Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22nd email: Such a funny boy! And a great Missionary!

my birfday was neet. i bought a camera. we also moved into an apartment. its really nice we just dont have any furniture yet. we just have beds and 2 chairs ha its super weird. ive been workin on the kitty puzzle during my free time its coming along pretty well. we watch the restoration dvd about 2 times a week. i have it almost memorized. my favorite line is "remember boys horse high and hog tight" also the part where he gives him the cute little horsey and he is quoting Mathew ch 7 verse something about giving good gifts. anyway that barney bank is legit. how much money was in it? i didn't really care that all my drawers smelt cause i just put my close on the floor.... anyway our investigators are good we have 11 now and 2 of them should be baptized in the next 2 months the rest are moving pretty slow. we are teaching a really cool crazy guy who fixes antique things. he has a bible from like 1802 that he might give me so im stoked on that. they leave out the Satan part in the dvd cause it creeps people out..... what room do i even live in now? you should get phil a gift card to spencers... thats his favorite store. or get him a picture of marrissa miller eating a mcrib. anyway yesterday i got hugged by a girl..... its a pretty scary thing as a missionary. the good news is we will probably baptize her cause shes pretty stoked on the gospel. i made a goal  in my planner to take more pictures so hopefully that will work out cause i struggle, im almost at the yr make and i have a total of like 40 pics. oh well. anyways not much else is going on transfers are in the first week of may so thats pretty soon. oh and PS my wildest dream was that you would tell me my wildest dreams would come true so it happened! but seriously as a mother you shouldn't want my wildest dreams to happen while im on my mission... they should only take place after being sealed in a temple...........ha

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