Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 29th eamils: Watched the Calgary Temple dedication

We pick up the mail once a week every pday after i email we get the letters. we actually have a primary program coming up and me and elder Lee have to sing in it hahaha its gonna be turrible. yeah the weather is sucky here and all the people here think it is still warm out. its crazy. in Hinton i doubt they have a primary program cause there is only like 2 children in the whole branch... anywho things are going really good here in Sturgeon we are having lots o success and my comp thinks he is Tokyo drift when its snowing so its pretty funny. yeah Halloween is the same here. there is a lady in the ward who is just like you when it comes to holidays she goes all out. on Halloween we cant work so thats cool we get to just chill one night. I'll mos def miss the Halloween doughnuts you will have to send me some. i also miss the hot tub! man its ok the mission is flying by! its crazy im like 1/4 done with the mission. tell phill to make his football team eat corn cause it helps with formed tackling. thats good that you had the missionaries over. my comp likes talking about all sorts of weird crap. mostly about girls haha  well today we are pretty busy cause we have to go to cal tire and get an oil change but things are going good in St Albert. we watched the Calgary temple dedication this Sunday and it was really good the prophet told us to read D&C 76 so i read it and its really cool so you should read it too. well im gonna get goin but i love you and hope all is well byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 why hello dearest sister. things are going good here. we are on our like 20th snowstorm haha yeah its below zero everyday here so tracting sucks. i think i will get the package today. and im actually running out of money again cause my silly Korean comp has no money so i had to buy him a bunch of shiz. members feed us everyday and i just eat fruit and stuff members give us. every week members give us eggs so i eat those a lot. so all i buy at the store is milk and cereal.  but mission is going well we have a person on date for baptism so thats exciting. i love you lots byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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