Monday, December 3, 2012

Nov. 19th email:

well things are going really good. yeah we have a transfer right before Christmas so im really hoping i don't go cause then i wouldn't know anyone for Christmas and i would feel left out haha. plus there are a lot of really rich people here hahahahaha yeqah my comp is a sweet heart. man those couches better be broken in by the time i get home. ikea is turrible. but things on the mission are going good in this area there is a TON of less active people so we are working with them a lot we re activated a guy this week and he came to church and met with the bishop it was really cool.  well everyone is writing me so its hard to write this letter. but i think elder lee will for sure come visit. he says he wants to be with you guys when i come home hahaha anywho im not buying new clothes yet cause im still loosing lots of weight so im just gonna rep them like an OG then buy small ones. im at 220 right now. its pretty crazy i don't think i have been this light since i was like 12 haha it should be a good time i need to take some pictures i have really been slacking. ill get on that though so i can send you some fun things home. well i love you and im really excited to see you on Christmas via skype.

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