Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aug. 27th email: "It's neat to see God help you out"

 I'll try to start my emails by some sort of uplifting story or cute message. so the story begins a couple weeks back when i was in Whitecourt and ate at a members house and she said she had grandkids in Hinton and i was like cool i could go visit them and stuff and she was like, here take these ice skates to them. it turns out that we have tried this kid a couple of times but their dad doesn't like religion but we went with the skate and were able to get in and we had a neat lesson and now we meet with one of the kids twice a week so thats really cool. he also came to church this week! and he had tons of excuses not to come but he still came, he has no church clothes, he had to find a babysitter for his little bro, and he walked! how rad is that. hopefully he can receive the priesthood soon so we don't have to bless the sacrament every week. its neat to see God help you out with stuff like that. now here is the crappy news we taught our person who is supposed to get baptized next week. and we taught tithing and she said a god that loved her wouldn't make her pay money. and that she had been poor her whole life and god wouldn't want her to go back to those ways. it was really sucky. soooo it was really sad hopefully things will  work out ok. so we are kinda back to ground zero here in Hinton. we have lots of people to teach but none of them have real intent so its sucky. anywho everything else is going good im still trying to lose weight but its hard when members feed you a poop load of food. i go jogging every morning and usually just eat fruit and veggies for lunch oh and i eat granola. so thats my weight loss regime. i feel a lot more healthy but i don't think i look any different. but i can take off and put on my pants without unbuttoning them so thats nice for getting ready quick. ive really started to appreciate the little things in life. its pretty easy to get down on your mission unless you look for the little things. also having prophets is really cool. you can always know that the prophet is leading you to where we should be. hmmmm, this week was slow we had to cancel some appts. cause we couldn't get members to come to them it was sucky. ill try to write more letters p days usually turn into nap days haha i haven't changed much. i love you lots and am doin good. i love the branch here in Hinton and i love this gospel. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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