Thursday, July 18, 2013

May 6th email: Transfered to the big city!

hey o! well I'm off to the big city again, my new comps name is Elder Canfeild or something i hear he is a red head. my new area is called Lakewood. and my boy, Elder Marsh is coming to Innisfail! so  thats really cool. Innisfail just needs someone from Olympus at all times. anyway I'm still district leader in my new area so that should be fun. and its gonna be crazy skyeping, ill prolly have a member in my new area just call you and set it up or something, and dad just said to look up his name on skype so im a little skeptical. it gonna be hard to coordinate a time cause i don't know anything yet, so just make sure your free all of mothers day haha. we talked to Lindsay's mom and she isn't ready to progress at this time but still lets us come over. Lindsay is doing really good though she got her patriarchal blessing and temple recommend. I'll prolly go say bye to them soon and take some cutie pictures. you should get a hold of sister Marsh I'm sure she would like that. i got the exact same camera on sale for like 80 bones. man I'm pretty sad leaving Innisfail, its a really great place and the missionary work is progressing so fast I'm glad they sent Jordo here though, cause he will work hard and keep things going. man it sounds like Garr is always getting hurt or braking things or cars. man im 20 days away from the year mark thats pretty crazy! well i got that bible from the crazy guy i was talking about. its from 1854 in Philadelphia the people who owned it were Scottish and it has there family history back to 1712 its really cool i might send it home.
I'm really excited to do the temple work for the people in it. he also took pictures of us with a really old camera ill send a pic in a little showing him and the camera. anyway I'm gonna be missing 4 baptisms cause I'm leaving so that really suck it seems like that's the way my whole mission will go though. anyway i cant think of much else to say! love ya bye
 Me, jumping over an investigator!
Part of email to Mandy:  Elder Marsh is coming to Innisfail to be with Elder George, we have four people on date to be baptized so he is pretty lucky. anywho not else is new today we are going biking around a lake with some really cool members. and i see my future spouse on Wednesday! pretty stoked. tell gar to send me the pic of the west side meal! anywho i love ya lots 
Elder George
An Eagle

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