Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9th email: Taught a whole Filipino Church

Hello, this week was good we only had one lesson but have met lots of people. for some reason this week we met lots of gay people and each one actually said that the mormon church is there favorite one wich was very suprising. we met this plumber who was hammered and said we could eat at his house anytime, not sure why but he really wanted to feed us. hmmm a member in our branch is going on vacation to parck city and said he would try to find garr at mcdonnalds so thats fun. hows max?  we met with the skitzo lady this sunday and she talked alot about satan so that was intresting. umm we went and taught a whole filipino church the other day. they are called the church of christ, but they also believe christ is just a normal, guy so that pretty weird. hopefully we babtize their minister cause then all of them will follow. it would be pretty cool. one of our less actives thinks that we are some sort of prophets or something cause he always calls us with crazy questions about the ark angels and stuff. he says everytime that he looked it up on google but he will only trust what we say. its pretty funny. we also taught his freind a little bit and he wont call us by our last names cause thats what they did in prison and it brings back old memories, haha, he also said we couldnt go to his house if the blinds are shut so hes an intresting fellow.
 im really learning a lot about patience, and doing things in the lords time. its been prettyy tough because we set up millions of appointments but only a couple come through each week. and its hard because i feel like we are working super hard and doing all we can, but we are having no succsess. but every time i read any lds literature somehow the theme of the lords timing keeps popping up, so i guess its a good learning expierience. its pretty funny how sometimes the answers to our prayers can be so clear but just not what you want them to be, haha, like i was reading the ensign and the whole artcile i read was about a lady who couldnt have kids but she knew it was all on the lords time and he would take care of it, then i was reading about ammon and he was on a mission for 14 years before he did anything. then he babtized like a million people. so its pretty cool to have Heavenly Father talk to you so plainly and help you keep doing what he wants you to do. hopefully Hinton blows up with babtisms some day that would be pretty cool. it will be fun 2 years from now coming back here and visiting all the people and seeing all the sights and what not. im allready trying to pick what cabins or what hotel to stay in in Jasper haha. but anyways there is a really good restaraunt in jasper ill have to take you all too, they make some mean poutine. at fast food joints instead of ketsup they give you gravy. its great. hopefully all is going good back home. oh you could send me some good music like some iron&wine, sayde price, damien rice, my mission pres is way chill. you can even have an ipod here. so if there is an extra ipod you could throw tons of good jams on it and send it to me. today we are going to the local gun store cause a member owns it. should be fun. we got invited to a bahi (native religion) spiritual meeting. and we were gonna go, but i feel like they probably all just smoke weed haha byeeeeeeeeeeeee love you
Some more questions:
 1. did you take pictures of the animals you saw in the park? most of them just not the mountian goat and eagle
2. did you get a rain jacket yet? no its a million deggrees right now so its less importyant    
3. I got you your winter coat, what else should I get for you? i dont know i scored some free boots from this elder who is bailing. maybe just some gloves?
4. do we get an address to mail to yet? i forgot to bring it here to the libary but i will send letters today with the address on them
5. do you walk or ride in the car most?car everything is pretty spread out. our area cover jasper and all sorts of far away places
6. how big is your area? pretty big but not alot of peopel
7. did you have fun on splits? um the elder i was with was in a boy band before the mish and made me listen to his music. so no
8. are you able to see photo attachments when you get emails? yes mandy and colemen do them every week. i would send you some but they blocked it at the library
9. How much do you love your mother:D? this much <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

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