Monday, December 3, 2012

Nov. 26th emails: The Army of Helaman

Today was transfers and nothing happened. mom you might magnify your calling too much... so most def send Elder Lee some fun things but don't send candy. me and him are loosing lots of weight so don't tempt us haha. send like protein bars or something instead. our singing in primary was great we sang with little kids The Armies of Helaman and the choir lady cried cause im so darn good at everything. but things in the mission are going really good, im super stoked for the next couple weeks. we have 2 less active families coming back to church and it is a really nice feeling to see someone be able to feel the spirit again and change there life. man the holiday season really makes it hard not to think of home. but i feel like the ward here is just a big extended family so that's really good. im glad im staying here for Christmas. im stoked to skype home and see baby scar scar. and maxy of coarse. i haven't got the package yet but i might get it today so that will be fun. oh im getting really good at chess too. during lunch everyday elder lee teaches me how to play and i almost beat him the other day. so thats cool im turning a little asian. next thing you know i will be in Yellowstone walking around with my hands behind my back and trying to pet a deer. anywho im still really bad at taking picture and writing letters so i apologize about that. but life just seems to busy on the mish. man i mos def miss shooting and i was actually thinkin about the time we camped outside cabellas. that was pretty fun. did they take out the good ol AK? and its been awhile since i have seen a good pic of max.... whats up with that? man i hope Stu is doing good. i love that fine young man more then captain hook loves the booty. tell him to get temple worthy. then he can be sealed to his puppies for ever well tell Cody i love him when he comes home and hopefully he is doing good. well im gonna go but i love you very much and the church is true byeeeeeeee

(email to mandy)
oh mandy poo. you are the best. im really glad you have such a good perspective on life. the most improtant thing you can learn in this life is that heavenly father loves you his son Jesus Christ knows you perfectly and knows exactly how to help you in any situation. and that heavenly father fights everyday so you can return too him someday with your family. as members of the church we don't realize how big of a blessing it is to truly understand who god is. most people think he is a blob or some mass that can be everywhere or is somehow three people in one body but sometimes 2 bodies. but we know that he is a loving heavenly father. and if you look at our parents on this earth and our families we can get the smallest glimpse of how much our perfect heavenly father loves us and wants us to be happy. thats really cool that you have a testimony of tithing. while on my mission thats been a tough thing for people to understand. but its one of the simplest commandments. we basically are asked to get rid of what Satan uses to make us greedy and prideful. and we gain blessing greater then we can even receive. and i love you lots. ill try to send some Christmas cards soon and tell Tammy and Roger i love them lots and they are the best.

(email to Chris)
well shoot happy almost birth day papshmere! ill share the story of on of our members who came back. he is an oil worker who works crazy hours and he was a convert and he randomly called us this week and said he wanted to meet with us... so we went to his place and he said he had been reading the BOM and had a really strong feeling that he needed to become temple worthy. so it was really cool we taught him a lesson about reading prayer and church and he came to church this Sunday and set up a time to meet with the bishop. so it was really cool to see. well have the happiest of birthdays and try not to get into to much trouble. 

Nov. 19th email:

well things are going really good. yeah we have a transfer right before Christmas so im really hoping i don't go cause then i wouldn't know anyone for Christmas and i would feel left out haha. plus there are a lot of really rich people here hahahahaha yeqah my comp is a sweet heart. man those couches better be broken in by the time i get home. ikea is turrible. but things on the mission are going good in this area there is a TON of less active people so we are working with them a lot we re activated a guy this week and he came to church and met with the bishop it was really cool.  well everyone is writing me so its hard to write this letter. but i think elder lee will for sure come visit. he says he wants to be with you guys when i come home hahaha anywho im not buying new clothes yet cause im still loosing lots of weight so im just gonna rep them like an OG then buy small ones. im at 220 right now. its pretty crazy i don't think i have been this light since i was like 12 haha it should be a good time i need to take some pictures i have really been slacking. ill get on that though so i can send you some fun things home. well i love you and im really excited to see you on Christmas via skype.

Nov. 14th email:

 well well things are going pretty good in the mission. its been really cold and snowed quite a bit. we have been shoveling walks and stuff like that so its fun. a member gave me some cute red gloves so i have been wearing those to shovel snow and what not. but i think i will buy some nice ones for tracting so i dont have to keep my hands in my pockets. umm me and my comp are singing in our primary program this sunday so that will be pretty funny. man its pretty crazy that colemamogram is home. i miss him. oh well missions go bye super quick so im not worried about it. hopefully everyone isnt married when i get back. my halloween was really good we just played B Ball the whole time and then my comp carved his first ever pumpkin haha it was funny. yes they trick or treat the same. "and a little trip up south would be fun too :D!!" mom you cant go UP south haha silly commander. tell colman he better use the hot tub at least once a week  for and in behalf of riley christian knaphus. and give him another hug for me. thats rad that colty is doing so good. tell  dallas she dosent have to write me..... just kidding i love her too. oh and i got the pakage awhile back im lovin the tunes mandy picked for me. i snuggle with my comp while listening to michael buble. didnt garr tell dallas not to write him? hahahaha sily gardino. well  im gonna bouce ok byeeee

 (a fun email we got from Riley's companion, Elder Lee)
Im a awesom companion of Elder thy son, he was telling me about you guyz a lot haha
Im enjoying to listen those story a lot. i heard his brother in low's fart is awful, but recently i beat his record;)
I also heard his sister is hair dresser, her hair looks nice. His brothers are such a goof ball, I was telling Elder Knaphus that your brother should shave beard
hey I also try to help your son to lose weight so he can marry with weem after his mission
Im excited to see you guyz one day and i will take care of him until end of my mission.
Oh..! i have som funny picture that will make your family happy:) (may be..)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5th email: I bought a magic bullet

well hello there. the mission is pretty crazy we have been doing pretty good here in Sturgeon but the work is really slow here. all the people are crazy pridefull. but we started teaching this way cool Jamaican family so thats neat. they really hate the snow its funny. yeah we have a guy on date to be baptized. his name is Abner he is a big  goof ball. he just attended another baptism and really liked it but his whole family are very devout baptists so it makes it pretty hard. hopefully he stays strong. yeah i don't have gloves yet... im just gonna keep procrastinating tell my fingers fall off. man your getting hella good at bowling. before i get home youll be makin the big bucks playin on espn. well not much is new here my comp thinks he can tokyo drift cause he is asian so that makes things exciting. my comps favorite thing is to take pictures of me pooping. i pretty much feel like im at home so thats good. sounds like Scar is growing up fast, she will prolly be dating by the time i get home. in sturgeon we get fed a ton there is a member that works at booster juice (jamba) and she gives us free drinks so we go there a lot. we are actually gonna go there today. then we eat at members houses a lot. oh i bought a magic bullet a couple days ago so thats fun. i make smoothies with it and they are tasty. im starting to loose weight again so thats good im at like 225 my Asian comp like to be healthy so its really good,. my trainer went home last transfer that was sad he was a good missionary. jeez it sounds like Logan is gonna turn are house into a man cave soon haha. thats dope. tell him he should just turn the door into a vault door then hang all the guns on the wall like the room in boondock saints. how are Dallas and Colton doing? havent heard much about them for a while. well i got to go but i love you much. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

October 29th eamils: Watched the Calgary Temple dedication

We pick up the mail once a week every pday after i email we get the letters. we actually have a primary program coming up and me and elder Lee have to sing in it hahaha its gonna be turrible. yeah the weather is sucky here and all the people here think it is still warm out. its crazy. in Hinton i doubt they have a primary program cause there is only like 2 children in the whole branch... anywho things are going really good here in Sturgeon we are having lots o success and my comp thinks he is Tokyo drift when its snowing so its pretty funny. yeah Halloween is the same here. there is a lady in the ward who is just like you when it comes to holidays she goes all out. on Halloween we cant work so thats cool we get to just chill one night. I'll mos def miss the Halloween doughnuts you will have to send me some. i also miss the hot tub! man its ok the mission is flying by! its crazy im like 1/4 done with the mission. tell phill to make his football team eat corn cause it helps with formed tackling. thats good that you had the missionaries over. my comp likes talking about all sorts of weird crap. mostly about girls haha  well today we are pretty busy cause we have to go to cal tire and get an oil change but things are going good in St Albert. we watched the Calgary temple dedication this Sunday and it was really good the prophet told us to read D&C 76 so i read it and its really cool so you should read it too. well im gonna get goin but i love you and hope all is well byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 why hello dearest sister. things are going good here. we are on our like 20th snowstorm haha yeah its below zero everyday here so tracting sucks. i think i will get the package today. and im actually running out of money again cause my silly Korean comp has no money so i had to buy him a bunch of shiz. members feed us everyday and i just eat fruit and stuff members give us. every week members give us eggs so i eat those a lot. so all i buy at the store is milk and cereal.  but mission is going well we have a person on date for baptism so thats exciting. i love you lots byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Fun picture from the Edmonton Mission blog

It is fun to see Riley with all the missionaries!

October 22nd email: my eyelashes were freezing together

Man that's good that Graham is going! and holy cow i didn't know Travis would go soooo sooon. that's way dope he will be the best! well ill tell you a little about my comp. he is from Seol Korea and is really funny. he is 25.hes funny though. and he can cook cause he was a chef. and this whole week we have been dealing with the Korean government because he got citizenship in Canada. so he avoided the military service in Korea. so they make it really hard for him to renew his passport. we had to drive like 2 hours just to go get some special picture taken then we had to go to the Korean embassy. i was the only non asian there. and it was in the middle of china town. while we there for 3 hours our car got broken into. so the GPS a member gave to me got stolen. so now we have to use maps. but that's okay cause i got a little Korean GPS. so life has been a little hectic this week but elder Lee is a super hard worker so we are gonna be dunkin people every day. do you go on my facebook ever??  anyway things you could sent me... teeth whitening strips? um a sexy scarf. did you send gloves? thats all i can think of right now. you could tell Logan to tell me all the ish he is buying for his guns! cause it appears he bought a badazz compensator for his Beretta!!! man I'm super jealous. here is a fun idea when you send me camera memory cards you could send them with lots of cute videos of scar and max and guns then i could see them then delete and send you stuff. well here is more info on elder Lee, he is by far my favorite comp. even though he is Korean he would fit in with our family. he is always walking around naked and when he says words like penis its really funny cause he ends it with an R. hahaha it kills me. ill try to get video of it. and my new name is elder knafurs haha i love him. its almost like having a cute little puppy as a companion.  oh yeah i got a ticket this week tooo so im gonna have to pay that...... that's crazy that Jason is doing so good. tell him i say hi. also tell T North that i love him terribly good. man the mission is going pretty fast im pretty sure im close to the 1/4 mark so thats pretty weird. oh ya elder Marsh is doing supper good i love himmm. hopefully we will serve together. haha so yesterday while tracting my eyelashes were freezing together and its not even winter yet. so its pretty fun. ill try takin more photos. im just too lazy ahaha. have you got my last letter? it was a good one. I pick up letters every Monday :) its really nice.  on transfers we all meet in the chapel next to the temple and meet our new comps then drive home with them. we also hear the testimonies of the leaving missionaries. yeah its in the negatives here its -6 right now hahaha its nice.  anyway i got to mail the president byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei

-are you in the same apartment? YES
-what did you do with all the ties we sent? i wear them...
-what kind of car do you have now? the SAME one
-who is senior comp now? well he barlewy speak engrish so i do all the planning and stuff but he has been out a year
-do they have Halloween in Canada? yes
-can your comp drive? well ya but i dont trust him. haha!!

October 15th email: Really good unity

heyo! well i get a new comp today and i get to see Jordo Marsh today! so that's fun my new comp is korean and his name is elder Lee. should be a good time... hopefully he doesn't drive heheheheh  things are going good here in sturgeon. one of investigators got baptized into a different church so that was neat.... he said he just needed to get baptized to get rid of his family curse. so hes just a looney case. but anyway Garr should send some of his pics over yonder. maybe some of Logans guns :) anyway im really enjoying the mish its fun times. hopefully i will have more success with elder Lee.  i just got off the phone with elder Marsh and he is doing good and i get to see him soon so thats way rad im stoked to give him a big bear hug. yeah and i can only have DVDs that have the church seal. thats really cool that Mubs team is doing so good. hopefully they win it all. well i dont have much to say other then time is going by really fast and im enjoying it. im excited to have a new comp it will be fun, oh and i get to see elder watt die (go home) so that will be nice. oh and my comp is training hahahaha pore kid is gonna hate the first 12 weeks of his mission. anyway i think I'll send a package home soon cause that would be fun, you should let me know if there is anything you would want from Canada. haha Jordo told President that me and him would be good comps cause we have really good unity. so maybe we will serve together. but anywho im gonna go but i love you dearly and will chat with ya soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oct. 9th email: Saw the Northern Lights

 all is well here conference was really good. i enjoyed Hollands talk he is a boss hog. it was weird how the shared the story of peter 2 times. but they were unique so its chill. i thought the talk by Echo Hawk was neat. there are lots of native people here so we could use it. umm as long as the i pod has some good tunes im chill with whatever. but it would be nice to have some dvds with the church seal on it. like some conferences or the testaments or the D&C dvds cause our mission is one of the experimental missions soo we have portable DVD players that we can use so anything with the church seal we can watch. have you ever seen the clip only a stone mason the john row moyl story? it gives a shout out to torlief so that's neat i got to watch it not long ago. well im really hoping i get to train soon cause then i could boss my comp around and actually be productive but as of now im just pluggin along. jake hourouny has a cousin coming out next transfer so maybe ill train him that would be cool. thats cool that jed is workin for kepco. is kepco picking up some work? yeah dont send me any candy the candy here is way better anyways i can eat all the kinder eggs i want :) haha you could send me some cheapo headphones and a small oil container. the headphones are for watching videos on oh and yeah we got to see all the sessions they are on tv but we saw them at the stake center and one session at a members house. yeah the last package was fun i got everything... including things that i could get sent home for having haha trying to get a missionary to play the lotto. but i enjoyed the glad tidings from prophet Peter Popoff i felt like i had no need to here from Thomas S  cause peter told me all i needed to know haha the beef jerky was prolly my favorite thing. OH BY THE WAY I SAW THE FLIPPIN NORTHERN LIGHTS it was so cool i even got some pictures but they dont show up very well on the camera. if only i was Garr i could of found out how to get better pics haha. i didnt know were the firework setting was :( but things are going pretty well here in sturgeon the work is really slow but its there, so thats good. im studying a ton im trying to read the whole bible in 2 transfers its going pretty well im half way through the old testament. anywho i love you lots and i got to mail my presisdent

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oct. 1st email: "immersed in the waters of baptism"

yeah october is neat. they celebrate thanksgiving soon so that's weird. yeah thing are going swell here i helped a lady put together a marlin 30-30 yesterday it made me miss mub. also there is some cool rednecks in my ward who have guns and a huge farm so i like to chill with them(they have a really hot daughter too) my comp is really weird he has zero emotions and he hates everyone. im not entirely sure why he's on a mission. but its chil,l he works hard so thats what count,s but like 70% of our ward dosent like him cause he is just rude to them, so its kinda hard to do things. this week he was lectured by 2 different members it was really funny. right now im reading a poop load out of the old testament, im at the end of numbers right now and its pretty crazy. im glad we have the BOM to clear all of the nonsense up thats in the bible. oh i really enjoyed the bible bashing pamphlet you gave me hahahahaaha it was pretty silly. that shirt is pretty sexy too. you should send my kitty shirt to me so my comp will think im gay lol that would be fun. i took a pic of my ankle but its like 2 week after it happened so its not cool at all.  one of the members here is a physical therapy dude so he told me to do some stretches and stuff so it healed really quick. man the Brigham City temple looks so freakin rad. oh by the way someone in my last area is getting dunked because they went to the Calgary temple. so thats cool. so its almost like papshmere is helping me out here hehehehe. so thats neat.  2 people i taught are getting baptised. im gonna try to buy a scale today so my weight loss can move forward.  also i think next summer im gonna buy a new suit is that's chill? cause the one i have is gonna be destroyed after winter. plus im losing some weight so i can get a smaller one. the new camera you got me is super nice i like it. Abner, one of investigators is super stoked for conference so hopefully he will feel the spirit and get immersed in the waters of baptism. i just read the story about the talking ass and it made me think of dad haha cause those were always his favorite scriptures. what an example haha  today the lady at the laundry mat gave me and extra dolllar cause she likes me. it would be neat to see the Coulams, im sure he knows exactly where im at cause he served here. what family did he marry into? anyway things are going well the church is true enjoy general conference byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Answered Questions (kind of!!)
 -what is your apartment like? small
-what is the town like? rich
-who are your investigators? Jerry cunningham, tery federok, abner roque
-How is your ankle? hurty, but not bad i still boss niggas with it
-did you get the package yet? yeah i took some pics already, my comp wont let me take pics of him its funny
-what do you do with the pictures mandy and I send you? keep them for a little then recycle them(theres just to many to keep)
-who have you gotten letters from?no one
-what kind of gloves do you want me to buy you? any or do you want to just get them there? i dont care
-What do you do on pday? B ball
-Have you had to cook at all in this new area? lunches
-do you have a microwave? yes
-would you like a garmin for your car? a member gave me one
-do you ever get on facebook? not yet
-do you look at your blog? no
 -where do you email from? the library its a cool building its got fountains and stuff
-do you always email at the same time? kinda like at around 11 
-anything else you want me to mail you? tell nick to put lipstick on and kiss a napkin and send it to me.... 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept. 24th email: I prayed really hard, so it's doing fine

I miss maxy puppy!!!!!! (I sent a picture with my email) boy oh boy this week was exciting. i went to a military base on exchanges it was really fun, the guy let me play with all sort of guns. then we went to these afro-canadiens house and their baby pooped with so much pressure that it squirted out of its diaper onto the wall. i was really nasty. speaking of babies their is a really cute little girl in our ward named Scarlett, its fun. DO YOU WANT ME TO BUY A CAMERA?  (since he lost his already)
but yeah its getting colder here. we are having lots of success and things are going just swell. i had a dream about zombies and i killed one with a toothbrush. it was pretty weird. one of our investigators is some sort of crazy voodoo type guy and he made me do this thing called a chi machine it was pretty funny. you should look it up on you tube. thats cool that mubs cute little team is doing so well. well im pretty tired right now so i don't know what to write..... im sending a letter today so that will be good. oh i rolled my ankle pretty good so its like purple right now but i prayed really hard so its doing fine. there is a asian guy in our district who is gonna play in the nba someday he is from Mongolia and played in the Olympics. his last name is something like bacheluun or something. well anywhoo ill write a good letter l8er byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Everyday life in Hinton

 Maple Flavor!
 Parogies and Noodles
 Grocery bag window coverings
 My Desk
 "Cool Guy"
 "Tough Guy"
 Glacier Lake
Canada Sky
 Our apartment building (Watt)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept. 10th email: "a boxer and knife thrower"

welll welll well my camera is still lost. but that's okay. my comp is really cool. he looks like he should be in a action movie. he walks and talks like a BA its fun. and instead of saying yes he just gos hmmm in a cool voice. he was a boxer and a knife thrower. he only did it in a little town in Nova Scotia so its not like he is famous. but every morning he shadow boxes, so that's really cool.  My old comp was ok, thought my drawings would have given you a good idea about him. lets just say I'm okay with missing the baptism to get a new comp...... haha but Elder Carson is way rad i hope someone tries fighting us, it would be cool. whenever we bible bash he clenches his fists and i think he is going to kill someone. haha and the pants he wears are like jean material he reminds me a ton of Boondock saints. and hes the only active member in his family. hes cool he is also the district leader so we go to the office often, so just send stuff there. hahah he dosent have a drivers license either so i drive everywhere. we have a nice little car its called a Cruz or something. oh he also wears like cowboy style shoes haha hes cool. yeah my new area is basically all of St Albert so look that up and that;s were I'm at, its just north of Edmonton we even cover part of Edmonton so its not far away. i met elder Marsh's comp cause he was in the city for a meeting so i told him to tell Jordo i love him. i think i will try to give him a call i cant believe Logan won that much ammo. its probably a sign that he will need it (the world is ending) haha jk but yeah obama is definatly directed of the devil. he is trying to destroy the Constitution. is against families, he eats little babies. all sorts of stuff. you could prolly send me a camera or i could buy like a 20 dollar one whatever. did you already send me one package? its weird being back in a ward tooo. we met with a member named bro Orr and he asked me if i would marry a black girl hahah then we talked about blacks and the priesthood and what not. he was part of a group called the Genesis group (basically the black panthers but Mormons) and he does firesides and stuff.  he is the smartest guy i know. all he does is study deep doctrine. but he doesn't even come to church, haha, silly guy. we ate at some African lady's and she made so much good food it was crazzzy it was spicy and yummy i was so stoked. and there is a Mexican lady here, too, so i can eat mexican food!!!!! yay anyway the people here are way cool and we have a couple good investigators so its fun.  but i gots to go byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sept. 3rd email: Vote for Mitt!!

Well life is good, I'm taking off to the big city today so thats fun. to a place called Sturgeon. my new comp is Elder Carson. it should be fun. this week i was going to have my first baptism but i got sent away so thats silly. i think i still get to count it as my baptism haha but anyway I'll share the spiritual message this week. yayayay so Rosemary Sweet said she never wanted to see us agian last week and that God wouldn't want her to pay tithing and all this stuff so we were all sad, but then she called us on Thursday and she had a dream that her grandmother was in heaven and she said "I'm stuck" then Rosemary said i can free you, then they hugged. then the dream ended and she started crying and knew she needed to go to the temple soon!!!!! holy cow it was neat. she will prolly end up being a temple worker or something. it was really cool. but anyway life is crazy, last night we had a BBQ and i said bye to everyone but i lost my camera so i don't have a single picture of the people of Hinton so thats a bummer. hopefully it will turn up somewhere. i wonder if I'll get to see Jordan Marsh today at the transfer meeting that would be fun. anywhoo my new comp is like a semi pro boxer in Canada and lived in New Brunswick thats all i really know about him. he and Elder Watt were comps and i think elder Watt didnt like him hahahaha so I'll prolly end up liking him a lot lolz but I'm excited it will be a whole new experience being in a huge city. so I'm stoked. I'm doing pretty good on my diet i way 135 right now. so thats fun.  there is lots of good candy here lots of European stuff. people also make fun of me for how i use my utensils haha but i don't care cause I'm a boss. The Canadians in this area all work for big oil, so they are very greedy. its like chillin in the middle of the lamanites looking for someone hiding among the filth. I've been thinking about the second coming a lot and i think it will happen soon. cause if you think about it god loves little children more then anything else. and hes up there having to send them down to this miserable place. i dont think he will take it much longer. plus Obama's health plan is the mark of the beast. in Revelations it talks about getting the mark of the beast on your wrist. and he wants to make it so we will all have micro chips in our wrists!! and if you think about it he is preaching things of Satan like being gay is chill and what not. so he is obviously run by the devil. so someone who is on the devils team will have control of the hospitals and what not thats sucky! anywho vote Mitt haha anyways everything seems to be going down hill. i bet this conference will say something about it. did you here Clint Eastwood is for Mitt Romney hahahaha thats pretty dope. man today I'm having my last lunch at president Holts house then I'm takin off, its pretty sad, but I'm stoked at the same time, cause we have knocked on every single door in Hinton! we literally know the entire town its crazy. so now i get to go to the city were the possibility are endless. but i mos def will miss the mountains and wildlife here in Hinton. and the branch, i love the people here. but its okay we can all come back in a couple years right??? haha.  It starting to get colder everyday here in Canada. our morning runs are freezing. i heard there is some crazy drought going on and food is gonna be hela expensive. thats a bummer. good thing our prophets have been telling us to prepare for this ish* for years haha the church is true. its pretty cool to see a modern day prophet tell us whats going on. man I'm stoked for the second coming. the apostle will be breathing fire and all sorts of stuff byeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aug. 27th email: "It's neat to see God help you out"

 I'll try to start my emails by some sort of uplifting story or cute message. so the story begins a couple weeks back when i was in Whitecourt and ate at a members house and she said she had grandkids in Hinton and i was like cool i could go visit them and stuff and she was like, here take these ice skates to them. it turns out that we have tried this kid a couple of times but their dad doesn't like religion but we went with the skate and were able to get in and we had a neat lesson and now we meet with one of the kids twice a week so thats really cool. he also came to church this week! and he had tons of excuses not to come but he still came, he has no church clothes, he had to find a babysitter for his little bro, and he walked! how rad is that. hopefully he can receive the priesthood soon so we don't have to bless the sacrament every week. its neat to see God help you out with stuff like that. now here is the crappy news we taught our person who is supposed to get baptized next week. and we taught tithing and she said a god that loved her wouldn't make her pay money. and that she had been poor her whole life and god wouldn't want her to go back to those ways. it was really sucky. soooo it was really sad hopefully things will  work out ok. so we are kinda back to ground zero here in Hinton. we have lots of people to teach but none of them have real intent so its sucky. anywho everything else is going good im still trying to lose weight but its hard when members feed you a poop load of food. i go jogging every morning and usually just eat fruit and veggies for lunch oh and i eat granola. so thats my weight loss regime. i feel a lot more healthy but i don't think i look any different. but i can take off and put on my pants without unbuttoning them so thats nice for getting ready quick. ive really started to appreciate the little things in life. its pretty easy to get down on your mission unless you look for the little things. also having prophets is really cool. you can always know that the prophet is leading you to where we should be. hmmmm, this week was slow we had to cancel some appts. cause we couldn't get members to come to them it was sucky. ill try to write more letters p days usually turn into nap days haha i haven't changed much. i love you lots and am doin good. i love the branch here in Hinton and i love this gospel. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

First pictures from Canada "I'm not very good at picture taking like Bwinton!"

 On their way to Edmonton...
 P-Day in Jasper National Park
 Elk and Elder!
 Elder Watt, Jasper the Bear, Elder K
 Black Bear
Behold Glacier Lake
Angel Glacier

Friday, August 24, 2012

Aug. 20th email: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall"

 This week was great, we got 4 new investigators and had more lessons then we have ever had. its been a really great week. we started a new meeting were we go to Edmonton every month so you can just send stuff to the office. so if i get transferred I'll still get it. i got to talk in church again thats 3 times so far. it was good i am getting better at speaking and what not. anywhoo next time you make baked potatoes wrap a piece of raw bacon around it then cook it. its amazing! phill would appreciate it. i have a confession to make... i think im starting to miss mexican food. i havent had mexican  food once or anything spicy.  pretty crazy that the whole state is on fire. a guy in my branch tried to find Garr at McDonalds but you were in cali. too bad. its neat that so many people are coming home from their missions. I've already been out for 3 months witch is pretty neat. i think ill prolly stay in Hinton for awhile cause we are stating to have a lot of success. ive been eating a lot of salad with bacon flavored ranch its pretty tasty. im tryin to lose some weight so thats exciting. i had to poke a new hole in my belt so that was exciting. im at a sexy 238 right now. we got another person on date for baptism so thats exciting. we should be having two baptisms next month. our branch mission leader (who is mexican) is really rad he is really trying to get his family up to Canada then i could eat really good Mexican food. but anyway he always comes with us to lessons and has a super strong testimony. our branch president calls him the lamanite. its really funny he always talks about aztec ruins and weird stuff. i met a lady from Norway this Sunday who knows all about Torlief so that was cool. she came up to me and said my name perfectly so i said you most be Norwegian and she said yes and we talked for a little it was cool. man im pretty stoked for conference its an exciting time as a missionary.  we are teaching a lady who has a down syndrome 6 yr old son and every lesson he gets naked and runs around yelling 'excuse me' haha its great. he kinda looks like me. maybe ill take a picture of him it would make phill happy. im sending home pictures today i dont have many but it will give you something to look at. im really enjoying the mish its a great time. Hinton has a lot of crazy people here like literally crazy. everyday we meet someone with schizophrenia.  we came up with a cool slogan for Hinton cause  the church chapel is about the size of our family room so our motto is ''mr. gorbachov tear down that wall" cause the church is on a huge property but is so little so we are trying to turn it into a ward. it would be pretty crazy. im pretty sad the guy i would always talk about guns with and play with his sks got sent to jail for trying to kill someone, so now i just have to think about them by myself. we saw another bear trying to climb a fence in between the highways. it was cute. i took a picture of my belly button for phill cause he likes it :) has football season started? how are the utes lookin? phill needs to pic up his game with sending me updates. i saw a dog that looks exactly like moses wellll i love you all so much have a great day and stay classy

Monday, August 13, 2012

Aug 7 email: I got really good at shining my shoes so that's neat

DONT SEND UPS it costs a poop load of money to pick up. find out if there is one that doesn't cost money for me to get. life is really good this week. we started teaching this 75 yr old lady named Rosemary Sweet and she will be baptized this time next month. she cries every time we teach her and she excepted a baptismal invite!!!! so thats nice it will be fun. man im pretty jealous that you are in cali.. you should say hi to Coleman for me. he got caught watching a movie haha silly guy. the Olympics sound like fun people talk about them sometimes so we know a little bit Canada has a good trampoline jumper! haha silly Canadians. a less active lady gave us a poop load of lettuce from her garden and i bought bacon flavored ranch to put on it. Canada is great. i think Phill should live here. i got like 10 letters all at once cause i got the ones from Edmonton then 5 in the mail all on one day. it made me pretty happy. i really like the coat it makes me feel like Biggy Smalls. im tryin to lose weight so thats fun. ive lost like ten pounds so far and im tryin to get to a sexy 220 lbs. i got a hair cut in a gas station last week it was fun the lady was nice. Hinton is a really cool place, it would be fun to come back and visit. i might be transferred in 3ish weeks so don't send mail around then or a package cause it would probably just get lost in time. we have been meeting with this guy who is crazy and thinks he is a secret agent and its really funny to ask him questions cause he give fun answers. he tries to talk to me about guns and he totally makes everything up. yesterday was some Holiday so we couldn't email. but we did go chill at a beach so that was fun. i also bought a football so we played catch. we actually set up an appt during it cause some old lady came up too us and asked us were our church was. so thats fun. you should totally just show up in Hinton for church and we can just pretend we dont know each other. baby Scar is lookin awfully cute. it will be weird seeing her in 2. the mish is already flyin bye. it seems like I've only been out a tiny bit but its been a couple months now so thats cool. who is watching maxy waxy while your gone? is he still cute? at this less active dudes house there are two cocker spaniel puppys and they also have a donkey and 2 horses. but the guy is in jail right now so we cant visit him. we also found out one of the ladies we have been teachin killed a guy so that was scary. one of the members here is really cool his name is Marlin Bennett and he has been workin in the coal mine for 55 years. the people in the coal mine call him GOD. kida sacrilge but oh well. he tells us all sorts of cool stories and stuff. we ran into a guy who was fixin his gun and it was an SKS so i got to watch him play with it. the recoil spring broke. i got really good at shining my shoes so thats neat. well i G2G byeeeee love ya
Here are some questions:
Have you gotten any of our mail in Hinton yet? lots
Did you get your package I sent to the mission home? yes it cost 55 bucks to pick up dont use UPS
Did you buy a new towel? ya  lolz
Have you been warm enough with just your suit? yeah i dont use my suit
Do you need some warmer clothes for p-day? no
Do you meet other missionaries for p-day? they are 4 hours away
Do you exercise every day? yes
Have you been driving yet? YAYAYAYAYA
Where do you do your laundry? in our building is it going ok? ya but expensive

July 30th email:

 My week was good, had lots of prayers answered and all that jazz. i have now compiled a list of things you can send me asap haha here it is... a boat load of ugly ties, a tie holder of some sort, music, gummyvites, but dont send candy cause im tryin to eat right. that should be good. for now. by next transfer i could be a trainer and Jordan Marsh is coming that transfer so it would be cool if i got to train him. um dont have to much to say the work is goign good we should have a baptism soon. and we are covering 2 areas so thats crazy. bishop sent me an email that was nice. he is a good guy. hopefully ill get that package this week cause we have a district meeting so if it is in Edmonton i will get it. i havent got any mail to hinton yet. i think it takes quite a bit of time. i was playing with a cute puppy named jeff the other day it made me happy. we gave a lesson at church this Sunday because of 5th Sunday and we speak again the end of this month haha its crazy we bless the sacrament and give talks we basically run the place. i get to go on splits to a place called Whitecourt this Wednesday so that will be fun. i think im getting a hair cut today so thats fun. hmm we met this girl named Anna and taught her then the next day a member called us to come to the church to give a church tour and it was her sister named Leah. then the day after that we met there step dad while he was working and Anna and Leah didn't even know the other saw us. so it was pretty cool. both are very interested and hopefully more cool things happen with them. my favorite guy in Hinton just walked into the library. his name is slim and he is a free mason who wants us to come over to eat his surprise stew haha he is crazy. anywho how are things at the homefront? anything exciting happening? whats nagol suhpank up too? hows maxxxxy doin? is baby scar cute still? well here is some music i want: i can feel a hot one-manchester orcestra, hallelujea-jeff buckley, iron & wine, mason jennings, damien rice, timber!, and anything else chill that dosent swear. well have fun.  i hope all your wildest dreams come true! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 22 email:

We got a new area because today was transfers and some missionarais left so now we cover two places so thats fun. the new area is called Edson and I've been there twice on splits, no one lives there, but it has a solid branch so thats fun. ummmmmm we met a guy who thinks he is a secret agent and he lives right next door to us and said we could use his grill anytime so we might go cook some white tail buck soon haha but we already cooked up the moose sausage it was yummy i took some pics of it. we also met some dude named SLIM and he is a 33rd degree free mason, and invited us for dinner for some mystery stew so that will be fun. we had a baptism this saturday (an 8yr old) and our investigator showed up wearing cut off and jeans and he has lots of tats and stuff, it was pretty funny.  we have had lots of lessons this week witch was pretty cool. we fasted last week to get more lessons and this week we got 6 new investagators and we only had 3 before this week. we met a lady who answered the door basically completely naked but then we asked her to put close on and we taught her the whole first lesson and met with her again the next day and gave her the 2nd lesson so that was really cool. she was supper prepared. we also met this dood who walked up to us and told us that he used to go to church, so we thought he was a member, so we set up an appointment and went to his house and there were 5 people there and none of them were actually members but the were atheist. and we ended up teaching them a supper awesome lesson and at the end all of them took a BOM and one of them even said the closing prayer. and they all said that even though they were atheist they have a weird conection to jesus christ, and so we taught them forever and it was real cool. hmmm now our district only has us and 2 other elders so thats pretty funny. i thougt i heard a cougar last night it was really creepy cause it was a weird growl and then all these dogs went crazy. i heard about that shooting its pretty messed up. if someone was there who had a consealed he could have ended it a lot quicker. pretty sad though. im stoked that you finally got my mail it took forever. there is a pedofile here in hinton that goes around flashing kids at parks, and a less active guy in our branch everyday drives around town looking for him so he can kill him. its pretty intense. i could see phill doing the same thing though haha. ive been reading out of Our Heritage a lot its pretty crazy stuff. a JW tried to bible bash with us the other day and we got him to admit that he dosent recieve his answers from god it was pretty cool, my comp is a pro basher cause he is a convert. he just stares people in the eyes and reads Nephis last testomony about standing face to face at judgement day. and the person pooped there pants. it was intense the guy probably didnt even sleep that night. my comp basically told him that some day he will see him in heaven and say i told you so. anywho JW base there whole religion on like 2 verses of scripture its pretty funny they just talk about building up gods kingdomm but they have no idea how to actuallly buid it up haha silly religions trying to find truth though the knowledge of man. well i G2G but i love all of you lots and will hopefully be writing a letter today cause its rainy.
maybe ill send some pics home. i havent taken to many but there is some good ones on there
Sincerly: Elder Riley Christain Knaphus       <----degrees of glory

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16 email: We gave the talks, did the sacrament and Sunday school

oh man the missionary work is going greatthe people here in Hinton are awesome. hopefully we will be having a baptism soon, but its hard to say because marriage is the thing holding them back and we cant really do much about it. i hear that there has been lots of Anti-mormon stuff floating around on the news and stuff. that sucks. satan really has his hands in lots of things now a days. all i know is that heavenly father has made it really easy to discern truths. if it brings forth good fruit it is from God and i know that the things prophets and apostles say bring forth good fruit. and the negative things i have heard about the church bring forth bad fruit and a feeling very much the opposite from the holy ghost. this church is Jesus Christs church on the earth today. man the church just needs to get missionaries into Jerusalem and China so the world can end already haha but really Satan is really pushing hard right now because the church is getting so much attention. opposition in all things i guess. anywho, im loving Hinton it keep switching from being really hot to crazzzzzy rain storms. we always go tracting when its rainy, because its a good conversation starter and people will sometimes just let us come in. its teetering on becoming priest craft haha.  hmm this week we had more visitors at church then members. our whole branch is either in the hospital or on vacation or has some sort of reason to be out of town. this week we had only 2 families come to church but like 15 visitors this week was our most successful week we had lots of lessons and lots of people are starting to progress in the gospel its really cool to watch. hmm we met a lady who used to be a member but she got ex communicated and she got in a car accident (she hit a moose) and we randomly met her in this park, and she had been praying to get help in here life then we showed up. it was really cool she came to church and we had to give talks and do the sacrament and do Sunday school haha it was crazy but she really liked it. but she cant read and stuff cause she got a hole in her head but she is really nice. hmm hopefully you get my letter soon cause i keep forgetting to bring our address to the library and in six week i might be transferred so don't send stuff close to that time < i miss hugging people.. haha  im pretty bored right now its raining so this P day we cant go hiking or anything. im writing my next letter on a drawing a cute little girl gave me so it should be exciting. i told the kid who gave me boots that if he ever finds our family to ask them for food so don't be surprised if a kid from cali asks you for dinner sometime in the future. one of our investigators gave us a bunch of moose meat and some other animal too so today we might try to cook some moose up. well im going shopping now but li love you all very much and hope that every day can be the best day-atmosphere tell garr  faith, work, and unconditional love, no bad mind, no hatred, no env,y and no grudge is the way Jah wants him to live byeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9th email: Taught a whole Filipino Church

Hello, this week was good we only had one lesson but have met lots of people. for some reason this week we met lots of gay people and each one actually said that the mormon church is there favorite one wich was very suprising. we met this plumber who was hammered and said we could eat at his house anytime, not sure why but he really wanted to feed us. hmmm a member in our branch is going on vacation to parck city and said he would try to find garr at mcdonnalds so thats fun. hows max?  we met with the skitzo lady this sunday and she talked alot about satan so that was intresting. umm we went and taught a whole filipino church the other day. they are called the church of christ, but they also believe christ is just a normal, guy so that pretty weird. hopefully we babtize their minister cause then all of them will follow. it would be pretty cool. one of our less actives thinks that we are some sort of prophets or something cause he always calls us with crazy questions about the ark angels and stuff. he says everytime that he looked it up on google but he will only trust what we say. its pretty funny. we also taught his freind a little bit and he wont call us by our last names cause thats what they did in prison and it brings back old memories, haha, he also said we couldnt go to his house if the blinds are shut so hes an intresting fellow.
 im really learning a lot about patience, and doing things in the lords time. its been prettyy tough because we set up millions of appointments but only a couple come through each week. and its hard because i feel like we are working super hard and doing all we can, but we are having no succsess. but every time i read any lds literature somehow the theme of the lords timing keeps popping up, so i guess its a good learning expierience. its pretty funny how sometimes the answers to our prayers can be so clear but just not what you want them to be, haha, like i was reading the ensign and the whole artcile i read was about a lady who couldnt have kids but she knew it was all on the lords time and he would take care of it, then i was reading about ammon and he was on a mission for 14 years before he did anything. then he babtized like a million people. so its pretty cool to have Heavenly Father talk to you so plainly and help you keep doing what he wants you to do. hopefully Hinton blows up with babtisms some day that would be pretty cool. it will be fun 2 years from now coming back here and visiting all the people and seeing all the sights and what not. im allready trying to pick what cabins or what hotel to stay in in Jasper haha. but anyways there is a really good restaraunt in jasper ill have to take you all too, they make some mean poutine. at fast food joints instead of ketsup they give you gravy. its great. hopefully all is going good back home. oh you could send me some good music like some iron&wine, sayde price, damien rice, my mission pres is way chill. you can even have an ipod here. so if there is an extra ipod you could throw tons of good jams on it and send it to me. today we are going to the local gun store cause a member owns it. should be fun. we got invited to a bahi (native religion) spiritual meeting. and we were gonna go, but i feel like they probably all just smoke weed haha byeeeeeeeeeeeee love you
Some more questions:
 1. did you take pictures of the animals you saw in the park? most of them just not the mountian goat and eagle
2. did you get a rain jacket yet? no its a million deggrees right now so its less importyant    
3. I got you your winter coat, what else should I get for you? i dont know i scored some free boots from this elder who is bailing. maybe just some gloves?
4. do we get an address to mail to yet? i forgot to bring it here to the libary but i will send letters today with the address on them
5. do you walk or ride in the car most?car everything is pretty spread out. our area cover jasper and all sorts of far away places
6. how big is your area? pretty big but not alot of peopel
7. did you have fun on splits? um the elder i was with was in a boy band before the mish and made me listen to his music. so no
8. are you able to see photo attachments when you get emails? yes mandy and colemen do them every week. i would send you some but they blocked it at the library
9. How much do you love your mother:D? this much <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3rd email: Lost my towel, so I'm using paper towels

We were in Jasper on Monday so we are emailing today. we saw a bear, some elk swimming, some mt. goats and an eagle and a glacier and other neat things.  we taught a schizophrenic less active lady who said demons would kill her if she went to church. then we taught her son and he said if we try to read the bible to him we would pay. normal people. we then went to my favorite less actives house to drop by. and he said perfect timing we are getting a divorce. and we thought it was gonna be really bad but we just sat them down and shared a message about charity then my comp said a pretty intense prayer and the guy started crying. it was neat. hopefully he comes to church this week. we dropped one of our investigators cause we caught her snorting cocaine.... it was scary, she said she needed to do it for her toothache. a little girl got hit by a car by our apartment the other day it was extremely sad. the mom is still in the hospital. stupid drunk drivers. today we have like four solid lessons set up so we are pretty stoked for that. we have met so many really cool people its crazy. this week at church there were only like 10 people, it was sad. hmm soundz like things at home are swell. you should make nick make me some sweet tunez. tell stew to email me. ill send you my Hinton address on next monday. sounds like baby scar is doing good and cute. while i was in Edmonton i lost my towel so i use paper towels.  we ate really good food in jasper. we went with a member named  Ryan Honch, hes the coolest guy i know, hes had like 3 surgeries on his brain, so he cant read to good but hes a champ at everything else. and since he cant work cause hes in-between surgeries he just hangs out with us and goes to all of our lessons.  i think im just gonna buy a thin jacket so i can handle the rain a little beter. but maybe  you could send me a coat. just have logan decide what to get. well i G2G but I'm lovin it here. hope all is well back at thee home front. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Here are some questions I got answered:
How cold has it been getting? rains a lot, so kinda cold 
Does it seem a little like Yellowstone? kinda
 Did you get your last shot in the MTC ? yes
When you got to the mission home that first day, was my letter there yet? no, Mandy's was  
 Do you have a car?  do you get to drive? have a truck i get to drive in 3 more weeks
What is your apartment like? its in the valley in the ghettoest part. Is it in the middle of town? no 
 Have you used your Canadian money? yes.
What is your bed like? rectangular.  Would you like a warm blanket for the winter? no
Do you get to see any of the olympics? ??????not sure  
What do you get to do on your p-days? anything.  do you get to hike or go into Jasper park at all? already did
How close are the nearest missionaries? hour in a half.  do you ever get to go on exchanges? yes this Wednesday
I was so happy to hear he has a rectangular bed!!  I hope it is comfortable, what a silly boy!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 25th email: Cougars and Bears every day!

 Hinton is going great i might be attending a wedding soon, so that's fun. just to give you an idea of our branch, here our the names of the active members: the Stills the Tuinukuafes the Holts the Bratts brother Honch the Reays the Calihoos the Daniels and sis Bennet.  that's the entire branch. yesterday was branch conference and the stake presidents and there families came and it doubled the attendance at church. my comp is from twin falls, and wont let me listen to music. its pretty rough but watevs. um his mom was less active and the rest of his family was catholic and he decided to meet with missionaries and they asked him to pray to find out if it was true, then the next day he was eating at panda express and opened a fortune cookie and its reply was "ask your mom" so he called his mom and she said that she wanted to start going to church again and so he got babtized three weeks later. pretty funny. he was only baptized when he was 19 so he came on his mission fresh from the waters. we don't have a microwave so we eat a bunch of these things called parogies it like an eggroll with mashed potatoes in it. we have bacon flavor and cheese. they are pretty good. lots of really good chips too, bacon chips are amazing. our appt is pretty ghetto yesterday a man was beating his dog on the floor above us then the dog ran outside. it made me pretty mad. the lady that lives next to us told us she died and came back and saw all of her friends and jesus. so she is neat. she is a native and her last name is Beaverbone. all she does is smoke and walk her dogs. hmmmmm everyday i have been here it has rained so we go tracting in the rain to get sympathy aka priestcraft mwah! mwah! ha!  I bible bashed with a guy yesterday, it was great cause he started his own church, but then left it cause it started to change, and i told him that our church is from god and will be the same yesterday today and tomorrow cause he said those exact words about the bible and how the BOM is false. he got really frustrated and by the end he agreed that the BOM is about Jesus and not Joseph Smith so it went pretty well. ummm this Wednesday i will get any mail you have sent cause we are going to Edmonton for a meeting. in my next area or when i get a new comp i will give you an address but my comp is really strict and because the mission pres recommended to just use the mission address thats all he will let us use. anywho, people here see cougars and bears every day. the walkway we were going to go on today was closed because there is bear chilling on it. and 2 months ago there was a cougar sitting on the welcome to Hinton sign for a week. i bet you could find pics of it on the interwebz. anywho, one of the less active guys in the branch that we visited is an ice road trucker and he has guns so i got to play with them it was nice. he has a pretty sweet sks that he was cleaning when we went over. brother and sister Tuinukaufe are really cool they might be the only polys in Canada but he comes and teaches with us all the time and it makes me feel cool to have a big poly with us teaching people. he has 2 little kids that are really cute too. today for lunch we are going to go eat these things called donaires which aren't legal in the states because they are so unhealthy. its like a gyro on steroids. we email in the local library we even got library cards. every person here has at least 2 dogs they have one husky or some other type of wolf dog then they have a little yappy rat. im not sure why but everyone does. the JW people here are actually pretty kind and will talk to us for awhile.   they have to do missionary work before they can be baptized and they don't know the name of there leader and they don't celebrate anything. and at church kids cant talk to other kids they can only talk with there family. its a pretty neat cult. and i think their church is called like the grand master hall or something. the branch members who are active are really cool though they help us a ton and feed us regularly. on of them works at KFC so we get a good deal there. hmm we have pretty much tracted every house in Hinton. the problem is that everyone works and when they aren't working they are camping. so its really hard to get appointments with people. we had about 20 lessons canceled this week. so it was pretty rough but the 2 lessons we had went really well. and i can tell that Hinton is ready to explode with success. well bye, my comp is nagging me. send this to err body tell stu i love him. and did coleman come home? tell nick that he is cute.

Friday, June 22, 2012

June 18th email: first from Canada!!

So I'm in an area called Hinton, its really small and in the middle of nowhere. its like an hour away from jasper. which is like a national park or something. 1/5 the population is Jehovah witness and the rest are addicted to meth. our branch here in Hinton has about a solid 25 members who come usually. but since missionaries haven't been here for awhile, lots of people showed up to see us so it was fun at church.  there were about 40 people there,  including the 4 investigators we brought. one was in a swim suit so that was fun!  then we have a a really old couple who should be getting baptized soon cause they say they know everything is true, they just don't want to get married. and then a girl named Felisha who is mots definitely on meth. then craig the guy who were a swim suit he is awesome he has three kids and no money but he wants to change really bad. he is getting baptized on the 28 of July. everyone here works at a coal mine haha!  it reminds me a little of the town in  justified, there is even a member here named Lue Bennett and all here kids are less active. so ya its fun here, lots of people go camping and hiking and stuff like that cause is in the middle of no where. but i am kinda by the mountains so that's fun.. my companions name is elder Watt he's from Idaho and he sounds like Willow. and he is really short. come to think of it he might be part midget or something but he is really nice and is a convert of 3 years so he's a stud and has a strong testimony. I think im gonna just buy my winter stuff here cause i dont get mail ever. we dont have a mail box so i only get mail when we have zone meetings and stuff like that so if you have mail just send it and I'll get it sometime in four weeks.

  Lots of members feed us sheperds pie so thats fun. there is lots of really good food here like candy bars and chips. also one of the members is the Filipino girl who Logan should marry she is way nice and when we went to visit her she gave us a whole load of groceries it made me remember how nice Pinoys are. she also made us eat ice cream. anywho in about an hour im gonna go ask our investigator named Craig to get married so that's fun. i didn't think i would be marrying other people my first week.  anywho ill talk to ya l8er

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Three weeks at the MTC. . .

 My district
 Me and my Comp Elder Ricks
 Elder Tempest
 The Barbacoa made it!
 Thanks Mom
The Oly Kids
Phippen's, Me, Tempest, Riley Nelsen, Izzy, Stu Pace, Mason Thatcher