Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 15th email: Really good unity

heyo! well i get a new comp today and i get to see Jordo Marsh today! so that's fun my new comp is korean and his name is elder Lee. should be a good time... hopefully he doesn't drive heheheheh  things are going good here in sturgeon. one of investigators got baptized into a different church so that was neat.... he said he just needed to get baptized to get rid of his family curse. so hes just a looney case. but anyway Garr should send some of his pics over yonder. maybe some of Logans guns :) anyway im really enjoying the mish its fun times. hopefully i will have more success with elder Lee.  i just got off the phone with elder Marsh and he is doing good and i get to see him soon so thats way rad im stoked to give him a big bear hug. yeah and i can only have DVDs that have the church seal. thats really cool that Mubs team is doing so good. hopefully they win it all. well i dont have much to say other then time is going by really fast and im enjoying it. im excited to have a new comp it will be fun, oh and i get to see elder watt die (go home) so that will be nice. oh and my comp is training hahahaha pore kid is gonna hate the first 12 weeks of his mission. anyway i think I'll send a package home soon cause that would be fun, you should let me know if there is anything you would want from Canada. haha Jordo told President that me and him would be good comps cause we have really good unity. so maybe we will serve together. but anywho im gonna go but i love you dearly and will chat with ya soon.

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