Monday, July 30, 2012

July 22 email:

We got a new area because today was transfers and some missionarais left so now we cover two places so thats fun. the new area is called Edson and I've been there twice on splits, no one lives there, but it has a solid branch so thats fun. ummmmmm we met a guy who thinks he is a secret agent and he lives right next door to us and said we could use his grill anytime so we might go cook some white tail buck soon haha but we already cooked up the moose sausage it was yummy i took some pics of it. we also met some dude named SLIM and he is a 33rd degree free mason, and invited us for dinner for some mystery stew so that will be fun. we had a baptism this saturday (an 8yr old) and our investigator showed up wearing cut off and jeans and he has lots of tats and stuff, it was pretty funny.  we have had lots of lessons this week witch was pretty cool. we fasted last week to get more lessons and this week we got 6 new investagators and we only had 3 before this week. we met a lady who answered the door basically completely naked but then we asked her to put close on and we taught her the whole first lesson and met with her again the next day and gave her the 2nd lesson so that was really cool. she was supper prepared. we also met this dood who walked up to us and told us that he used to go to church, so we thought he was a member, so we set up an appointment and went to his house and there were 5 people there and none of them were actually members but the were atheist. and we ended up teaching them a supper awesome lesson and at the end all of them took a BOM and one of them even said the closing prayer. and they all said that even though they were atheist they have a weird conection to jesus christ, and so we taught them forever and it was real cool. hmmm now our district only has us and 2 other elders so thats pretty funny. i thougt i heard a cougar last night it was really creepy cause it was a weird growl and then all these dogs went crazy. i heard about that shooting its pretty messed up. if someone was there who had a consealed he could have ended it a lot quicker. pretty sad though. im stoked that you finally got my mail it took forever. there is a pedofile here in hinton that goes around flashing kids at parks, and a less active guy in our branch everyday drives around town looking for him so he can kill him. its pretty intense. i could see phill doing the same thing though haha. ive been reading out of Our Heritage a lot its pretty crazy stuff. a JW tried to bible bash with us the other day and we got him to admit that he dosent recieve his answers from god it was pretty cool, my comp is a pro basher cause he is a convert. he just stares people in the eyes and reads Nephis last testomony about standing face to face at judgement day. and the person pooped there pants. it was intense the guy probably didnt even sleep that night. my comp basically told him that some day he will see him in heaven and say i told you so. anywho JW base there whole religion on like 2 verses of scripture its pretty funny they just talk about building up gods kingdomm but they have no idea how to actuallly buid it up haha silly religions trying to find truth though the knowledge of man. well i G2G but i love all of you lots and will hopefully be writing a letter today cause its rainy.
maybe ill send some pics home. i havent taken to many but there is some good ones on there
Sincerly: Elder Riley Christain Knaphus       <----degrees of glory

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