Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept. 24th email: I prayed really hard, so it's doing fine

I miss maxy puppy!!!!!! (I sent a picture with my email) boy oh boy this week was exciting. i went to a military base on exchanges it was really fun, the guy let me play with all sort of guns. then we went to these afro-canadiens house and their baby pooped with so much pressure that it squirted out of its diaper onto the wall. i was really nasty. speaking of babies their is a really cute little girl in our ward named Scarlett, its fun. DO YOU WANT ME TO BUY A CAMERA?  (since he lost his already)
but yeah its getting colder here. we are having lots of success and things are going just swell. i had a dream about zombies and i killed one with a toothbrush. it was pretty weird. one of our investigators is some sort of crazy voodoo type guy and he made me do this thing called a chi machine it was pretty funny. you should look it up on you tube. thats cool that mubs cute little team is doing so well. well im pretty tired right now so i don't know what to write..... im sending a letter today so that will be good. oh i rolled my ankle pretty good so its like purple right now but i prayed really hard so its doing fine. there is a asian guy in our district who is gonna play in the nba someday he is from Mongolia and played in the Olympics. his last name is something like bacheluun or something. well anywhoo ill write a good letter l8er byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

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