Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3rd email: Lost my towel, so I'm using paper towels

We were in Jasper on Monday so we are emailing today. we saw a bear, some elk swimming, some mt. goats and an eagle and a glacier and other neat things.  we taught a schizophrenic less active lady who said demons would kill her if she went to church. then we taught her son and he said if we try to read the bible to him we would pay. normal people. we then went to my favorite less actives house to drop by. and he said perfect timing we are getting a divorce. and we thought it was gonna be really bad but we just sat them down and shared a message about charity then my comp said a pretty intense prayer and the guy started crying. it was neat. hopefully he comes to church this week. we dropped one of our investigators cause we caught her snorting cocaine.... it was scary, she said she needed to do it for her toothache. a little girl got hit by a car by our apartment the other day it was extremely sad. the mom is still in the hospital. stupid drunk drivers. today we have like four solid lessons set up so we are pretty stoked for that. we have met so many really cool people its crazy. this week at church there were only like 10 people, it was sad. hmm soundz like things at home are swell. you should make nick make me some sweet tunez. tell stew to email me. ill send you my Hinton address on next monday. sounds like baby scar is doing good and cute. while i was in Edmonton i lost my towel so i use paper towels.  we ate really good food in jasper. we went with a member named  Ryan Honch, hes the coolest guy i know, hes had like 3 surgeries on his brain, so he cant read to good but hes a champ at everything else. and since he cant work cause hes in-between surgeries he just hangs out with us and goes to all of our lessons.  i think im just gonna buy a thin jacket so i can handle the rain a little beter. but maybe  you could send me a coat. just have logan decide what to get. well i G2G but I'm lovin it here. hope all is well back at thee home front. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Here are some questions I got answered:
How cold has it been getting? rains a lot, so kinda cold 
Does it seem a little like Yellowstone? kinda
 Did you get your last shot in the MTC ? yes
When you got to the mission home that first day, was my letter there yet? no, Mandy's was  
 Do you have a car?  do you get to drive? have a truck i get to drive in 3 more weeks
What is your apartment like? its in the valley in the ghettoest part. Is it in the middle of town? no 
 Have you used your Canadian money? yes.
What is your bed like? rectangular.  Would you like a warm blanket for the winter? no
Do you get to see any of the olympics? ??????not sure  
What do you get to do on your p-days? anything.  do you get to hike or go into Jasper park at all? already did
How close are the nearest missionaries? hour in a half.  do you ever get to go on exchanges? yes this Wednesday
I was so happy to hear he has a rectangular bed!!  I hope it is comfortable, what a silly boy!!

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