Monday, December 3, 2012

Nov. 14th email:

 well well things are going pretty good in the mission. its been really cold and snowed quite a bit. we have been shoveling walks and stuff like that so its fun. a member gave me some cute red gloves so i have been wearing those to shovel snow and what not. but i think i will buy some nice ones for tracting so i dont have to keep my hands in my pockets. umm me and my comp are singing in our primary program this sunday so that will be pretty funny. man its pretty crazy that colemamogram is home. i miss him. oh well missions go bye super quick so im not worried about it. hopefully everyone isnt married when i get back. my halloween was really good we just played B Ball the whole time and then my comp carved his first ever pumpkin haha it was funny. yes they trick or treat the same. "and a little trip up south would be fun too :D!!" mom you cant go UP south haha silly commander. tell colman he better use the hot tub at least once a week  for and in behalf of riley christian knaphus. and give him another hug for me. thats rad that colty is doing so good. tell  dallas she dosent have to write me..... just kidding i love her too. oh and i got the pakage awhile back im lovin the tunes mandy picked for me. i snuggle with my comp while listening to michael buble. didnt garr tell dallas not to write him? hahahaha sily gardino. well  im gonna bouce ok byeeee

 (a fun email we got from Riley's companion, Elder Lee)
Im a awesom companion of Elder thy son, he was telling me about you guyz a lot haha
Im enjoying to listen those story a lot. i heard his brother in low's fart is awful, but recently i beat his record;)
I also heard his sister is hair dresser, her hair looks nice. His brothers are such a goof ball, I was telling Elder Knaphus that your brother should shave beard
hey I also try to help your son to lose weight so he can marry with weem after his mission
Im excited to see you guyz one day and i will take care of him until end of my mission.
Oh..! i have som funny picture that will make your family happy:) (may be..)

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