Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sept. 30th email: keeping a Journal

man I've been really loving my mission. its definitely a challenge but im learning so much. i recently made a renewed effort to write in my journal but to also try and make it something my future family could benifit from and it has been really great. i have found that keeping a journal really helps me to remember all the blessings i have recieved throughout the day and also helps me see ways I can do better. you should try keeping a journal. so someday my kids can read it and learn how to be an amazing mother. i have a very firm testimony in being healthy. since we have been doing insanity I feel so much better. it makes no sense because we wake up an extra hour early to exercise but I have way more energy throughout the day and can focus more in my studies. today we had a fitness test then we moved on to the harder workouts so we woke up at 5 it was crazy, I have never been this sore on my mission. but it feels really good. it seems like there is a lot going on back home everyone is moving out.  Gar is slayin weems its exciting I only have like 8 more monthes till I'm home thats pretty weird to think. I'm a little worried since I have been zone, leader time flies a lot quicker. I'm learning a lot about engines too its pretty funny. I can now tell what truck it is by the sound it makes. anywho we are having more and more sucess here in Red Deer when I got here we had zero investigators. and now we have 8 so that is exciting. the ward we are serving in is really excited. we should have some baptisms at the end of October. we are teaching a family that is super accepting of the docterine but they have lots of bad habits to overcome we could potentaly baptize 6 of them together. that would be really cool. anywho thats al for the day hope all your wildest dreams come true.
well mommy im excited to get some cute letters its already getting cold here. right now it is sleeting. i think it will snow in the middle of October. I'm excited to get a new sunnto core! is it straight black? also i have a question for ya. i received a new winter coat for free because my really nice north face one is huge on me. do i have permission to sell it to a less fortunate missionary. or do we have a warranty on it and should i just send it back? let me know asap.

Sept. 16th email: My new companion is such a stud

mommy i love you. you are the best mom in the world. are you having fun on your trip? i hope so. things are going really good here my new companion is such a stud. remember how we had a missionary awhile back who was super funny and had a drawl? well my new companion im pretty sure is the same person. he is the funniest guy ive ever met. he loves trucks everytime we pull up to a truck he rolls down the window to listen to the engine then he tellls me all about why it is making certain noises. today he got super excited cause we pulled up to a huge diesel that  had a turbo. he always over exagerates his accent and says stuff like look upbear instead of look up there. its so great. today we had a thirty minute conversation about biscuits and gravy. haha i really hope i can serve with him for a long time cause he is also the hardest working guy ever cause he was a rancher, hes from payson utah but lives on a little farm. he is a big ute fan and also loves guns. its a blast. this week we had 6 investigators commit to come to church and no one showed up so thats a bummer. but we also meet in a building thats 35 minutes out of town so that makes it hard. anywho hope all is well i love ya
Mandy: hahahahah man did my watch get fixed? i have asked mom every week and she hasnt told me so i dont know if i should just by a piece of crap walmart one or not. man baby scar is getting so big. and where did her jew fro come from? hahahaha garr thinks he knows more then me. he didnt know more than me before my mission. what are these scripture inserts you speak of? who did the utes lose too? im excited to be able to talk to baby scar at christmas. well i got to go but i love you lots <3

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sept. 9th email: Mythical package

Sounds like you are having fun in Indy. it also sounds like it will be cool for Logan. I hope he dosent get to into NASCAR. well today my companion got transferred so that's a big bummer, I'm getting a new companion, I cant remember his name right now, he is serving in Yellowknife. so he is super north. but i guess he is a country type of guy likes farm equipment and boots. so I'm hoping he likes guns. but I'm also worried because right now our zone has the highest standards in the mission and I'm worried that this transfer will make it tough to keep it up. but i will force him to be a good zone leader. also here is some crazy news. Elder Marsh just got called as the new assistant.  so i went from being his zone leader to him being my assistant! its super cool we get to still go on exchanges, also elder George is coming into my zone and he is a district leader so i will get to go on exchanges with him. it should be super fun. but we are also getting a lot of disobedient missionaries so I'm gonna have to be kinda strict with them. anywho i got a haircut today it looks good. also in this mythical package will i be getting my watch back? thats really all i care about. its been like 6 months since I've had a watch and it makes it kinda hard. anywho time is flying by super fast Im already nervous to come home I'm in the single digits of months left. well i love you bye!!!!!
Dad:   sounds like the U has a pretty stacked team this year. im glad things are going good with your head. do you still have some tumor chillin in there? well are you gonna have a fun job for me when I get home? I wouldnt mind working in Alberta. haha, anywho you should hire Logan a hot mormon secretary so he can marry her, just a thought. anyway im glad you are doing so well and i love you lots have a great day :)
Mandy:  get him to church! man i cant believe how big scar is it blows my mind. sounds like you have a fun new calling.. hope you enjoy it :) yeah Jake Hauruny did cross fit. and a member here who used to weigh 300 did it and is now like 200 and has a good lookin wife. he's my inspiration. i was actually just at there house, she cuts our hair for free and does a really good job. it actually reminds me of getting my haircut from you. cause she is all hip and what not. that sux that u r sick. I hope u feel better fast, well my comp just got transfers so that's crazy my new comp is like a country type guy. so im hoping it will go good maybe he knows about guns. tell :hill he needs me as a coach.

Sept. 3rd email: Labour Day (do you like the French Canadian spelling )

 Labour Day (do you like the French Canadian spelling )
Dad: man that is so cool that the ward is doing its missionary work. our ward right now is kinda struggling. we are really trying to help the members here get excited about sharing the gospel. man mandy sent me a picture of you and you are looking good. when i get home we can run a marathon together. its great to see how well you are doing after your surgery. keep up the good work. didnt you turn in a bid a little bit ago? how did that turn out? man this is the last football season i have to miss i will be there next year. well stay classy i love you?
Mom: the only way i wont be here for 6 monthes is if i go assistant. so i will stay here ha. i got a cool type writer the other day for free so i will start writing cool letters. man C diddy is lookin fresh to death. well i dont have to muuch to say this week im starting to gain weight from insanity so thats good. im also pretty sure i will be able to dunk it before i go home from my mission.  well it sounds like you are having a fun litlle trip. I HOPE ALL YOUR WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!
To Mandy: yeah i get home in may. I'm trying to extend my mission but our mission pres isn't a fan. man sounds like that was a good meeting. the joy of missionary work is one comparable to the goodness of snuggling with a midget. you should participate in that pleasure and get your friends back to church. that would be super cool. yeah but if you find out about any marathons that would be neat i want to try to stay super motivated when i get home so i can get married and stuff. so also keep an eye out for cute girls for me hahahahaha yay. well i love you lots your my favorite sister have a great day

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aug. 26th emials: Elder Zwick was great!

Man i really miss everybody. you need to make sure that no one gets married before I'm home. unless its Stu to a good mormon girl. haha!  Man i cant believe Evan is old enough to play ball thats awesome. You would be safe making thirty handouts, we currently have 24 but in a couple week we are getting quite a few more at least 2 areas are splitting.  Kelli is getting married? thats pretty wild.  Now if i come home and call her huge her husband might get mad. haha!  man I got to go to the temple to this week I really enjoyed the temple video it added extra emphasis on some neat things. I had a really spiritual week I got to hang out with a gereral authority for two days, It was really neat we all started by going up and shaking his hand but when he saw my name he gave me a big hug and started talking about g pa.  He asked about the tile bussiness and I told him that its now a panneling company and what not. it was really cool.  Man its cool that Will put his papers in, hope he sticks to it. If only people would understand that wickedness never was happiness. and its pretty easy to see how decisions have led to heart ache and sadness. but oh well. this week we got 4 new investigators so that is really cool 2 of the 4 are on date to be baptised so thats good.  anywho im really lovin the mission and time is going by faster and faster. my mission president the other day said that he wont allow me to extend my mission ha so thats too bad, but thats okay. oh and Pres Manion just approved the work out dvd insanity so we are doing that every morning, I'm the most sore I have ever been in my life haha. but it will be good. well love ya have a great day..
To Dad: 
I hear you are a driving man thats exciting. Elder Zwick was great. right when he saw my name tag he gave me a hug and said my family is the best tile setters or something like that. it was a really cool expeirence we got to have lots of one on one time with him and he gave us lots of advice on how to be the best mormon possible. so it was really cool. He gave me his email so I can write him if I ever need anything, so thats neat. he also said to say hello to you. and me and elder Marsh stayed up all night talking a few days ago it was good to catch up with him. he will probably go zone leader after this transfer. man i miss Benny poo. I'm definatly blessed to have good friends.  well i love you lots 
 Here is my zone with another zone (Grande Prairie and Red Deer)
 here is a Stake pictures from our mission Conference with Elder Zwick - Enjoy!

Aug 19th:

Mom, its not cold here but it is dropping. im wearing a long sleeve shirt today. oh man i miss scones so much. im starting a hard core diet again. so im hopefully gonna drop the rest of my chub before winter. I'm at 185 right now. there is a mentally challenged guy siting next to me who just asked me how to spell adult mermaids. he wants to buy a mermaid fin to swim in. its pretty exciting. when i got to this area we didnt have any investigators so right now we are doing lots of finding, but this week we had a lot of success. We found a family who the mom is a member and they just moved here and all her kids want to be baptized.  We are eating with them tommorrow and hopefully we will start teaching her four girls her husband and her mom, who all agreed to meet with us. so that is really cool.  Then we have one other guy who we got to come to church this week and when we were walking with him in the halls he stopped and looked at the painting of christ appearing in the Americas and he asked us what it was and we told him about it and he was amazed; he said he always felt like christ had appeard to the Americas so that was really cool we asked him to be baptized in 3 week and he accepted. We will be visiting him every other day.  We just have ghetto flip phones
Anyway this week will be fun, we get to spend three days in Edmonton having leadership meetings and meeting Elder Zwick. also elder Marsh will be sleeping at our pad this week so i will get to catch up with him. he is a district leader in my zone so i get to talk to him a lot. you should send me a picture of me and him together as kids to show people. anyway have a beautiful day love ya lots byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 my comp has the red checkered tie

Aug. 12th emails: busy planning zone things...

I have been really busy and having lots of fun my new comp is a stud. we are really busy planning zone things. everything in the mission is changing right now so it is really exciting our new president is going crazy with changes. and also we are being visited by a general authority named Elder Zwick so that should be fun. he will prolly chastise us a lot. anywho i got to visit Innisfail it was really fun I saw Sharon and Ally who are Lindsay's family they are gonna come to church in Red Deer soon so that will be fun. anywho i have to write president Manion bye.
to dad:  
life in Red Deer is crazy. every week we go on exchanges twice so im hardly ever even in Red Deer. but i got to go to Innisfail this week and it was really great, i got to see all the people i taught and stuff they are all doing good. the couple i lived with in Bowden came and took me out to eat while i ws in Edmonton. but i havent seen them since then. I have seen Elder Marsh a lot. he is doing great. I think he will go zone leader or AP this transfer. He is sleeping at our appt on the 22 because Elder Zwick is visiting our mission so we are traveling up together, it will be cool to hear from a general authority. We get to meet with him personally so that will be neat we get to go to two meetings with him one with the whole mission then as leadership. so that should be fun. anywho HAGS 

Aug 6th emails: Time is flying

To Leslie:  things are going really good time is flying by super fast right now. we have been really busy. elder jordo is still in Innisfail, so i get to call him all the time because he is a district leader. im actually going to Innisfail today on exchanges with elder Oneill, so that will be really fun to see all the people I taught before. both me and my comp are zone leaders. I have served around my new comp, Elder Vega my whole mission and we were already really good friends so things are going awesome we are right in Red Deer on the north end. i bought a new suit at a legit store!  I figured I should try to look presentable but i talked my way into a really good deal i got a 350$ suit for 100$ so that was good. anyway things are going well I'm in a bit of a hurry cause we are super busy today hope you have a beautiful day love ya bye
To Chris:  Red Deer is the best.  elder marsh is still in Innisfail we are actually going on exchanges with him today. so that will be fun im going with his companion. but i get to go back to innisfail so that will be really fun. Lindsey right now is living in a town called Waterton for the summer so i will probably see her in a couple months but i have talked to her mom a little bit and she is doing great. the area im in is really tough work because we have the largest zone so we have to do lots of zone things. we go on exchanges twice a week and right now we are planning a 3 hour training that we have to give in two days. but our zone is the best zone in the mission right now, so that's really fun. love you lots keep working hard and hope you get the new job
Answer to question about a good thought from Preach My Gospel for Ward Council:
iI have really learned to love the accountability section in the PMG under use time wisely. it would be really good for ward council because most of the time ward councils give people specific assignments and they never do them so you could talk about the importance of being accountable to god and doing whats right for god not just the bishop.  
To Mandy:  man this is the last football season I have to miss. things are going good here just pluggin along. man that omelet sounds great I made a cheese sauce recently and I used a little fetta cheese is was good. I'm trying harder to loose weight again cause my new companion will actually wake up in the mornings. I'm at 188 right now. its pretty weird i dont think I've weighed this since I was like 12, ha! well anyway I love you hope all your wildest dreams come true

July 29th email: Transferr to Red Dear, New Comp, Zone Leader

Well things are pretty crazy right now. 2 days ago I got called to be a zone leader so I have been super busy preparing for that, going to meetings and what not.  My new companion is Elder Vega, I have served around him a lot, he was my district leader for awhile and my zone leader in Innisfail, so we are already good friends.  He is from Riverside Cali. my new area is Red deer which is the zone that Innisfail is in.  It should be fun, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'm struggling just doing normal work now i have to worry about a bunch of ctazy missionaries. Anyway thats about all thats going on just packing and saying bye to the members here. well anyway i love you lots keep up the good work and hope thing go good for g pa
Dad, its cool to see how many girls and guys are going on missions. its such an amazing experience. man time is really flying I felt like yesterday I was at the MTC and I'm more then half way done now. The work is going great here.  I'm getting transferred back down to the red deer area so that will be fun.  I love my new comp, he has been my district leader before so i know him very well. he is a cool guy. well i love you lots keep workin hard and being cute. and good luck with the bidding process

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22 email: Spoke at a Catholic funeral

I told Riley I want him to come to the parade next year....  He this time next year im gonna be married so i probably wonnt have time to go to a parade. well this week was pretty cool i got to speak at a funeral. It was intresting because it wasnt a mormon funeral so we kinda had to just speak like we were normal Christians. it was super weird cause behind me there was all creepy Catholic, stuff like there was a huge cross with Jesus on it and stuff. it was funny because we read from the Book of Mormon a lot but just started by saying a Prophet once said... haha! my companion talked about plan of salvation and I spoke about Christs mercy. One of the ladies there was super offended that Mormons were duing the funeral it was pretty funny. but we did it for free so no one could complain. it was super weird though speaking at someones funeral you have never met. also this week we had a ward BBQ that was super fun. there was a water fight thaty broke out at the end, missionaries were the favorite target of the little kids. my companion got really grumpy cause a little kid got him wet then the bishop came behind him and soaked him with a bucket. it made me extremely happy. i thinik next week i will probably get transfered from this area, witch is pretty sad. but oh well. I'll keep my eye out for those type of candies. you should just not go on any trips and then we can go on cool trips when i get home. well our investigators are doing ok. this week our only good investigator had a baby so we cant meet for a while. well love ya bye
To Dad:  man sounds like a crazy week. that's cool that Ben is home, do you think he will be married shortly? i really hope William makes it back out. serving a mission is something that will provide a huge foundation for anyone who goes. that's too bad that Stu passed on this week i actually spake at a funeral. it was a very neat experience it was a non denominational service so as i was speaking there was a giant cross behind me, it was very unique.  i sent a package home today that has the invitation for it. but it was really nice being able to see how blessed we are with a knowledge of the plan of salvation. as other people were giving their remarks they really didn't know where we go when we die. i highly doubt the i pads will even come out before i go home. facebook might come out in a few months. but the mission President doesn't have any info on it yet. so for right now we are still just knockin on doors. well i love you lots have a great day bye

July 15 email: "Pondering Buffalo"

To Mom:  yeah those shirts are pretty awesome. this week was super cool. my companion was sick all week so for half the week i just cleaned our apartment and read the BOM but then i went on exchanges with the zone leaders and it was super fun. we went and taught this native lady who is super funny she named me "pondering buffalo" not sure why. but then she invited us to a freaking POW WOW and we got permission to go, so we went and watched the native do crazy stuff, and bought some fun things. then they announced our names on the speaker system and we gave away tons of BofM and the crazy native lady that took us was telling everyone to become a Mormon, it was funny. and then we went and visited this other crazy lady with a funny little girl who was torturing a cat. it was funny she would pick up the cat and shove it in a plastic bag and hide it places then run around holding it and the cat didn't even care.  also on my exchange we went to this burger joint called fat burger and did a eating challenge called the triple king burger. it was one of the better burgers I've had. i also scored a sweet shirt for eating it. the place was called fat burger. they took pictures of us and said they would put them on their face book page so you could look that up. also this morning i cut my hair for the first time i think i did a pretty good job. also we got a new investigator this week it was a really cool lesson she said she felt like it was true but she is not sure what god wants her to do because her husband is a pastor in a baptist church but in the closing prayer she started to cry so it will be interesting to see how things turn out. anyway things are going really well and i love you all very much byeeeeeeeee
Missionaries in their Fatburger tshirts!!!  So fun!!
Oh also im hoping to send a package home this next week so let me know if there is any thing that you want. if you have the name of those candies i could look for you. also tell everyone to make requests of there favorite candy and what not. oh and I'm starting to get pretty good at cooking. i made some alfredo sauce without directions and it turned out really good. this week Im gonna try to make like a four cheese sauce that i can eat with this chicken i bought. oh and Dan Jones is super cool. bye.
To Mandy:   Man baby Scar is super cute. there is a little girl in this area that just turned two who is really cute she always comes up to us and shows us her toes and hair then makes cute noises with her tongue. It makes me think of Scar a little bit. Man this week I went to a pow wow and got some cool stuff. like a poncho and necklace. its pretty rad. love ya lots <3
To Dad:   man those mini pizzas are something i definitely miss a lot. that's super cool that you are loosing all that weight you are lookin like a stud. where in the world is Hartford? sounds really cool. you need to get a cool job for when i get home so you can send me off somewhere. anyway the work in this area is doing good we are slowly building up this area. the ward is awesome we get fed every day and people are super willing to help us out with anything, the new mission president is super cool he has a neat way of doing things and I'm really hoping he changes up a lot of thing in the near future.

July 8 email: New dress code

Well well well things are going really good our new mission pres is a super cool guy. and it seems like this mission will start to take off a bit. we have an investigator on date now. he will be baptized in the beginning of September so pretty far away but its because he wants to be completely cured of all his bad habits. so that's cool. we have otter pops but they are called freezies. i don't think i will spend that cash you sent me. I'm trying to be good with money for the end of my mission. you know develop some good habits. so i have thought about some fun things you could send me in the future. like a family cookbook would be cool i have been cooking fun meals lately. anywho you should look at all the crazy changes in dress code that were just made. we can wear sandals and all sorts of crazy stuff. our mission President thinks our mission will have i pads by august so that would be fun. oh and you need to tell balerina Ben gay that he cant get married to Natalie Bryson for me.  man is Garr reppin a ten speed? im really starting to enjoy biking as well i could see myself getting into it. but i don't know if im quite happy enough yet. thats sweet that Logan is going on the road. what am i gonna do for dad when i get home? work on the Brasilia temple? anyway i have been planning out my future a lot because im scared i will get home and work for MacDonald's and live in a old folks home or something. so hopefully my ankle dosent brake too cause that would suck. man baby scar face sure is lookin cute! is she blonde? that would be weird. anyway i G2G i sure love ya hope all your wildest dreams come true bye!
Link for new missionary clothing rules:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 8 email: New mission President

hey Dad, you need to send me some cool pictures of your brain. things are going great here we have one guy on date to be baptized but its in awhile so we are taking baby steps with him he will be baptized though. i hear Lindsay is doing good i can only communicate with her through letters so i haven't heard from her cause i suck at letters. her mom is doing super good though i have talked to her a little. she has the missionaries over for meals every week and bakes them food. Elder Marsh is really reaping the rewards of my work haha. we have had the new mission president for about a week. he is awesome he is a super dynamic guy. i think he will be an apostle someday. when he gives talks he write 15 to 20 talks then just says what the spirit directs him to say. so thats really cool i had an interview with him this week and he told me to get ready to train again haha he is super funny cause he is just telling everyone what is going on.
Mandy, man sounds like you are having a great summer. i have a couple cute little kids that like me. the is a really cute chubby nigglet baby named Abook that really likes me and always tries giving me hugs. also another little black girl fell asleep on my lap this last week while we were teaching her mom it was super cute. then there is another family with a bunch of cute little girls and last time we were there we had a pillow fight. i will try to get pics with all the cute kids around here. anywho as long as the jazz have Hayward there is HOPE love you bye

July 1 email: Canada Day

holy cow its July! weather is really nice but our apartment is super hot i fall asleep sweating every night. i feel like I'm in Africa. i got the package yesterday! it was super cool! i love the shirts also i thought it was funny that you sent me a bunch of candy that i can get here haha.

well i now am a proud owner of a new suit. i went to a thrift store yesterday and there was a pretty cool light suit that fit me perfectly so i bought it. it was 30 big ones.

 i have made a new personal goal to take lots of pictures. so that will be good for you also im gonna send some today for you. that missionary broadcast was super cool. im really glad you are actually trying to put action to it. cause most members just watch it then go back to living in there sinful states haha it will be really cool getting to have i pads and facebook. its funny that you have missionaries per stake and here its two sets per ward. you should challenge Darel to take the missionary discussions. anyway my new comp is still weird but we get along well. i make him come sit outside while i run sprints and stuff like that so its cool. well im gona go so i have time to send pics bye

Email to Dad:   canada day was fun. but not nearly as cool as the fourth is in the USA. canadians just dont love there country as much. its weird now that im at the point in my mission were every holliday is my last one in canada. also i cant beilieve that this year is half way over pretty wild. the mission is going really well we are having quite a bit of success with less active members right now. and we have six investigators. they are progressing really slowly though. our most progressing is a native dude who wants to be baptised but is having a hard time quiting smoking. the members in this ward are awesome though we get takin care of super good and im having a hard time losing weight. well im glad you are doing so well and that you ge too take naps im pretty jealous. its been a long time since i have takin a nap.  well love you lots oh and you should ask for pictures of your brain.  byeee

Ties we wore for "Canada" day
Rest of the pictures he sent:

 Elder Marsh
 Elder George
 me being "me"
 Our living room
Elder Lee

June 24 email:

hey thanks for writing me this week........... :( just kidding ill get over it. well things are going just swell here my new comp is hard to get along with, it's going to be a long transfer. oh well anyway im runnin out of time i should have a baptism soon so thats cool im gonna try to write a letter soon as well so that will be fun okay love you lots bye  
To Mandy:  ha we taught a guy named phillup the other day and he was in a psych ward of a hospital and he told us he knew the book of mormon is true because they are his words. then talked about how he is jesus. so that was cool. well love ya bye

June 17 email: transfer is coming

well my week is great. my companion is gettin the boot my new companon's name is Elder Hale he is really tall like 6 foot 8 so that will be interesting. i hope he can ride a bike and work out and stuff like that. its pretty hard getting a new companion when you have a super good comp then he is gone in 6 weeks. oh well, things will work out. we get a new mission president in the middle of this transfer too so that will be really interesting. i hope that he is super stern and get things going on this mission. well i didn't send dad anything for fathers day cause I'm not that loving but you should find him a nice spongebob kids helmet and get it for him and say its from me and that he needs to wear it around. i hope you are able to get caught up on everything and remain sane. i should be getting my camera this week so thats good, i can start sending lots of pictures and stuff. there is this really cute nigras baby named Abook that i will get some pictures with cause she is really cute and funny. last night some drunk girls tried really hard to hit on my companion it was super funny. anywho not much else is new just livin the good life and what not. well love ya bye.

June 10 email: this week has been really cool

Man it sounds like I'm missing out on quite a bit of exciting things. this week has been really cool. we have been having lots of neat experiences. on Sunday we were able to give lots of people priesthood blessings and it was pretty neat, me and Elder Canfeild are having a really good time together. its kinda a bummer cause transfers are in a week and we will be split up for sure cause there is 26 new missionaries coming out. thats a record in this mission. so i will prolly end up training again or something.  the ward i am in is really great. there are a ton of young married couples who are super cool. it actually makes it kinda hard because it gets easy to become too comfortable. when you are in a hard area the only thing you can do to have fun is work hard. here the members always want us to come over and have ice cream and all sorts of stuff so it gets hard to be productive. elder Georges dad had a brain tumor awhile back too. and his dad had to relearn everything even how to balance and stuff. will papshmere have to do that type of stuff? i always thought that would be the craziest thing to have to relearn things. man those stitches are super gnarly. i would think they could just make a small hole and snake in there or something but they straight up scalped him like a red man. is his speech improving? next week i will send you some pictures through Email. well i love you all lots!

June 3 email: I think it will be extremely hard to come home

im glad to hear things are going swell. sounds like it has been a fun week :D anywho things here are going good. i learned how to make home made beef jerky and also how to make sushi this week it was extremely tasty. i also had an extremely good idea for a clothing company for black people. the company will be called the drinking gord and so far the only shirts i have designed is one with a cotton gin on it and a farm scene with the big dipper supper exagertated. maybe a little tunnel that says under ground railroad. its a work in progress. also the  black kid i was teaching in my last area is getting baptized this week so thats cool. oh and we had a baptism this week but it dosent really count cause we only taught her once haha she came ready to be baptized. are investigator from Sudan his name is Riak and he is a DJ and has preformance anme is DJ poormillionair its pretty funny he is a cool guy. i might sell him a shirt. so we were teaching this Brazilian girl the other day and she lives right next to us so she took the bus home with us and while walking home she was tryin to get all up in my bussiness she totally wanted to give me an SJ and a BR. anywho im thoroughly enjoying my mission. i think it will be extremely hard to go home. i dont remember how to be a normal human. well  if you wanted to get my clothing company started for me that would be fine.  oh and this week an old muslim punjab lady cursed me. she was just sitting there mumbling stuff while looking at me. so if i die anytime soon blame the poonjabbies.  anyway hope you have a beautiful day lolz byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  

May 27 email: Chris is in Paris Hospital

second honeymoon in Paris:
yea my mishy pres has been keepin me updated. actually someone in the mission office had the exact thing happen to them so i haven't really worried at all about it. so while you are in France you gonna go visit my home boy Florian? anywho there is a really cool CES devotional talk by elder Bednar called it is better to not shrink. you should watch it. well things are going great here i love my companion and time is flyin by I'm officially past the year mark so that's weird. we are starting to see loots of miracles here in Lakewood its really cool area we are 1 of 3 walking areas and we recently got bikes so its super fun. I'm getting in a lot better shape. we run 5 miles every morning now and ride bikes all day. so I'm really hoping i stay in this area all summer and have fit companions. i weigh like 195 right now but i think I'm gonna start dropping again pretty quick. so how many books have you read since you have been there? are you doing fun things there or just spending all your time worrying? just wanted to let you know that i prayed about this whole thing and i feel very strongly that everything will be solid so you shouldn't worry about it. well hope you enjoy the honeymoon. love ya bye bye

May 21 email: Love my new comp

Dear Mom,  I think you ask me every email if i burn stuff. the answer is no, i think it is really dumb. i am pretty thoroughly convinced that the end of the world is pretty darn soon. you should go on a mission soon or else you wont be able tooooo. anywho this new area is really sweet we got some free bikes this week from some members and its super fun to just cruse around and stuff. we are starting to have a bit more success but its a pretty hard area cause everyone we talk to isn't in our actual boundaries so we just hook up other missionaries, i got and email this week from Sharon.(lindsays mom) she says she misses me and she is reading Our Search for Happiness. a book i gave her before i left. i really hope she will get baptized some day. time really fly's on the mission i feel like I'm brand spakin new, but its been a year. hope fully it slows down a bit. anywho my new comp is super cool he loves working hard and we have tons in common. its like chillin with buddies back home cause hes so chill. he even quotes Dave Chappelle. this week was really cool there was a giant PUNJAB parade this Sunday and we went to it. I've never seen so many Indians in my life. and all or them were reppin' swords on their hips. they gave us a crap ton of free food it was really cool ive never had so much curry in my life. anyway back to my companion he has 11 siblings in his family and he is the only active member in his family. his dad has been married 7 times. pretty crazy stuff also his last companion was a dirt bag and tried fighting him and Elder Canfield knocked him out. haha anyway he's a good guy though. he just wrote his lady friend back home that he wasn't going to talk to her anymore cause he wants to focus on his mission. so he is a really good missionary. well my legs are prolly gonna get ripped cause I'm biking so much now so thats fun. maybe Garr can send me a really nice bike for free. well CYA love ya bye

To Mandy:  this morning im doing quite swell. thanks for asking. im am rather happy for your current feelings of goodness. i am glad baby scarface is progressing in her physical and mental capabilities. i also sorrow for the agony she endures through her trails. i have a hunch Garr does well in the sales business for the same reason that the one legged freak at the carnival gets lots of tips. my current area here in Lakewood is a very small area. we actually recently acquired bicycles do to the smallness thereof. my companions family is very dysfunctional so i fear he would rather you not visit them.
until we meet again
              Elder Knaphus

May 11 and 14 emails: Mothers day!!

My name is Tyler Vreeling.  I was recently called as the ward mission leader in the Lakewood Ward in Edmonton, Alberta where Elder Canfield and Elder Knaphus are serving.  They’ve asked that I get in touch with you to set up a time for Skyping tomorrow, May 12th.
I hope 2:00 – 3:30 PM works for both of you.  I believe we’re in the same time zone, so it should be the same time here as it is there.  I have been told they each get 40 minutes to speak with family.  Unfortunately we didn’t discuss who would be first, etc.  Please let me know if this is alright with you.

hi Mom, this time next year ill be on my way home. whos gift was the best? anyway i dont have much to say we got bikes this week so thats fun we are now teaching 2 people so we are on the up in up. 1 of our investigators is black his name is riak and he is from sudan. he is pretty hard core. well i hope all your wildest dreams came true this mothersday :D  my comp is really cool! he is for sure my favy compy. he is a super cool guy.

May 6th email: Transfered to the big city!

hey o! well I'm off to the big city again, my new comps name is Elder Canfeild or something i hear he is a red head. my new area is called Lakewood. and my boy, Elder Marsh is coming to Innisfail! so  thats really cool. Innisfail just needs someone from Olympus at all times. anyway I'm still district leader in my new area so that should be fun. and its gonna be crazy skyeping, ill prolly have a member in my new area just call you and set it up or something, and dad just said to look up his name on skype so im a little skeptical. it gonna be hard to coordinate a time cause i don't know anything yet, so just make sure your free all of mothers day haha. we talked to Lindsay's mom and she isn't ready to progress at this time but still lets us come over. Lindsay is doing really good though she got her patriarchal blessing and temple recommend. I'll prolly go say bye to them soon and take some cutie pictures. you should get a hold of sister Marsh I'm sure she would like that. i got the exact same camera on sale for like 80 bones. man I'm pretty sad leaving Innisfail, its a really great place and the missionary work is progressing so fast I'm glad they sent Jordo here though, cause he will work hard and keep things going. man it sounds like Garr is always getting hurt or braking things or cars. man im 20 days away from the year mark thats pretty crazy! well i got that bible from the crazy guy i was talking about. its from 1854 in Philadelphia the people who owned it were Scottish and it has there family history back to 1712 its really cool i might send it home.
I'm really excited to do the temple work for the people in it. he also took pictures of us with a really old camera ill send a pic in a little showing him and the camera. anyway I'm gonna be missing 4 baptisms cause I'm leaving so that really suck it seems like that's the way my whole mission will go though. anyway i cant think of much else to say! love ya bye
 Me, jumping over an investigator!
Part of email to Mandy:  Elder Marsh is coming to Innisfail to be with Elder George, we have four people on date to be baptized so he is pretty lucky. anywho not else is new today we are going biking around a lake with some really cool members. and i see my future spouse on Wednesday! pretty stoked. tell gar to send me the pic of the west side meal! anywho i love ya lots 
Elder George
An Eagle

Monday, May 6, 2013

April 29th email:

 We taught the primary  this week too... it was prolly the same lesson you had Logan help you with, was it on the restoration? did you ever get any mail from Lindsay's mom? her name is Sharon Davis. anywho they are super busy lately and we havent been able to teach them latly but we saw them the other day and they are doing really great. we are having a baptism on may 25 its a 13 yr old black kid from antegea(by Jamaica) his dad is a member and has some nice dreads. it will be cool to witness my first blacktism hopefully i wont get the boot out of my area. next week ill try to get some info on when im skyping home. anyway one of our investigators who is really weird wants to take some pics of us at the church with a camera thats like 100 years old. like the ones thats look like an aqordian so that will be cool he also has a sweet bible im gonna get from him. he really likes us he conciders us his best friends. it would be super cool to see him get baptized. well you should wait a year before you go on any trips........ just sayin. or you could go to this beautiful place called innisfail they have a little petting zoo and a local museum. well c ya
Some of the funny stuff he wrote to Mandy: (I can't post most of it!)
- its snowing here right now..... i havent seen Jordo for a really long time but hopefully i will see him in a week from now. i have bee hearing from other missionaries that he is a total stud though. i want a scar baby kiss!!!!!!!!! tell stu to back off and that he isnt even related to the family until we get married.
-im gonna get married while I'm out here, here is the link to her picture:
- this is who you get when you look up the Bengals on  

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22nd email: Such a funny boy! And a great Missionary!

my birfday was neet. i bought a camera. we also moved into an apartment. its really nice we just dont have any furniture yet. we just have beds and 2 chairs ha its super weird. ive been workin on the kitty puzzle during my free time its coming along pretty well. we watch the restoration dvd about 2 times a week. i have it almost memorized. my favorite line is "remember boys horse high and hog tight" also the part where he gives him the cute little horsey and he is quoting Mathew ch 7 verse something about giving good gifts. anyway that barney bank is legit. how much money was in it? i didn't really care that all my drawers smelt cause i just put my close on the floor.... anyway our investigators are good we have 11 now and 2 of them should be baptized in the next 2 months the rest are moving pretty slow. we are teaching a really cool crazy guy who fixes antique things. he has a bible from like 1802 that he might give me so im stoked on that. they leave out the Satan part in the dvd cause it creeps people out..... what room do i even live in now? you should get phil a gift card to spencers... thats his favorite store. or get him a picture of marrissa miller eating a mcrib. anyway yesterday i got hugged by a girl..... its a pretty scary thing as a missionary. the good news is we will probably baptize her cause shes pretty stoked on the gospel. i made a goal  in my planner to take more pictures so hopefully that will work out cause i struggle, im almost at the yr make and i have a total of like 40 pics. oh well. anyways not much else is going on transfers are in the first week of may so thats pretty soon. oh and PS my wildest dream was that you would tell me my wildest dreams would come true so it happened! but seriously as a mother you shouldn't want my wildest dreams to happen while im on my mission... they should only take place after being sealed in a temple...........ha

April 15th email: Happy Birthday!

 you should watch the church video "only a stonecutter" it talks about magnifying callings and what not. it would get you pumped to teach those little kids how to sing and stuff. so what was the favorite Canadian candy? i like the wonderbars. we have this investigator who rebuild antique radios and i might get a really good deal on one and have it sent home he also has a bible from the 1700s that he might give me it has the apocrfah in it so its super rad it also has a bunch of family names in it so it would be really cool to take the names to the temple. the guy is super funny he is really weird but he loves us, he says he only has four friends on earth and we are 2 of them. man im really lovin the mission its actually really sad its almost half way over. this time next year ill have my travel info! dang its sucky. this morning my comp surprised me with a ton of reeses he is a good guy but i think im gonna start putting weight back on if i don't watch it haha anyway ive taken some pics on my comps camera so ill send them to you. then today ill buy a camera i think

Riley's note to dad:  
you stud muffin. there isnt such thing as a resturaunt where i live...... there is a subway. ha we eat with members everyday. there is actually a really good little diner in a little box car thing that we always go to it only has like 10 items on the meneu but its super good. man it seems like work is keepin ya busy. just remeber to have fun toooo :D i was really hoping to get a picute of you with your pants pulled up for my birthday but i guess a weird description of my birthing process will do. sure love ya
 That's my district with the matching ties, we are pretty big studs

 our church
 The couple we live with

April 8th email: turning into a "Superstar"

well  G C was amazing i really enjoyed elder packers talk also i think elder oaks gave a cool talk, very unique. anyway i have a hunch the end or the world is coming soon...... so um do missionary work. i challenge someone in our family to get someone to meet with the local missionaries. its the greatest work we can be apart of in this life. its even a comandment go ye into all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost who is one god without end. you are prolly thinkin man elder k is turning into a superstar hahah but really almost every talk was based on missionary work in some form or another so do it. anyway we are having lots of success here, our teaching pool is now 12 people and when we got here it was 3 so we are pumped on that and one of those 3 got dunked. we are now teaching all of lindsays family so thats super cool. we shoudl be having baptisms soon we are just having a hard time getting them on date. man its really crazy hearing how crazy the missionary work is going in some parts of the globe are mission goal is 140 baptisms in this year and most missions have 200 a month. we are really trying hard to changes this mission but its hard cause so many missionarys lose the vision god has for the people here. but with all these new elders coming out i think we will see lots of changes. man that swing is awesome i saw a magnet the other day that made me think or you haha it said man if i would have known how much fun grandkids were i would have skipped having kids. or something like that hah anyway ive been bored latley so ive been thinkin who would be the most even fight in the world and i think it would be ellen degeneris and oprah winfrey. one has lesbo strength and one has african strength. the deciding factor is how much oprah weighs right now. man i hope the package makes it it had some sweet stuff in it

We got the package!!  Everything was wonderful!!

"its the bomb. those cute little gloves are from Lindsay's mom. the shot shell was made by a 73 yr old guy who is super cool. those gloves were a gift from a member in my last area those ties are home made by a mentally challenged guy named gil. if you have any requests on some homemade ties let me know he can make anything"

April 1 email: I'm kinda a maverick

Fun to hear about Easter, you should hide one (a basket) in the gun safe next year. maybe you could do it to my package cause it has tons of candy in it. but i got a good deal sending it cause the girl we just baptized works at a post office. anyway life is super good here we are teaching lots of people now and staying really busy now i get to go on exchanges once a week so i get to go to all sorts of fun places. today im going with a Spanish missionary. anyway sounds like things are going good at home. OH and i think my watch broke so im trying to find a member who could maybe fix it or something. anyway everything i own is just braking im the biggest struggle fest there is. after General Conference i dont have to wear a suit anymore so i dont think i will buy one yet ill wait tell i loose a little more weight. maybe dad could buy me one from Paris... or is that only for the NEW favorite child. anywho we were supposed to move into a new house but the owner just found out she needs a kidney transplant so we get to stay in our ghetto farmhouse. oh this week we asked a lady if we could do any service for her and she said only if she could do service for us after, so we did her dishes then she did some crazy vodoo stuff on us. she told me that i have a fear of success and that i need to focus on the present. then she balanced my body so i could run faster. and my running speed the next day was ten seconds slower then usual but thats probably cause of Easter supper. anyway it was really weird she even kinda grabbed my companions bum haha it was really awkward. anyway the package is totally on the way home! oh ye of little faith. its a freakin good package too. im a little scared it wont make it into the US though because kinder suprises are illegal to send to the US but oh well and there is some real maple syrup i dont know if thats allowed either but im kinda a maverick. anywho i opened all birthday presents early. they are awesome! man that painting is beautiful. and ive already watched like half of conference. im going to use it in my district meeting tomorrow. well i dont have much else to say but i love you lots and hope all your wildest dreams come true :D see ya on the 12th


Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th email:

well I'll maybe buy a camera today, that will be fun.  I'm gonna send a package today i feel like this is when everyone's Birthdays, are so it will be for everyone. just try to spread the stuff out evenly. today we got transfer calls and we are both staying in this area. but I'm the district leader now, so that's fun. i get to go on lots of exchanges and stuff so it will be a jolly ol' time. I'll eventually get a picture with people in this area. but since I'm staying I'll wait till I leave so that its more normal. anywho want to hear something funny?  My follow up trainer elder Carson, I'm now his district leader, haha pretty funny. it will be kinda awkward trying to train some one who is about to go home. oh well. man that seems really weird that Evan is eight. tell him I'm proud of him. Tell Logan he doesn't need to learn dads trade because me and him will open up a gun shop. well, life is good here we are hoping to have some great things happen in the future in this area.  I'll chat with ya later byeeeeeeeeeeee sure love ya

Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 18 email: My camera broke!

Hey my camera broke is it under warranty? anyway life is going great my comp is in a bunch of pain cause he needs a root canal it reminds me of mine. but he is lucky because there are 3 Mormon dentists here. i think he got it to humble him hahaha, he is totally the missionary who talks about how he was state champion in everything and was gonna play college ball but got too many concussions hahahaah anywho there are 18 yr olds in the mission right now and also some weems too. i havent seen them yet though. transfers are next week. im hoping i stay here its a great area. you should go to the temple more it would be super fun. also do you have a copy of my setting apart blessing? i think i lost mine..... well Lindsay is doing super good she is working on getting her patriarchal blessing pretty soon. also i cant write more then one e mail per person anymore so sorry about that. but we can now write anyone we wont to, so you should get me a bunch of peoples email addresses.  well tell baby scar i love her and hopefully all is well at the home front. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

A cute email from Elder Lee:
 Knaphus Family
hey how are you all doing? I lost your mom's email address, and i receive a letter from your mom.
I was about to write a letter to respond to Sister Leslie Knaphus but Im going back to home on June which means, not very much left.
So I want to say, Thank you for the letters and all the love and advise for me.
She also asked about my address and i got little confussed about that. Im not sure if she asked about my mission address or back home address cuz since im in CEM with Elder knaphus, it will be a same address for 2 years.
but anyway, sounds like Elder Knaphus and his boy are doing good(if one missionary trains new missionary, we call it as you got birth, so new missionary is Elder knaphus's boy), and im doing also good, i have 2 companions now which is 3 Elders. It is pretty nice.
 It was great experience with Elder Knaphus for me. We both learn a lot, It wasnt always easy for both of us, but that strengthen both of us too. His is a great missoinary. I also miss all the conversation that we had all together.
 It is ok if something doesnt make sense, cuz i dont know how to write good haha.
anyway you all have great day and see you again

Friday, March 22, 2013

Email March 11th:

Hey hows life going? things are going well here. how was your B day? what did you get? did loggy get lasik yet? transfers are coming up in the next couple weeks so one of us will be going:( but thats all chill. Innisfail is a really cool area with lots of things going on. we should have another baptism this next month. maybe i can score a birthday baptism. ha it would be pretty cool but unlikely. my birthday falls on a P-day so I'm super excited about that, we have a member in our ward from Antigua a little island in the west indies and he is so freakin funny he only eats cute animals haha he is the opposite of a vegetarian. his son is the one who will be baptized soon so it will be cool seeing him with his gnarly long dreads in the waters of baptism. and his name is bro Joseph so its like talking to a black Joseph Smith. well not much is new Lindsay was confirmed and her mom is feeding us this Saturday. oh her mom is gonna send you a letter, it will be a great missionary opportunity for you to write her back and talk about how the gospel has blessed your family so prepare yourself. if you do a good enough job she just might be baptized. she has a son who is a bit of a rebel so she is super impressed that we would serve two years so i think she will write you about how awesome i am hahahahahahah anyway i hear America is supposed to get bombed today so that would be a bummer hopefully that wont happen. you need to tell Logan to update me on the gun world. i hope all is well i sure do love you and I'm grateful i was raised in a home like ours. its crazy how many people don't have a good family anymore. Satan is trying hard to destroy families. well keep up the good work          eat drink and be merry- elder knaphus

We got this picture from the mission home today... It is from Christmas!!
Looks like a great bunch of missionaries!  Can you find Elder K and Elder Lee?
Right in the middle!!

Email March 4th: The Church is True

Well ill tell you about Lindsay's baptism a little bit.her mother came and brought a chocolate fountain it was pretty cool. Lindsey bore her testimony after the baptism she said i know from the softest part of my heart and the most logical part of my brain that this church is true. it was really cool. her mom started to cry and stuff it was nice. her mom is having us over for supper this week and we will teach her the plan of salvation so we are super excited about that. and we are starting to get lots of members really excited about missionary work so its really cool lots of people are giving us referrals and stuff so this area is really cool. throughout teaching Lindsay we have talked about her being the pioneer for her family and so at her baptism we gave her a plaque that said pioneer and had the definition on it, it was sweet. there were lots of people crying and what not. but its been a good week now we just need to find our next victim hahahahha

 For my birthday Riley finally sent some pictures!!  Best present ever!!

 Beautiful Innesfail, Canada

 Funny Elder Knaphus

 Our study room!! (the basement of a members house)

 Here is my bed!!

  Crazy haircut "I did it myself"

Valentine treat from Tammy!!


Email: Feb 25th "Obedience"

 I'll let you know how Lindsay is doing. she is super pumped for her baptism and our last lesson with her was just going over the interview questions and set up the baptismal service. she is praying right now about who should baptize her and talk at her baptism.  im hoping she has some members from here do everything because then she will have a closer bond with the members. but i have a feeling she will chose one of us, oh well. but it's really neat because her family was very against her being baptized and they had lots of anti material and her mom decided to come meet with us and we taught her the restoration. and it was super powerful and she wants to meet us again. hopefully she will get baptized as well. she wants to have us over for supper and take a tour of the church with her whole family. but it will be exciting, ill be able to take my first pictures with someone I've taught getting baptized. im glad you have been reflecting obedience. it is the very first law of heaven. and is the only way to experience true joy in this life.  we have really been focusing on 100% obedience but it is a very hard thing. as missionaries we are expected to forsake all and follow Christ. as elder Holland said at judgement day we will be asked if we loved Christ if we really loved him and we are taught that if we love him we must keep his commandments and he that keepeth my commandment is loved of the father and by Christ and Christ will manifest himself unto us.  thats  a very special promise and god always keeps his promises. if you think about charity it really has many meanings we must love like Christ but also love Christ, that's why charity is the greatest of all of gods gifts. and like it says in Moroni if we are found possessed with charity we will become purified even as he is pure. well there is proof that i haven't been just wasting all my study time thinking about guns and stuff. you will have to tell Cody i love him. Well have a great day!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 18th email: "This *ish is the TRUTH"

well things are going good. so the girl that is getting baptized was getting opposition from her parents and so we met with her mom and were like this *ish is the TRUTH and she was like awwww crap. then we were like, we are gonna answer all your questions until you get baptized too. then she was like, wow your church is the bomb. so she wants to take a tour of the church and take the lessons. it was sick!  Lindsey the girl getting baptized was so stoked! and now we are going to eat supper at their house next week. so hopefully we will be baptizing a family soon. it was just cool cause they went from being totally anti to wanting to meet with us. well today i tried to send pics through the comp but the library doesn't let you...  well anyway today our ghetto shower broke. its just a little concrete thing and the floor broke haha it sucks. so now we have to take turns showering with 70 year olds. oh well.   a guy in my ward is gonna have me come to his house after he goes shooting to clean his guns for service haha   well tomorrow a bunch of 19 yr old girls are coming out and supposedly they are really cute. haha should be fun. dang you are going to have to tell co jay i love himm. i heard from elder lee the other day he is doing good it was funny to hear that cute asain voice again haha.  I;m prophesying that next conference they will announce that sisters and elders can be companions so that we can get married and serve the lord at the same time... kill two birds with one stone type a thing. tell stew to go on a mission. my companion does the hand rub thing that c diddy and garr both do it's really funny anytime he is excited. anyway hopefully i can date my comps sister when i get home cause she is a total weem. anywho stay classy and ill catch you on the flip side.

February 4th email:

 Man this week was just fantastic. im glad you are feeling better. people care about the super bowl but not as much.  I still dont even know who won... get logan a poster of jessica alba holding a gun for his birthday. hockey is the biggest sport here but all sports are played just like the US. yeah lots of people here are sick with the flu as well its crazy.

I asked is they needed a down comforter?:  we have like seven blankets each and elder George is doing fine. his family thinks he is dying though. they sent him a huge package with a heat blanket a sleeping bag and all sorts of silly things hahah

How is the weather?:   we have been having Chinooks so it stays pretty nice here. just stays around 0 degrees. elder George is dying though haha he cant handle the cold

Are you still doing p90x?:   we exercise but in this new area we can only really do ab ripper X so we do that every other day then i just do push ups the other days. ya my comp is a work out machine he played lots of sports.

Do you ever have a Dr. Pepper?:  i eat granola bars and fruit. the people we live with cook us B fast every morning. then i eat dank food with members for supper. i havent had soda on my mission. i sometimes eat at subway

January 28th email: Ripped my pants!

Things are going great here, my suit ripped, i have no idea how, but it did from my crack down to my knee so its pretty bad.... man Travis is a cutie pie i love him lots he will be an awesome missionary. well ill tell you the story of one of our investigators she is a really cute girl who was on vacation and she was in southern Alberta where everyone is Mormon and she fell and broke her back, ankle and arm. and she was stuck on a mountain but one of the people she was with was a Mormon and he gave her a priesthood blessing and she fully recovered in 2 weeks. and she knew it was the power of god so now she is meeting with us and the only reason she isn't baptized yet is because her parents are total D bags and are giving her a really hard time but she is super cool. there was a talk about pioneers at church and she mentioned that she is sad cause there is no one else in her family that are members and we told her that she was going to be the pioneer for her family and she started to cry and said she was going to talk to her parents. so that's really cool.   we are still living in the same place but we should be gone this week so i dont have an address for ya. the weird thing is the family we are staying with is on vacation so we have the whole house to ourselves. its pretty weird. hopefully we can get moved into a permanent place soon. well i hope C diddy has given you a blessing. it sounds like you got it pretty bad. its never fun. well i G2G byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love ya

 Things here in Innisfail are going really good. my comp is a stud and things are looking good we should have a baptism or two here pretty soon so thats cool. the ward here is super cool all the members are way strong and do lots of missionary work. i ripped my pants really bad this week luckily the lady we are living with is a jack of all trades and fixed them up for me. anyway not to much is going on we got stuck in snow really bad and some old farmer folk got us out with a tractor so that was fun. um the place we live in is freezing all the time so we do all of our studies in our bed to keep warm haha ummmmm

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22nd email: Ripped my pants!!

"Dont be sad peter thats why they call it shpoople!" I'm emailing late too. sup? seems like lots O crazy things are going on. and yes i got the food package and i love it with all my little heart<3.  no we haven't moved into a new place yet so its been crazy. but we should move tomorrow.... that's what we were told, but I'm not sure it will happen. is CO JAY gonna live with you guys? if so tell him to shower more often. lol jk tell him i love him. things here in Innisfail are going really good. my comp is a stud and things are looking good we should have a baptism or two here pretty soon so thats cool. the ward here is super cool all the members are way strong and do lots of missionary work. i ripped my pants really bad this week luckily the lady we are living with is a jack of all trades and fixed them up for me. anyway not too much is going on we got stuck in the snow really bad and some old farmer folk got us out with a tractor so that was fun. um the place we live in is freezing all the time so we do all of our studies in our bed to keep warm.   well anywho not much else to say training is fun the new area is cool love ya byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Question from mom:
How do you like training, is it hard? its fun my comp is dope and smart so its not hard at all. its more hard starting a new area without much info.
Goofy post to Dad:
 yeah we be chillin all day here in Innisfail. man half my ak47 is from turkey. when you go, see if you can get any bakelight mags. remember we don't talk to police we don't make peace bonds we don't trust in the judicial system we shoot guns.
I couldn't post his email to mandy... funny, but inappropriate!!!

January 14th email: New comp: Elder George

well even though you didn't write me i will extend my loving mercy to you and share with you my recent advent. well on Wednesday  i went and picked up my new companion. his name is Elder George and he is a super cool guy. he is from Las Vegas. and is all about sports he was gonna play college football for byu........ but he got brain damage so he didn't. now he kinda reads slow and stuff but not enough to notice, but he has a strong testimony and a super good work ethic so I'm super stoked to work with him. he said that there are 18 yr olds in the mtc now. so that's crazy. but any way after i picked up Elder George i made my way to the deep south of my mission. this area is the 2nd lowest point in the mission so that's cool I'm actually really close to Calgary now. any-who this area had no idea that elders were coming so we don't have a real place to stay yet so we are just living in a families unfinished basement right now. but should only be there for about 2 weeks. then we will move somewhere else. the family we are living with are awesome though, they are old school farmers so we wake up every morning to help them split firewood and they make us a huge breakfast. Phill would love living here. our basement electrical is run the same way old barns are is what bro. Smith told me, so ill take some pics of it for Phill, its pretty cool. its super cool doing morning studies next to an old fireplace thing. but anywho its been quite the adventure especially since i got supper sick 2 nights ago. i was throwing up for like 5 hours. it was miserable but the next day i got a blessing and i feel better now. but ill tell you a little about Innisfail. its really small but we cover like 4 really small areas we live in a tiny town called Bowden and there is nothing here but a penitentiary (prison)  then we go to another small town called Penhold a ton. we got an investigator living there and he accepted a baptismal invite the first time we met with him so thats super cool. his name is Jeff and he is from Newfoundland so he speaks perfect Pickey. and his wife is Mexican so its pretty weird but they are super cool. Sunday was super good, elder George spoke for 5 min and did a really good job and the ward is super cool they love doing missionary work so its rad. oh man its been crazy our first day we shoveled like 10 walks and it was the first time elder George has ever shoveled snow. and when we went to the car his hands were legit bright purple. he is hating the snow but he never complains cause he is a boss. but anywho ill have to take some good pics cause this area is really fun. its kinda like Hinton just way smaller and its a ward not a branch and its farm country. oh and the people we live with are super prepared for a natural disaster they have all these weird cold rooms and holes in the ground that they store food. its really cool. well thats all i can think of for now byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mom asked some questions:
Will you be moving soon?   not sure at thiss point i think the bishop is looking for one. the only problem is there is no one appartment buildings in this whole area haha
 Were you ever able to watch the videos of Scarlett we sent on the camera card? no i couldnt watch them..... i tried putting them in other peoples cameras but no go.
Where was that Christmas village picture from, you never said?  the members who's crazy Christmas stuff is the Vanovermeres. she is a crazy lady kinda like someone else i know....
 How do you like driving in the snow?  i have almost been in 3 crashes so far...... its turrible
Dad asked some questions:
 Are you still sick? Did you get some pepto bismo?  no im good no i just had to sleep a whole day cause i was throwing up all night
 How is the living quarters with the fam you are staying with? Do they have an apartment? well..... we pretty much live in a dungeon hahaha. we just have a little room and an unfinished basement.  oh yah im living with a way rad family and there son served his mission with a K nap. you know who served in Okinawa japan 1987?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 7th email: Big changes!

well today is pretty darn crazy both me and elder lee are being transferred so its really hectic. I'm going to an area called Enisville or something like that, it's outlining and I'm training as well so it should be crazy. i don't know my new comp yet but i will let you know soon. Elder Lee is going to an area called Parkland and he is being made district leader. so its crazy today cause we have to completely clean everything in our apartment cause sister missionaries are coming here. but anywho all i know about my area is that sister missionaries used to be there. so it should be fun. i know its a ward even though its a small town so there must be lots of members but i hear its a hard area so it will be a neat experience. its kinda like my first area but this time I'm the trainer in the brand new area.... hopefully God knows what he is doing. well like i said today is SUPER crazy so i can't talk long but i love you lots hopefully all is going well back home and tell everyone im sorry for not writing them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 31st emails:

I sent this picture to Riley...
oh man that picture is great. my Christmas was really good i don't have much time today so i have to be quick but all is well i will write a letter today for sure! you will be very blessed for your efforts as primary commander. thanks for being such a good example to me of how to magnify your calling, im glad things are going so well and it was super fun to see the family. mothers day isn't to far away haha well i love you so much and hope all your wildest dreams come true. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

some random picture Riley sent... he never told us where it is (haha!)
email from Elder Lee:
Merry Christmas :)
Thank you for your efforts and all the gifts from your family
i took pictures but forgot to bring it... maybe next time.
Elder Knaphus has great desire to serve others and be rightous.
My English is still poor so there will be many errors in the letter which i sent to your family, hope they can recieve gift of tongues.
there are many mormons in Korea too :).

Thank you so much again your family's love.
 Silly face :D
Elder K enjoying his Santa punching ball