Friday, August 24, 2012

Aug. 20th email: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall"

 This week was great, we got 4 new investigators and had more lessons then we have ever had. its been a really great week. we started a new meeting were we go to Edmonton every month so you can just send stuff to the office. so if i get transferred I'll still get it. i got to talk in church again thats 3 times so far. it was good i am getting better at speaking and what not. anywhoo next time you make baked potatoes wrap a piece of raw bacon around it then cook it. its amazing! phill would appreciate it. i have a confession to make... i think im starting to miss mexican food. i havent had mexican  food once or anything spicy.  pretty crazy that the whole state is on fire. a guy in my branch tried to find Garr at McDonalds but you were in cali. too bad. its neat that so many people are coming home from their missions. I've already been out for 3 months witch is pretty neat. i think ill prolly stay in Hinton for awhile cause we are stating to have a lot of success. ive been eating a lot of salad with bacon flavored ranch its pretty tasty. im tryin to lose some weight so thats exciting. i had to poke a new hole in my belt so that was exciting. im at a sexy 238 right now. we got another person on date for baptism so thats exciting. we should be having two baptisms next month. our branch mission leader (who is mexican) is really rad he is really trying to get his family up to Canada then i could eat really good Mexican food. but anyway he always comes with us to lessons and has a super strong testimony. our branch president calls him the lamanite. its really funny he always talks about aztec ruins and weird stuff. i met a lady from Norway this Sunday who knows all about Torlief so that was cool. she came up to me and said my name perfectly so i said you most be Norwegian and she said yes and we talked for a little it was cool. man im pretty stoked for conference its an exciting time as a missionary.  we are teaching a lady who has a down syndrome 6 yr old son and every lesson he gets naked and runs around yelling 'excuse me' haha its great. he kinda looks like me. maybe ill take a picture of him it would make phill happy. im sending home pictures today i dont have many but it will give you something to look at. im really enjoying the mish its a great time. Hinton has a lot of crazy people here like literally crazy. everyday we meet someone with schizophrenia.  we came up with a cool slogan for Hinton cause  the church chapel is about the size of our family room so our motto is ''mr. gorbachov tear down that wall" cause the church is on a huge property but is so little so we are trying to turn it into a ward. it would be pretty crazy. im pretty sad the guy i would always talk about guns with and play with his sks got sent to jail for trying to kill someone, so now i just have to think about them by myself. we saw another bear trying to climb a fence in between the highways. it was cute. i took a picture of my belly button for phill cause he likes it :) has football season started? how are the utes lookin? phill needs to pic up his game with sending me updates. i saw a dog that looks exactly like moses wellll i love you all so much have a great day and stay classy

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