Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 22nd email: my eyelashes were freezing together

Man that's good that Graham is going! and holy cow i didn't know Travis would go soooo sooon. that's way dope he will be the best! well ill tell you a little about my comp. he is from Seol Korea and is really funny. he is 25.hes funny though. and he can cook cause he was a chef. and this whole week we have been dealing with the Korean government because he got citizenship in Canada. so he avoided the military service in Korea. so they make it really hard for him to renew his passport. we had to drive like 2 hours just to go get some special picture taken then we had to go to the Korean embassy. i was the only non asian there. and it was in the middle of china town. while we there for 3 hours our car got broken into. so the GPS a member gave to me got stolen. so now we have to use maps. but that's okay cause i got a little Korean GPS. so life has been a little hectic this week but elder Lee is a super hard worker so we are gonna be dunkin people every day. do you go on my facebook ever??  anyway things you could sent me... teeth whitening strips? um a sexy scarf. did you send gloves? thats all i can think of right now. you could tell Logan to tell me all the ish he is buying for his guns! cause it appears he bought a badazz compensator for his Beretta!!! man I'm super jealous. here is a fun idea when you send me camera memory cards you could send them with lots of cute videos of scar and max and guns then i could see them then delete and send you stuff. well here is more info on elder Lee, he is by far my favorite comp. even though he is Korean he would fit in with our family. he is always walking around naked and when he says words like penis its really funny cause he ends it with an R. hahaha it kills me. ill try to get video of it. and my new name is elder knafurs haha i love him. its almost like having a cute little puppy as a companion.  oh yeah i got a ticket this week tooo so im gonna have to pay that...... that's crazy that Jason is doing so good. tell him i say hi. also tell T North that i love him terribly good. man the mission is going pretty fast im pretty sure im close to the 1/4 mark so thats pretty weird. oh ya elder Marsh is doing supper good i love himmm. hopefully we will serve together. haha so yesterday while tracting my eyelashes were freezing together and its not even winter yet. so its pretty fun. ill try takin more photos. im just too lazy ahaha. have you got my last letter? it was a good one. I pick up letters every Monday :) its really nice.  on transfers we all meet in the chapel next to the temple and meet our new comps then drive home with them. we also hear the testimonies of the leaving missionaries. yeah its in the negatives here its -6 right now hahaha its nice.  anyway i got to mail the president byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei

-are you in the same apartment? YES
-what did you do with all the ties we sent? i wear them...
-what kind of car do you have now? the SAME one
-who is senior comp now? well he barlewy speak engrish so i do all the planning and stuff but he has been out a year
-do they have Halloween in Canada? yes
-can your comp drive? well ya but i dont trust him. haha!!

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