Friday, March 22, 2013

Email: Feb 25th "Obedience"

 I'll let you know how Lindsay is doing. she is super pumped for her baptism and our last lesson with her was just going over the interview questions and set up the baptismal service. she is praying right now about who should baptize her and talk at her baptism.  im hoping she has some members from here do everything because then she will have a closer bond with the members. but i have a feeling she will chose one of us, oh well. but it's really neat because her family was very against her being baptized and they had lots of anti material and her mom decided to come meet with us and we taught her the restoration. and it was super powerful and she wants to meet us again. hopefully she will get baptized as well. she wants to have us over for supper and take a tour of the church with her whole family. but it will be exciting, ill be able to take my first pictures with someone I've taught getting baptized. im glad you have been reflecting obedience. it is the very first law of heaven. and is the only way to experience true joy in this life.  we have really been focusing on 100% obedience but it is a very hard thing. as missionaries we are expected to forsake all and follow Christ. as elder Holland said at judgement day we will be asked if we loved Christ if we really loved him and we are taught that if we love him we must keep his commandments and he that keepeth my commandment is loved of the father and by Christ and Christ will manifest himself unto us.  thats  a very special promise and god always keeps his promises. if you think about charity it really has many meanings we must love like Christ but also love Christ, that's why charity is the greatest of all of gods gifts. and like it says in Moroni if we are found possessed with charity we will become purified even as he is pure. well there is proof that i haven't been just wasting all my study time thinking about guns and stuff. you will have to tell Cody i love him. Well have a great day!!!!!!!!

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