Monday, May 6, 2013

April 29th email:

 We taught the primary  this week too... it was prolly the same lesson you had Logan help you with, was it on the restoration? did you ever get any mail from Lindsay's mom? her name is Sharon Davis. anywho they are super busy lately and we havent been able to teach them latly but we saw them the other day and they are doing really great. we are having a baptism on may 25 its a 13 yr old black kid from antegea(by Jamaica) his dad is a member and has some nice dreads. it will be cool to witness my first blacktism hopefully i wont get the boot out of my area. next week ill try to get some info on when im skyping home. anyway one of our investigators who is really weird wants to take some pics of us at the church with a camera thats like 100 years old. like the ones thats look like an aqordian so that will be cool he also has a sweet bible im gonna get from him. he really likes us he conciders us his best friends. it would be super cool to see him get baptized. well you should wait a year before you go on any trips........ just sayin. or you could go to this beautiful place called innisfail they have a little petting zoo and a local museum. well c ya
Some of the funny stuff he wrote to Mandy: (I can't post most of it!)
- its snowing here right now..... i havent seen Jordo for a really long time but hopefully i will see him in a week from now. i have bee hearing from other missionaries that he is a total stud though. i want a scar baby kiss!!!!!!!!! tell stu to back off and that he isnt even related to the family until we get married.
-im gonna get married while I'm out here, here is the link to her picture:
- this is who you get when you look up the Bengals on  

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  1. after seeing those new pictures today he really needs to get a new suit