Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept. 10th email: "a boxer and knife thrower"

welll welll well my camera is still lost. but that's okay. my comp is really cool. he looks like he should be in a action movie. he walks and talks like a BA its fun. and instead of saying yes he just gos hmmm in a cool voice. he was a boxer and a knife thrower. he only did it in a little town in Nova Scotia so its not like he is famous. but every morning he shadow boxes, so that's really cool.  My old comp was ok, thought my drawings would have given you a good idea about him. lets just say I'm okay with missing the baptism to get a new comp...... haha but Elder Carson is way rad i hope someone tries fighting us, it would be cool. whenever we bible bash he clenches his fists and i think he is going to kill someone. haha and the pants he wears are like jean material he reminds me a ton of Boondock saints. and hes the only active member in his family. hes cool he is also the district leader so we go to the office often, so just send stuff there. hahah he dosent have a drivers license either so i drive everywhere. we have a nice little car its called a Cruz or something. oh he also wears like cowboy style shoes haha hes cool. yeah my new area is basically all of St Albert so look that up and that;s were I'm at, its just north of Edmonton we even cover part of Edmonton so its not far away. i met elder Marsh's comp cause he was in the city for a meeting so i told him to tell Jordo i love him. i think i will try to give him a call i cant believe Logan won that much ammo. its probably a sign that he will need it (the world is ending) haha jk but yeah obama is definatly directed of the devil. he is trying to destroy the Constitution. is against families, he eats little babies. all sorts of stuff. you could prolly send me a camera or i could buy like a 20 dollar one whatever. did you already send me one package? its weird being back in a ward tooo. we met with a member named bro Orr and he asked me if i would marry a black girl hahah then we talked about blacks and the priesthood and what not. he was part of a group called the Genesis group (basically the black panthers but Mormons) and he does firesides and stuff.  he is the smartest guy i know. all he does is study deep doctrine. but he doesn't even come to church, haha, silly guy. we ate at some African lady's and she made so much good food it was crazzzy it was spicy and yummy i was so stoked. and there is a Mexican lady here, too, so i can eat mexican food!!!!! yay anyway the people here are way cool and we have a couple good investigators so its fun.  but i gots to go byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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