great. today we had a thirty minute conversation about biscuits and gravy. haha i really hope i can serve with him for a long time cause he is also the hardest working guy ever cause he was a rancher, hes from payson utah but lives on a little farm. he is a big ute fan and also loves guns. its a blast. this week we had 6 investigators commit to come to church and no one showed up so thats a bummer. but we also meet in a building thats 35 minutes out of town so that makes it hard. anywho hope all is well i love ya
Mandy: hahahahah man did my watch get fixed? i have asked mom every week and she hasnt told me so i dont know if i should just by a piece of crap walmart one or not. man baby scar is getting so big. and where did her jew fro come from? hahahaha garr thinks he knows more then me. he didnt know more than me before my mission. what are these scripture inserts you speak of? who did the utes lose too? im excited to be able to talk to baby scar at christmas. well i got to go but i love you lots <3

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sept. 9th email: Mythical package

Sounds like you are having fun in Indy. it also sounds like it will be cool for Logan. I hope he dosent get to into NASCAR. well today my companion got transferred so that's a big bummer, I'm getting a new companion, I cant remember his name right now, he is serving in Yellowknife. so he is super north. but i guess he is a country type of guy likes farm equipment and boots. so I'm hoping he likes guns. but I'm also worried because right now our zone has the highest standards in the mission and I'm worried that this transfer will make it tough to keep it up. but i will force him to be a good zone leader. also here is some crazy news. Elder Marsh just got called as the new assistant.  so i went from being his zone leader to him being my assistant! its super cool we get to still go on exchanges, also elder George is coming into my zone and he is a district leader so i will get to go on exchanges with him. it should be super fun. but we are also getting a lot of disobedient missionaries so I'm gonna have to be kinda strict with them. anywho i got a haircut today it looks good. also in this mythical package will i be getting my watch back? thats really all i care about. its been like 6 months since I've had a watch and it makes it kinda hard. anywho time is flying by super fast Im already nervous to come home I'm in the single digits of months left. well i love you bye!!!!!
Dad:   sounds like the U has a pretty stacked team this year. im glad things are going good with your head. do you still have some tumor chillin in there? well are you gonna have a fun job for me when I get home? I wouldnt mind working in Alberta. haha, anywho you should hire Logan a hot mormon secretary so he can marry her, just a thought. anyway im glad you are doing so well and i love you lots have a great day :)
Mandy:  get him to church! man i cant believe how big scar is it blows my mind. sounds like you have a fun new calling.. hope you enjoy it :) yeah Jake Hauruny did cross fit. and a member here who used to weigh 300 did it and is now like 200 and has a good lookin wife. he's my inspiration. i was actually just at there house, she cuts our hair for free and does a really good job. it actually reminds me of getting my haircut from you. cause she is all hip and what not. that sux that u r sick. I hope u feel better fast, well my comp just got transfers so that's crazy my new comp is like a country type guy. so im hoping it will go good maybe he knows about guns. tell :hill he needs me as a coach.

Sept. 3rd email: Labour Day (do you like the French Canadian spelling )

 Labour Day (do you like the French Canadian spelling )
Dad: man that is so cool that the ward is doing its missionary work. our ward right now is kinda struggling. we are really trying to help the members here get excited about sharing the gospel. man mandy sent me a picture of you and you are looking good. when i get home we can run a marathon together. its great to see how well you are doing after your surgery. keep up the good work. didnt you turn in a bid a little bit ago? how did that turn out? man this is the last football season i have to miss i will be there next year. well stay classy i love you?
Mom: the only way i wont be here for 6 monthes is if i go assistant. so i will stay here ha. i got a cool type writer the other day for free so i will start writing cool letters. man C diddy is lookin fresh to death. well i dont have to muuch to say this week im starting to gain weight from insanity so thats good. im also pretty sure i will be able to dunk it before i go home from my mission.  well it sounds like you are having a fun litlle trip. I HOPE ALL YOUR WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!
To Mandy: yeah i get home in may. I'm trying to extend my mission but our mission pres isn't a fan. man sounds like that was a good meeting. the joy of missionary work is one comparable to the goodness of snuggling with a midget. you should participate in that pleasure and get your friends back to church. that would be super cool. yeah but if you find out about any marathons that would be neat i want to try to stay super motivated when i get home so i can get married and stuff. so also keep an eye out for cute girls for me hahahahaha yay. well i love you lots your my favorite sister have a great day

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aug. 26th emials: Elder Zwick was great!

Man i really miss everybody. you need to make sure that no one gets married before I'm home. unless its Stu to a good mormon girl. haha!  Man i cant believe Evan is old enough to play ball thats awesome. You would be safe making thirty handouts, we currently have 24 but in a couple week we are getting quite a few more at least 2 areas are splitting.  Kelli is getting married? thats pretty wild.  Now if i come home and call her huge her husband might get mad. haha!  man I got to go to the temple to this week I really enjoyed the temple video it added extra emphasis on some neat things. I had a really spiritual week I got to hang out with a gereral authority for two days, It was really neat we all started by going up and shaking his hand but when he saw my name he gave me a big hug and started talking about g pa.  He asked about the tile bussiness and I told him that its now a panneling company and what not. it was really cool.  Man its cool that Will put his papers in, hope he sticks to it. If only people would understand that wickedness never was happiness. and its pretty easy to see how decisions have led to heart ache and sadness. but oh well. this week we got 4 new investigators so that is really cool 2 of the 4 are on date to be baptised so thats good.  anywho im really lovin the mission and time is going by faster and faster. my mission president the other day said that he wont allow me to extend my mission ha so thats too bad, but thats okay. oh and Pres Manion just approved the work out dvd insanity so we are doing that every morning, I'm the most sore I have ever been in my life haha. but it will be good. well love ya have a great day..
To Dad: 
I hear you are a driving man thats exciting. Elder Zwick was great. right when he saw my name tag he gave me a hug and said my family is the best tile setters or something like that. it was a really cool expeirence we got to have lots of one on one time with him and he gave us lots of advice on how to be the best mormon possible. so it was really cool. He gave me his email so I can write him if I ever need anything, so thats neat. he also said to say hello to you. and me and elder Marsh stayed up all night talking a few days ago it was good to catch up with him. he will probably go zone leader after this transfer. man i miss Benny poo. I'm definatly blessed to have good friends.  well i love you lots 
 Here is my zone with another zone (Grande Prairie and Red Deer)
 here is a Stake pictures from our mission Conference with Elder Zwick - Enjoy!

Aug 19th:

Mom, its not cold here but it is dropping. im wearing a long sleeve shirt today. oh man i miss scones so much. im starting a hard core diet again. so im hopefully gonna drop the rest of my chub before winter. I'm at 185 right now. there is a mentally challenged guy siting next to me who just asked me how to spell adult mermaids. he wants to buy a mermaid fin to swim in. its pretty exciting. when i got to this area we didnt have any investigators so right now we are doing lots of finding, but this week we had a lot of success. We found a family who the mom is a member and they just moved here and all her kids want to be baptized.  We are eating with them tommorrow and hopefully we will start teaching her four girls her husband and her mom, who all agreed to meet with us. so that is really cool.  Then we have one other guy who we got to come to church this week and when we were walking with him in the halls he stopped and looked at the painting of christ appearing in the Americas and he asked us what it was and we told him about it and he was amazed; he said he always felt like christ had appeard to the Americas so that was really cool we asked him to be baptized in 3 week and he accepted. We will be visiting him every other day.  We just have ghetto flip phones
Anyway this week will be fun, we get to spend three days in Edmonton having leadership meetings and meeting Elder Zwick. also elder Marsh will be sleeping at our pad this week so i will get to catch up with him. he is a district leader in my zone so i get to talk to him a lot. you should send me a picture of me and him together as kids to show people. anyway have a beautiful day love ya lots byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 my comp has the red checkered tie

Aug. 12th emails: busy planning zone things...

I have been really busy and having lots of fun my new comp is a stud. we are really busy planning zone things. everything in the mission is changing right now so it is really exciting our new president is going crazy with changes. and also we are being visited by a general authority named Elder Zwick so that should be fun. he will prolly chastise us a lot. anywho i got to visit Innisfail it was really fun I saw Sharon and Ally who are Lindsay's family they are gonna come to church in Red Deer soon so that will be fun. anywho i have to write president Manion bye.
to dad:  
life in Red Deer is crazy. every week we go on exchanges twice so im hardly ever even in Red Deer. but i got to go to Innisfail this week and it was really great, i got to see all the people i taught and stuff they are all doing good. the couple i lived with in Bowden came and took me out to eat while i ws in Edmonton. but i havent seen them since then. I have seen Elder Marsh a lot. he is doing great. I think he will go zone leader or AP this transfer. He is sleeping at our appt on the 22 because Elder Zwick is visiting our mission so we are traveling up together, it will be cool to hear from a general authority. We get to meet with him personally so that will be neat we get to go to two meetings with him one with the whole mission then as leadership. so that should be fun. anywho HAGS 

Aug 6th emails: Time is flying

To Leslie:  things are going really good time is flying by super fast right now. we have been really busy. elder jordo is still in Innisfail, so i get to call him all the time because he is a district leader. im actually going to Innisfail today on exchanges with elder Oneill, so that will be really fun to see all the people I taught before. both me and my comp are zone leaders. I have served around my new comp, Elder Vega my whole mission and we were already really good friends so things are going awesome we are right in Red Deer on the north end. i bought a new suit at a legit store!  I figured I should try to look presentable but i talked my way into a really good deal i got a 350$ suit for 100$ so that was good. anyway things are going well I'm in a bit of a hurry cause we are super busy today hope you have a beautiful day love ya bye
To Chris:  Red Deer is the best.  elder marsh is still in Innisfail we are actually going on exchanges with him today. so that will be fun im going with his companion. but i get to go back to innisfail so that will be really fun. Lindsey right now is living in a town called Waterton for the summer so i will probably see her in a couple months but i have talked to her mom a little bit and she is doing great. the area im in is really tough work because we have the largest zone so we have to do lots of zone things. we go on exchanges twice a week and right now we are planning a 3 hour training that we have to give in two days. but our zone is the best zone in the mission right now, so that's really fun. love you lots keep working hard and hope you get the new job
Answer to question about a good thought from Preach My Gospel for Ward Council:
iI have really learned to love the accountability section in the PMG under use time wisely. it would be really good for ward council because most of the time ward councils give people specific assignments and they never do them so you could talk about the importance of being accountable to god and doing whats right for god not just the bishop.  
To Mandy:  man this is the last football season I have to miss. things are going good here just pluggin along. man that omelet sounds great I made a cheese sauce recently and I used a little fetta cheese is was good. I'm trying harder to loose weight again cause my new companion will actually wake up in the mornings. I'm at 188 right now. its pretty weird i dont think I've weighed this since I was like 12, ha! well anyway I love you hope all your wildest dreams come true

July 29th email: Transferr to Red Dear, New Comp, Zone Leader

Well things are pretty crazy right now. 2 days ago I got called to be a zone leader so I have been super busy preparing for that, going to meetings and what not.  My new companion is Elder Vega, I have served around him a lot, he was my district leader for awhile and my zone leader in Innisfail, so we are already good friends.  He is from Riverside Cali. my new area is Red deer which is the zone that Innisfail is in.  It should be fun, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'm struggling just doing normal work now i have to worry about a bunch of ctazy missionaries. Anyway thats about all thats going on just packing and saying bye to the members here. well anyway i love you lots keep up the good work and hope thing go good for g pa
Dad, its cool to see how many girls and guys are going on missions. its such an amazing experience. man time is really flying I felt like yesterday I was at the MTC and I'm more then half way done now. The work is going great here.  I'm getting transferred back down to the red deer area so that will be fun.  I love my new comp, he has been my district leader before so i know him very well. he is a cool guy. well i love you lots keep workin hard and being cute. and good luck with the bidding process