Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 18th email: "This *ish is the TRUTH"

well things are going good. so the girl that is getting baptized was getting opposition from her parents and so we met with her mom and were like this *ish is the TRUTH and she was like awwww crap. then we were like, we are gonna answer all your questions until you get baptized too. then she was like, wow your church is the bomb. so she wants to take a tour of the church and take the lessons. it was sick!  Lindsey the girl getting baptized was so stoked! and now we are going to eat supper at their house next week. so hopefully we will be baptizing a family soon. it was just cool cause they went from being totally anti to wanting to meet with us. well today i tried to send pics through the comp but the library doesn't let you...  well anyway today our ghetto shower broke. its just a little concrete thing and the floor broke haha it sucks. so now we have to take turns showering with 70 year olds. oh well.   a guy in my ward is gonna have me come to his house after he goes shooting to clean his guns for service haha   well tomorrow a bunch of 19 yr old girls are coming out and supposedly they are really cute. haha should be fun. dang you are going to have to tell co jay i love himm. i heard from elder lee the other day he is doing good it was funny to hear that cute asain voice again haha.  I;m prophesying that next conference they will announce that sisters and elders can be companions so that we can get married and serve the lord at the same time... kill two birds with one stone type a thing. tell stew to go on a mission. my companion does the hand rub thing that c diddy and garr both do it's really funny anytime he is excited. anyway hopefully i can date my comps sister when i get home cause she is a total weem. anywho stay classy and ill catch you on the flip side.

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