Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 4th email:

 Man this week was just fantastic. im glad you are feeling better. people care about the super bowl but not as much.  I still dont even know who won... get logan a poster of jessica alba holding a gun for his birthday. hockey is the biggest sport here but all sports are played just like the US. yeah lots of people here are sick with the flu as well its crazy.

I asked is they needed a down comforter?:  we have like seven blankets each and elder George is doing fine. his family thinks he is dying though. they sent him a huge package with a heat blanket a sleeping bag and all sorts of silly things hahah

How is the weather?:   we have been having Chinooks so it stays pretty nice here. just stays around 0 degrees. elder George is dying though haha he cant handle the cold

Are you still doing p90x?:   we exercise but in this new area we can only really do ab ripper X so we do that every other day then i just do push ups the other days. ya my comp is a work out machine he played lots of sports.

Do you ever have a Dr. Pepper?:  i eat granola bars and fruit. the people we live with cook us B fast every morning. then i eat dank food with members for supper. i havent had soda on my mission. i sometimes eat at subway

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