Sunday, March 16, 2014

November 4th email: I want to answer questions with the scriptures!

man oh man. i cant believe all my friends are home from their missions!  you need to make sure none of them get married tell i get home. and yes i loved the cook book! i havent made anything with it yet because i was doing a pretty hard core diet this last month and i was pretty much out of money but this next month we have plans on making some german pancakes. and i think before i leave this area I'll make some cookies. i have currently made a big decision to be able to answer any question anyone ever asks me with the scriptures. this will be hard for me cause im very bad at remembering scripture refrences. but our mission president challenged us to fiind new ways to be a good teacher so i decided to work on my weakest thing. tommorow i get to go on exchanges with elder Marsh I'm really excited about it. we will be doing a knitting class together with a bunch of non members so that will be awesome. I'm gonna make myself a scarf. anyway this has been a crazy week we had a random blizzard on suday so church got canceled so we spent thee entire sunday shoveling walks it was really fun but im super sore now. we would leave some notes on their doors after doing it, with our number on it, and we got a text this morning from a single lady who said we made her day and that the world need more people like us, so that was really nice.  man baby scar is ridiculously cute. i got to visit Innisfail also this week and I stopped by a guy who really liked me and he gave me a big ol hug and told me that he was gonna take me shooting before I went home and that he dosent care what the rules are haha. other then that not much new is going on. hope you have a holly jolly day


October 28th email:

man o man. this week was fun. we got to go spend a day in a town called Rocky Mountain House. its where Elder George is serving so that was really fun. we had a baptismal interview there. it was great, while Elder Dutson did the interview i played with a bunch of cute farm kids. i even took pictures. its fun being a zone leader cause you get to travel to all sorts of fun little places. and the coolest part was the old guy that owned the farm.  He only had one leg and he was 88 but he was still riding his tractor all over the farm it was great. we also spent quite a bit of time meeting all the new missionaries in our zone we have about ten new elders so its exciting. it seems like for the most part they are all very obedient and hard workers. thats exciting that you are getting released. now you can just travel freely and what not, man its pretty weird to think that larbot is home. he is prolly having a hard time adjusting. well im gonna end now so i can send pictures. loves
To Mandy: man if the Bengals win the superbowl and I miss it, I will be pissed. who else has a good record this year? thats cool phills cute little team is doing good. i dint get transferred i will be in this area for 6 months prolly. then i will just have one more area before i go home! crazy. me and elder Dutson set a goal to have six packs before we get separated. so that should be fun. we do ab work outs every night then do insanity in the morning. anyway love you lots sister girl!

 Cute little farm girl

How a one legged farmer gets in the tractor...  hop in the shovel...
and jump in!

October 21 email: Crazy transferr day

So you should be getting released from primary soon hey? thats exciting. i got those letters the kids wrote and they made me feel so very happy, i really appreciated how curios they were to find out if I was learning Canadian. Benson's made me feel the happiest. he is a stud. anywho life is good. Our zone is doing great they loved the cute papers you printed out for them. also today is transfers so the entire zone is changing so that kinda sucks. i am a little nervous because we are getting some missionaries who are notorious for being disobedient so thats a bummer. man next week is our primary program i am excited they are the best. you should try to invite a non member you know to come to it. that would be cool. man seems like things are crazy, everybody is moving around all the time and what not. anyway where are we going on vacation when i get home? hawaii? that would be cool. anyway this week we helped a lady that was praying for a miracle then we showed up at her house so that was neat. anywho our investigators are all kimda just stuck right now, none of them showed up to church this week. so we are just trying harder to meet with them more often and we are also doing lots of finding, anywho i got to go cause things are crazy on transfer P day

 Halloween Zone Party
ZL's of the Red Deer Zone! Elder Dutson and Elder Knaphus!! Represent!
 Batman and the two Amigos

October 15 email: Six months to sexy

This week was good. we weren't able to do too much in our own area because we had to do lots of traveling, but things are going pretty good regardless. Our most promising investigator dropped of the face of the earth, he started drinking alcohol again and we haven't heard from him for awhile so thats pretty crazy. but other than that things are good, we have 2 lessons today with people who seem really promising so we are looking forward to that. on Thursday we are giving our training to the zone so that should be fun. and as for winter clothing i am completely fine i actually have two winter coats that i scored for free. so i definitely don't need three. this week has been great. so has anyone set up any dates for me for when i get home? man its wild getting close to the six months to go mark. missionaries call it six months to sexy. its the time on your mission where you actually take the morning exercise time seriously. so im hoping to get jacked in the next six months. hopefully the rest of my companions like to work out. the area I'm in right now will probably be my second to last area. so that will be cool I'll prolly stay here two more transfers. this is the last week of this transfer. so that will be exciting we will be getting four more missionaries in our zone so that will be crazy.  I'm starting to think we will get our zone split soon so I'm a little worried about that, i might have to move areas or something. anyway thats about all new for now. hope things are going good back home love you all.
Conversation with Mandy:
 Only sending me videos?  (Riley sent a Mormon video for her to watch)
do you get on facebook these days?   I love your photos!
 yeah you need the videos... no i have only got on FB once on my mission. i felt guilty after. you findin me a wife?
 i thought missionaries could get on fb now.  our cousin rebecca reid gets on every week and posts gospel stuff.  i will get on finding you a wife.  phil likes his job, he's just crazy busy.  i need the videos!  what about garr and logan so they can find a wife!
 they are hopeless.... hahahahaha i send garr a video every week about retarded people. but mommy got mad at me and said to stop. 
How was Thanksgiving?
we had lasuanga it was kinda lame.

Here is a pull up bar we made out of our couches because pull up bars got banned, they were ruining doors
 Sexy Guy!!
Using the smile detector thingy on the camera!!

October 7 email: Important to find a good wife

well this week was crazy busy we had to go on emergency exchanges cause some missionaries got in a fight and I happened to be put with the big Samoan. haha he almost killed his comp because he is so big. so he will prolly be sent home so thats too bad. I was a little worried he would kill me while we were on exchanges haha. but we actually became really good friends. he calls us every night to let us know how his anger is doing. right now he is waiting to see if slc will send him home. then that same day we had interview with president so we had to check everyone in our zone's, area books and planners. then that night we traveled up to Edmonton spent the night with Jordo Marsh then had a leadership training that lasted till five, then we ate and went to the lds bookstore to buy cds and i got a ten dollar ctr ring. then we traveled home and got back about 8:30 then the next day was conference so it was a crazy week. we watched conference at a members house who is super cool between sessions we split wood it was really fun. they measure our bodies so they could buy us new clothes so that will be nice. i wont have to wear walmart stuff anymore haha. they are really rich he owns a welding company for the rigs. so we were literally at their house the whole day it was fun. they made their own wood splitter by welding stuff together then used their skid steer to fuel the hydraulic pump. anyway thats about all. during conference i thought a lot about being more grateful and i also thought about how important it is to find a good wife. so im starting to get a little scared about that. i also had a dream last night that i finished my mission but i came home wearing like rasta clothes and i just walked right passed everyone, it was really weird haha. anyway things are going grand i am now just getting ready to give a training to our zone and i will give them those papers you sent. i really love that package my watch is so beautiful and im grateful for that sweater cause my new coat might not be quite as warm so it will help, I  feel like you were definitely inspired what to send me thank you so much. well i got to mail pres bye
To Dad:
i really enjoyed the Sunday afternoon session. Elder Ballards talk and both of Pres Uchtdorfs.
thats fun being able to go back to turkey. just try not to seize up. Elder Hollaand talked about people with disabilities  and i dont want it to be a talk our family needs haha. anyway i bet its fun being a G pa. and i hope you get that temple job as well. im surprised they didn't announce any more temples thats kinda a bummer, anyway you are definitely catching up to me on weight. i plan on weighing 177 by next Monday. im doing a pretty strict diet. the only problem is im building muscle right now to so its pretty hard to lose weight cause im gaining good weight at the same time. but this whole week im only gonna eat slimfast and whey protein for b fast and lunch. anywho i love you to the moon and back

October Pictures!