Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept. 24th email: I prayed really hard, so it's doing fine

I miss maxy puppy!!!!!! (I sent a picture with my email) boy oh boy this week was exciting. i went to a military base on exchanges it was really fun, the guy let me play with all sort of guns. then we went to these afro-canadiens house and their baby pooped with so much pressure that it squirted out of its diaper onto the wall. i was really nasty. speaking of babies their is a really cute little girl in our ward named Scarlett, its fun. DO YOU WANT ME TO BUY A CAMERA?  (since he lost his already)
but yeah its getting colder here. we are having lots of success and things are going just swell. i had a dream about zombies and i killed one with a toothbrush. it was pretty weird. one of our investigators is some sort of crazy voodoo type guy and he made me do this thing called a chi machine it was pretty funny. you should look it up on you tube. thats cool that mubs cute little team is doing so well. well im pretty tired right now so i don't know what to write..... im sending a letter today so that will be good. oh i rolled my ankle pretty good so its like purple right now but i prayed really hard so its doing fine. there is a asian guy in our district who is gonna play in the nba someday he is from Mongolia and played in the Olympics. his last name is something like bacheluun or something. well anywhoo ill write a good letter l8er byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Everyday life in Hinton

 Maple Flavor!
 Parogies and Noodles
 Grocery bag window coverings
 My Desk
 "Cool Guy"
 "Tough Guy"
 Glacier Lake
Canada Sky
 Our apartment building (Watt)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept. 10th email: "a boxer and knife thrower"

welll welll well my camera is still lost. but that's okay. my comp is really cool. he looks like he should be in a action movie. he walks and talks like a BA its fun. and instead of saying yes he just gos hmmm in a cool voice. he was a boxer and a knife thrower. he only did it in a little town in Nova Scotia so its not like he is famous. but every morning he shadow boxes, so that's really cool.  My old comp was ok, thought my drawings would have given you a good idea about him. lets just say I'm okay with missing the baptism to get a new comp...... haha but Elder Carson is way rad i hope someone tries fighting us, it would be cool. whenever we bible bash he clenches his fists and i think he is going to kill someone. haha and the pants he wears are like jean material he reminds me a ton of Boondock saints. and hes the only active member in his family. hes cool he is also the district leader so we go to the office often, so just send stuff there. hahah he dosent have a drivers license either so i drive everywhere. we have a nice little car its called a Cruz or something. oh he also wears like cowboy style shoes haha hes cool. yeah my new area is basically all of St Albert so look that up and that;s were I'm at, its just north of Edmonton we even cover part of Edmonton so its not far away. i met elder Marsh's comp cause he was in the city for a meeting so i told him to tell Jordo i love him. i think i will try to give him a call i cant believe Logan won that much ammo. its probably a sign that he will need it (the world is ending) haha jk but yeah obama is definatly directed of the devil. he is trying to destroy the Constitution. is against families, he eats little babies. all sorts of stuff. you could prolly send me a camera or i could buy like a 20 dollar one whatever. did you already send me one package? its weird being back in a ward tooo. we met with a member named bro Orr and he asked me if i would marry a black girl hahah then we talked about blacks and the priesthood and what not. he was part of a group called the Genesis group (basically the black panthers but Mormons) and he does firesides and stuff.  he is the smartest guy i know. all he does is study deep doctrine. but he doesn't even come to church, haha, silly guy. we ate at some African lady's and she made so much good food it was crazzzy it was spicy and yummy i was so stoked. and there is a Mexican lady here, too, so i can eat mexican food!!!!! yay anyway the people here are way cool and we have a couple good investigators so its fun.  but i gots to go byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sept. 3rd email: Vote for Mitt!!

Well life is good, I'm taking off to the big city today so thats fun. to a place called Sturgeon. my new comp is Elder Carson. it should be fun. this week i was going to have my first baptism but i got sent away so thats silly. i think i still get to count it as my baptism haha but anyway I'll share the spiritual message this week. yayayay so Rosemary Sweet said she never wanted to see us agian last week and that God wouldn't want her to pay tithing and all this stuff so we were all sad, but then she called us on Thursday and she had a dream that her grandmother was in heaven and she said "I'm stuck" then Rosemary said i can free you, then they hugged. then the dream ended and she started crying and knew she needed to go to the temple soon!!!!! holy cow it was neat. she will prolly end up being a temple worker or something. it was really cool. but anyway life is crazy, last night we had a BBQ and i said bye to everyone but i lost my camera so i don't have a single picture of the people of Hinton so thats a bummer. hopefully it will turn up somewhere. i wonder if I'll get to see Jordan Marsh today at the transfer meeting that would be fun. anywhoo my new comp is like a semi pro boxer in Canada and lived in New Brunswick thats all i really know about him. he and Elder Watt were comps and i think elder Watt didnt like him hahahaha so I'll prolly end up liking him a lot lolz but I'm excited it will be a whole new experience being in a huge city. so I'm stoked. I'm doing pretty good on my diet i way 135 right now. so thats fun.  there is lots of good candy here lots of European stuff. people also make fun of me for how i use my utensils haha but i don't care cause I'm a boss. The Canadians in this area all work for big oil, so they are very greedy. its like chillin in the middle of the lamanites looking for someone hiding among the filth. I've been thinking about the second coming a lot and i think it will happen soon. cause if you think about it god loves little children more then anything else. and hes up there having to send them down to this miserable place. i dont think he will take it much longer. plus Obama's health plan is the mark of the beast. in Revelations it talks about getting the mark of the beast on your wrist. and he wants to make it so we will all have micro chips in our wrists!! and if you think about it he is preaching things of Satan like being gay is chill and what not. so he is obviously run by the devil. so someone who is on the devils team will have control of the hospitals and what not thats sucky! anywho vote Mitt haha anyways everything seems to be going down hill. i bet this conference will say something about it. did you here Clint Eastwood is for Mitt Romney hahahaha thats pretty dope. man today I'm having my last lunch at president Holts house then I'm takin off, its pretty sad, but I'm stoked at the same time, cause we have knocked on every single door in Hinton! we literally know the entire town its crazy. so now i get to go to the city were the possibility are endless. but i mos def will miss the mountains and wildlife here in Hinton. and the branch, i love the people here. but its okay we can all come back in a couple years right??? haha.  It starting to get colder everyday here in Canada. our morning runs are freezing. i heard there is some crazy drought going on and food is gonna be hela expensive. thats a bummer. good thing our prophets have been telling us to prepare for this ish* for years haha the church is true. its pretty cool to see a modern day prophet tell us whats going on. man I'm stoked for the second coming. the apostle will be breathing fire and all sorts of stuff byeeeeeeeeee