Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5th email: I bought a magic bullet

well hello there. the mission is pretty crazy we have been doing pretty good here in Sturgeon but the work is really slow here. all the people are crazy pridefull. but we started teaching this way cool Jamaican family so thats neat. they really hate the snow its funny. yeah we have a guy on date to be baptized. his name is Abner he is a big  goof ball. he just attended another baptism and really liked it but his whole family are very devout baptists so it makes it pretty hard. hopefully he stays strong. yeah i don't have gloves yet... im just gonna keep procrastinating tell my fingers fall off. man your getting hella good at bowling. before i get home youll be makin the big bucks playin on espn. well not much is new here my comp thinks he can tokyo drift cause he is asian so that makes things exciting. my comps favorite thing is to take pictures of me pooping. i pretty much feel like im at home so thats good. sounds like Scar is growing up fast, she will prolly be dating by the time i get home. in sturgeon we get fed a ton there is a member that works at booster juice (jamba) and she gives us free drinks so we go there a lot. we are actually gonna go there today. then we eat at members houses a lot. oh i bought a magic bullet a couple days ago so thats fun. i make smoothies with it and they are tasty. im starting to loose weight again so thats good im at like 225 my Asian comp like to be healthy so its really good,. my trainer went home last transfer that was sad he was a good missionary. jeez it sounds like Logan is gonna turn are house into a man cave soon haha. thats dope. tell him he should just turn the door into a vault door then hang all the guns on the wall like the room in boondock saints. how are Dallas and Colton doing? havent heard much about them for a while. well i got to go but i love you much. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

October 29th eamils: Watched the Calgary Temple dedication

We pick up the mail once a week every pday after i email we get the letters. we actually have a primary program coming up and me and elder Lee have to sing in it hahaha its gonna be turrible. yeah the weather is sucky here and all the people here think it is still warm out. its crazy. in Hinton i doubt they have a primary program cause there is only like 2 children in the whole branch... anywho things are going really good here in Sturgeon we are having lots o success and my comp thinks he is Tokyo drift when its snowing so its pretty funny. yeah Halloween is the same here. there is a lady in the ward who is just like you when it comes to holidays she goes all out. on Halloween we cant work so thats cool we get to just chill one night. I'll mos def miss the Halloween doughnuts you will have to send me some. i also miss the hot tub! man its ok the mission is flying by! its crazy im like 1/4 done with the mission. tell phill to make his football team eat corn cause it helps with formed tackling. thats good that you had the missionaries over. my comp likes talking about all sorts of weird crap. mostly about girls haha  well today we are pretty busy cause we have to go to cal tire and get an oil change but things are going good in St Albert. we watched the Calgary temple dedication this Sunday and it was really good the prophet told us to read D&C 76 so i read it and its really cool so you should read it too. well im gonna get goin but i love you and hope all is well byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 why hello dearest sister. things are going good here. we are on our like 20th snowstorm haha yeah its below zero everyday here so tracting sucks. i think i will get the package today. and im actually running out of money again cause my silly Korean comp has no money so i had to buy him a bunch of shiz. members feed us everyday and i just eat fruit and stuff members give us. every week members give us eggs so i eat those a lot. so all i buy at the store is milk and cereal.  but mission is going well we have a person on date for baptism so thats exciting. i love you lots byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Fun picture from the Edmonton Mission blog

It is fun to see Riley with all the missionaries!

October 22nd email: my eyelashes were freezing together

Man that's good that Graham is going! and holy cow i didn't know Travis would go soooo sooon. that's way dope he will be the best! well ill tell you a little about my comp. he is from Seol Korea and is really funny. he is 25.hes funny though. and he can cook cause he was a chef. and this whole week we have been dealing with the Korean government because he got citizenship in Canada. so he avoided the military service in Korea. so they make it really hard for him to renew his passport. we had to drive like 2 hours just to go get some special picture taken then we had to go to the Korean embassy. i was the only non asian there. and it was in the middle of china town. while we there for 3 hours our car got broken into. so the GPS a member gave to me got stolen. so now we have to use maps. but that's okay cause i got a little Korean GPS. so life has been a little hectic this week but elder Lee is a super hard worker so we are gonna be dunkin people every day. do you go on my facebook ever??  anyway things you could sent me... teeth whitening strips? um a sexy scarf. did you send gloves? thats all i can think of right now. you could tell Logan to tell me all the ish he is buying for his guns! cause it appears he bought a badazz compensator for his Beretta!!! man I'm super jealous. here is a fun idea when you send me camera memory cards you could send them with lots of cute videos of scar and max and guns then i could see them then delete and send you stuff. well here is more info on elder Lee, he is by far my favorite comp. even though he is Korean he would fit in with our family. he is always walking around naked and when he says words like penis its really funny cause he ends it with an R. hahaha it kills me. ill try to get video of it. and my new name is elder knafurs haha i love him. its almost like having a cute little puppy as a companion.  oh yeah i got a ticket this week tooo so im gonna have to pay that...... that's crazy that Jason is doing so good. tell him i say hi. also tell T North that i love him terribly good. man the mission is going pretty fast im pretty sure im close to the 1/4 mark so thats pretty weird. oh ya elder Marsh is doing supper good i love himmm. hopefully we will serve together. haha so yesterday while tracting my eyelashes were freezing together and its not even winter yet. so its pretty fun. ill try takin more photos. im just too lazy ahaha. have you got my last letter? it was a good one. I pick up letters every Monday :) its really nice.  on transfers we all meet in the chapel next to the temple and meet our new comps then drive home with them. we also hear the testimonies of the leaving missionaries. yeah its in the negatives here its -6 right now hahaha its nice.  anyway i got to mail the president byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei

-are you in the same apartment? YES
-what did you do with all the ties we sent? i wear them...
-what kind of car do you have now? the SAME one
-who is senior comp now? well he barlewy speak engrish so i do all the planning and stuff but he has been out a year
-do they have Halloween in Canada? yes
-can your comp drive? well ya but i dont trust him. haha!!

October 15th email: Really good unity

heyo! well i get a new comp today and i get to see Jordo Marsh today! so that's fun my new comp is korean and his name is elder Lee. should be a good time... hopefully he doesn't drive heheheheh  things are going good here in sturgeon. one of investigators got baptized into a different church so that was neat.... he said he just needed to get baptized to get rid of his family curse. so hes just a looney case. but anyway Garr should send some of his pics over yonder. maybe some of Logans guns :) anyway im really enjoying the mish its fun times. hopefully i will have more success with elder Lee.  i just got off the phone with elder Marsh and he is doing good and i get to see him soon so thats way rad im stoked to give him a big bear hug. yeah and i can only have DVDs that have the church seal. thats really cool that Mubs team is doing so good. hopefully they win it all. well i dont have much to say other then time is going by really fast and im enjoying it. im excited to have a new comp it will be fun, oh and i get to see elder watt die (go home) so that will be nice. oh and my comp is training hahahaha pore kid is gonna hate the first 12 weeks of his mission. anyway i think I'll send a package home soon cause that would be fun, you should let me know if there is anything you would want from Canada. haha Jordo told President that me and him would be good comps cause we have really good unity. so maybe we will serve together. but anywho im gonna go but i love you dearly and will chat with ya soon.