Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16 email: We gave the talks, did the sacrament and Sunday school

oh man the missionary work is going greatthe people here in Hinton are awesome. hopefully we will be having a baptism soon, but its hard to say because marriage is the thing holding them back and we cant really do much about it. i hear that there has been lots of Anti-mormon stuff floating around on the news and stuff. that sucks. satan really has his hands in lots of things now a days. all i know is that heavenly father has made it really easy to discern truths. if it brings forth good fruit it is from God and i know that the things prophets and apostles say bring forth good fruit. and the negative things i have heard about the church bring forth bad fruit and a feeling very much the opposite from the holy ghost. this church is Jesus Christs church on the earth today. man the church just needs to get missionaries into Jerusalem and China so the world can end already haha but really Satan is really pushing hard right now because the church is getting so much attention. opposition in all things i guess. anywho, im loving Hinton it keep switching from being really hot to crazzzzzy rain storms. we always go tracting when its rainy, because its a good conversation starter and people will sometimes just let us come in. its teetering on becoming priest craft haha.  hmm this week we had more visitors at church then members. our whole branch is either in the hospital or on vacation or has some sort of reason to be out of town. this week we had only 2 families come to church but like 15 visitors this week was our most successful week we had lots of lessons and lots of people are starting to progress in the gospel its really cool to watch. hmm we met a lady who used to be a member but she got ex communicated and she got in a car accident (she hit a moose) and we randomly met her in this park, and she had been praying to get help in here life then we showed up. it was really cool she came to church and we had to give talks and do the sacrament and do Sunday school haha it was crazy but she really liked it. but she cant read and stuff cause she got a hole in her head but she is really nice. hmm hopefully you get my letter soon cause i keep forgetting to bring our address to the library and in six week i might be transferred so don't send stuff close to that time < i miss hugging people.. haha  im pretty bored right now its raining so this P day we cant go hiking or anything. im writing my next letter on a drawing a cute little girl gave me so it should be exciting. i told the kid who gave me boots that if he ever finds our family to ask them for food so don't be surprised if a kid from cali asks you for dinner sometime in the future. one of our investigators gave us a bunch of moose meat and some other animal too so today we might try to cook some moose up. well im going shopping now but li love you all very much and hope that every day can be the best day-atmosphere tell garr  faith, work, and unconditional love, no bad mind, no hatred, no env,y and no grudge is the way Jah wants him to live byeeeeeeeeee

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