Monday, August 13, 2012

July 30th email:

 My week was good, had lots of prayers answered and all that jazz. i have now compiled a list of things you can send me asap haha here it is... a boat load of ugly ties, a tie holder of some sort, music, gummyvites, but dont send candy cause im tryin to eat right. that should be good. for now. by next transfer i could be a trainer and Jordan Marsh is coming that transfer so it would be cool if i got to train him. um dont have to much to say the work is goign good we should have a baptism soon. and we are covering 2 areas so thats crazy. bishop sent me an email that was nice. he is a good guy. hopefully ill get that package this week cause we have a district meeting so if it is in Edmonton i will get it. i havent got any mail to hinton yet. i think it takes quite a bit of time. i was playing with a cute puppy named jeff the other day it made me happy. we gave a lesson at church this Sunday because of 5th Sunday and we speak again the end of this month haha its crazy we bless the sacrament and give talks we basically run the place. i get to go on splits to a place called Whitecourt this Wednesday so that will be fun. i think im getting a hair cut today so thats fun. hmm we met this girl named Anna and taught her then the next day a member called us to come to the church to give a church tour and it was her sister named Leah. then the day after that we met there step dad while he was working and Anna and Leah didn't even know the other saw us. so it was pretty cool. both are very interested and hopefully more cool things happen with them. my favorite guy in Hinton just walked into the library. his name is slim and he is a free mason who wants us to come over to eat his surprise stew haha he is crazy. anywho how are things at the homefront? anything exciting happening? whats nagol suhpank up too? hows maxxxxy doin? is baby scar cute still? well here is some music i want: i can feel a hot one-manchester orcestra, hallelujea-jeff buckley, iron & wine, mason jennings, damien rice, timber!, and anything else chill that dosent swear. well have fun.  i hope all your wildest dreams come true! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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