Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5th email: I bought a magic bullet

well hello there. the mission is pretty crazy we have been doing pretty good here in Sturgeon but the work is really slow here. all the people are crazy pridefull. but we started teaching this way cool Jamaican family so thats neat. they really hate the snow its funny. yeah we have a guy on date to be baptized. his name is Abner he is a big  goof ball. he just attended another baptism and really liked it but his whole family are very devout baptists so it makes it pretty hard. hopefully he stays strong. yeah i don't have gloves yet... im just gonna keep procrastinating tell my fingers fall off. man your getting hella good at bowling. before i get home youll be makin the big bucks playin on espn. well not much is new here my comp thinks he can tokyo drift cause he is asian so that makes things exciting. my comps favorite thing is to take pictures of me pooping. i pretty much feel like im at home so thats good. sounds like Scar is growing up fast, she will prolly be dating by the time i get home. in sturgeon we get fed a ton there is a member that works at booster juice (jamba) and she gives us free drinks so we go there a lot. we are actually gonna go there today. then we eat at members houses a lot. oh i bought a magic bullet a couple days ago so thats fun. i make smoothies with it and they are tasty. im starting to loose weight again so thats good im at like 225 my Asian comp like to be healthy so its really good,. my trainer went home last transfer that was sad he was a good missionary. jeez it sounds like Logan is gonna turn are house into a man cave soon haha. thats dope. tell him he should just turn the door into a vault door then hang all the guns on the wall like the room in boondock saints. how are Dallas and Colton doing? havent heard much about them for a while. well i got to go but i love you much. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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