Monday, August 13, 2012

Aug 7 email: I got really good at shining my shoes so that's neat

DONT SEND UPS it costs a poop load of money to pick up. find out if there is one that doesn't cost money for me to get. life is really good this week. we started teaching this 75 yr old lady named Rosemary Sweet and she will be baptized this time next month. she cries every time we teach her and she excepted a baptismal invite!!!! so thats nice it will be fun. man im pretty jealous that you are in cali.. you should say hi to Coleman for me. he got caught watching a movie haha silly guy. the Olympics sound like fun people talk about them sometimes so we know a little bit Canada has a good trampoline jumper! haha silly Canadians. a less active lady gave us a poop load of lettuce from her garden and i bought bacon flavored ranch to put on it. Canada is great. i think Phill should live here. i got like 10 letters all at once cause i got the ones from Edmonton then 5 in the mail all on one day. it made me pretty happy. i really like the coat it makes me feel like Biggy Smalls. im tryin to lose weight so thats fun. ive lost like ten pounds so far and im tryin to get to a sexy 220 lbs. i got a hair cut in a gas station last week it was fun the lady was nice. Hinton is a really cool place, it would be fun to come back and visit. i might be transferred in 3ish weeks so don't send mail around then or a package cause it would probably just get lost in time. we have been meeting with this guy who is crazy and thinks he is a secret agent and its really funny to ask him questions cause he give fun answers. he tries to talk to me about guns and he totally makes everything up. yesterday was some Holiday so we couldn't email. but we did go chill at a beach so that was fun. i also bought a football so we played catch. we actually set up an appt during it cause some old lady came up too us and asked us were our church was. so thats fun. you should totally just show up in Hinton for church and we can just pretend we dont know each other. baby Scar is lookin awfully cute. it will be weird seeing her in 2. the mish is already flyin bye. it seems like I've only been out a tiny bit but its been a couple months now so thats cool. who is watching maxy waxy while your gone? is he still cute? at this less active dudes house there are two cocker spaniel puppys and they also have a donkey and 2 horses. but the guy is in jail right now so we cant visit him. we also found out one of the ladies we have been teachin killed a guy so that was scary. one of the members here is really cool his name is Marlin Bennett and he has been workin in the coal mine for 55 years. the people in the coal mine call him GOD. kida sacrilge but oh well. he tells us all sorts of cool stories and stuff. we ran into a guy who was fixin his gun and it was an SKS so i got to watch him play with it. the recoil spring broke. i got really good at shining my shoes so thats neat. well i G2G byeeeee love ya
Here are some questions:
Have you gotten any of our mail in Hinton yet? lots
Did you get your package I sent to the mission home? yes it cost 55 bucks to pick up dont use UPS
Did you buy a new towel? ya  lolz
Have you been warm enough with just your suit? yeah i dont use my suit
Do you need some warmer clothes for p-day? no
Do you meet other missionaries for p-day? they are 4 hours away
Do you exercise every day? yes
Have you been driving yet? YAYAYAYAYA
Where do you do your laundry? in our building is it going ok? ya but expensive

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