Wednesday, February 20, 2013

January 28th email: Ripped my pants!

Things are going great here, my suit ripped, i have no idea how, but it did from my crack down to my knee so its pretty bad.... man Travis is a cutie pie i love him lots he will be an awesome missionary. well ill tell you the story of one of our investigators she is a really cute girl who was on vacation and she was in southern Alberta where everyone is Mormon and she fell and broke her back, ankle and arm. and she was stuck on a mountain but one of the people she was with was a Mormon and he gave her a priesthood blessing and she fully recovered in 2 weeks. and she knew it was the power of god so now she is meeting with us and the only reason she isn't baptized yet is because her parents are total D bags and are giving her a really hard time but she is super cool. there was a talk about pioneers at church and she mentioned that she is sad cause there is no one else in her family that are members and we told her that she was going to be the pioneer for her family and she started to cry and said she was going to talk to her parents. so that's really cool.   we are still living in the same place but we should be gone this week so i dont have an address for ya. the weird thing is the family we are staying with is on vacation so we have the whole house to ourselves. its pretty weird. hopefully we can get moved into a permanent place soon. well i hope C diddy has given you a blessing. it sounds like you got it pretty bad. its never fun. well i G2G byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love ya

 Things here in Innisfail are going really good. my comp is a stud and things are looking good we should have a baptism or two here pretty soon so thats cool. the ward here is super cool all the members are way strong and do lots of missionary work. i ripped my pants really bad this week luckily the lady we are living with is a jack of all trades and fixed them up for me. anyway not to much is going on we got stuck in snow really bad and some old farmer folk got us out with a tractor so that was fun. um the place we live in is freezing all the time so we do all of our studies in our bed to keep warm haha ummmmm

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