Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th email:

well I'll maybe buy a camera today, that will be fun.  I'm gonna send a package today i feel like this is when everyone's Birthdays, are so it will be for everyone. just try to spread the stuff out evenly. today we got transfer calls and we are both staying in this area. but I'm the district leader now, so that's fun. i get to go on lots of exchanges and stuff so it will be a jolly ol' time. I'll eventually get a picture with people in this area. but since I'm staying I'll wait till I leave so that its more normal. anywho want to hear something funny?  My follow up trainer elder Carson, I'm now his district leader, haha pretty funny. it will be kinda awkward trying to train some one who is about to go home. oh well. man that seems really weird that Evan is eight. tell him I'm proud of him. Tell Logan he doesn't need to learn dads trade because me and him will open up a gun shop. well, life is good here we are hoping to have some great things happen in the future in this area.  I'll chat with ya later byeeeeeeeeeeee sure love ya

Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 18 email: My camera broke!

Hey my camera broke is it under warranty? anyway life is going great my comp is in a bunch of pain cause he needs a root canal it reminds me of mine. but he is lucky because there are 3 Mormon dentists here. i think he got it to humble him hahaha, he is totally the missionary who talks about how he was state champion in everything and was gonna play college ball but got too many concussions hahahaah anywho there are 18 yr olds in the mission right now and also some weems too. i havent seen them yet though. transfers are next week. im hoping i stay here its a great area. you should go to the temple more it would be super fun. also do you have a copy of my setting apart blessing? i think i lost mine..... well Lindsay is doing super good she is working on getting her patriarchal blessing pretty soon. also i cant write more then one e mail per person anymore so sorry about that. but we can now write anyone we wont to, so you should get me a bunch of peoples email addresses.  well tell baby scar i love her and hopefully all is well at the home front. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

A cute email from Elder Lee:
 Knaphus Family
hey how are you all doing? I lost your mom's email address, and i receive a letter from your mom.
I was about to write a letter to respond to Sister Leslie Knaphus but Im going back to home on June which means, not very much left.
So I want to say, Thank you for the letters and all the love and advise for me.
She also asked about my address and i got little confussed about that. Im not sure if she asked about my mission address or back home address cuz since im in CEM with Elder knaphus, it will be a same address for 2 years.
but anyway, sounds like Elder Knaphus and his boy are doing good(if one missionary trains new missionary, we call it as you got birth, so new missionary is Elder knaphus's boy), and im doing also good, i have 2 companions now which is 3 Elders. It is pretty nice.
 It was great experience with Elder Knaphus for me. We both learn a lot, It wasnt always easy for both of us, but that strengthen both of us too. His is a great missoinary. I also miss all the conversation that we had all together.
 It is ok if something doesnt make sense, cuz i dont know how to write good haha.
anyway you all have great day and see you again

Friday, March 22, 2013

Email March 11th:

Hey hows life going? things are going well here. how was your B day? what did you get? did loggy get lasik yet? transfers are coming up in the next couple weeks so one of us will be going:( but thats all chill. Innisfail is a really cool area with lots of things going on. we should have another baptism this next month. maybe i can score a birthday baptism. ha it would be pretty cool but unlikely. my birthday falls on a P-day so I'm super excited about that, we have a member in our ward from Antigua a little island in the west indies and he is so freakin funny he only eats cute animals haha he is the opposite of a vegetarian. his son is the one who will be baptized soon so it will be cool seeing him with his gnarly long dreads in the waters of baptism. and his name is bro Joseph so its like talking to a black Joseph Smith. well not much is new Lindsay was confirmed and her mom is feeding us this Saturday. oh her mom is gonna send you a letter, it will be a great missionary opportunity for you to write her back and talk about how the gospel has blessed your family so prepare yourself. if you do a good enough job she just might be baptized. she has a son who is a bit of a rebel so she is super impressed that we would serve two years so i think she will write you about how awesome i am hahahahahahah anyway i hear America is supposed to get bombed today so that would be a bummer hopefully that wont happen. you need to tell Logan to update me on the gun world. i hope all is well i sure do love you and I'm grateful i was raised in a home like ours. its crazy how many people don't have a good family anymore. Satan is trying hard to destroy families. well keep up the good work          eat drink and be merry- elder knaphus

We got this picture from the mission home today... It is from Christmas!!
Looks like a great bunch of missionaries!  Can you find Elder K and Elder Lee?
Right in the middle!!

Email March 4th: The Church is True

Well ill tell you about Lindsay's baptism a little bit.her mother came and brought a chocolate fountain it was pretty cool. Lindsey bore her testimony after the baptism she said i know from the softest part of my heart and the most logical part of my brain that this church is true. it was really cool. her mom started to cry and stuff it was nice. her mom is having us over for supper this week and we will teach her the plan of salvation so we are super excited about that. and we are starting to get lots of members really excited about missionary work so its really cool lots of people are giving us referrals and stuff so this area is really cool. throughout teaching Lindsay we have talked about her being the pioneer for her family and so at her baptism we gave her a plaque that said pioneer and had the definition on it, it was sweet. there were lots of people crying and what not. but its been a good week now we just need to find our next victim hahahahha

 For my birthday Riley finally sent some pictures!!  Best present ever!!

 Beautiful Innesfail, Canada

 Funny Elder Knaphus

 Our study room!! (the basement of a members house)

 Here is my bed!!

  Crazy haircut "I did it myself"

Valentine treat from Tammy!!


Email: Feb 25th "Obedience"

 I'll let you know how Lindsay is doing. she is super pumped for her baptism and our last lesson with her was just going over the interview questions and set up the baptismal service. she is praying right now about who should baptize her and talk at her baptism.  im hoping she has some members from here do everything because then she will have a closer bond with the members. but i have a feeling she will chose one of us, oh well. but it's really neat because her family was very against her being baptized and they had lots of anti material and her mom decided to come meet with us and we taught her the restoration. and it was super powerful and she wants to meet us again. hopefully she will get baptized as well. she wants to have us over for supper and take a tour of the church with her whole family. but it will be exciting, ill be able to take my first pictures with someone I've taught getting baptized. im glad you have been reflecting obedience. it is the very first law of heaven. and is the only way to experience true joy in this life.  we have really been focusing on 100% obedience but it is a very hard thing. as missionaries we are expected to forsake all and follow Christ. as elder Holland said at judgement day we will be asked if we loved Christ if we really loved him and we are taught that if we love him we must keep his commandments and he that keepeth my commandment is loved of the father and by Christ and Christ will manifest himself unto us.  thats  a very special promise and god always keeps his promises. if you think about charity it really has many meanings we must love like Christ but also love Christ, that's why charity is the greatest of all of gods gifts. and like it says in Moroni if we are found possessed with charity we will become purified even as he is pure. well there is proof that i haven't been just wasting all my study time thinking about guns and stuff. you will have to tell Cody i love him. Well have a great day!!!!!!!!