Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22nd email: Ripped my pants!!

"Dont be sad peter thats why they call it shpoople!" I'm emailing late too. sup? seems like lots O crazy things are going on. and yes i got the food package and i love it with all my little heart<3.  no we haven't moved into a new place yet so its been crazy. but we should move tomorrow.... that's what we were told, but I'm not sure it will happen. is CO JAY gonna live with you guys? if so tell him to shower more often. lol jk tell him i love him. things here in Innisfail are going really good. my comp is a stud and things are looking good we should have a baptism or two here pretty soon so thats cool. the ward here is super cool all the members are way strong and do lots of missionary work. i ripped my pants really bad this week luckily the lady we are living with is a jack of all trades and fixed them up for me. anyway not too much is going on we got stuck in the snow really bad and some old farmer folk got us out with a tractor so that was fun. um the place we live in is freezing all the time so we do all of our studies in our bed to keep warm.   well anywho not much else to say training is fun the new area is cool love ya byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Question from mom:
How do you like training, is it hard? its fun my comp is dope and smart so its not hard at all. its more hard starting a new area without much info.
Goofy post to Dad:
 yeah we be chillin all day here in Innisfail. man half my ak47 is from turkey. when you go, see if you can get any bakelight mags. remember we don't talk to police we don't make peace bonds we don't trust in the judicial system we shoot guns.
I couldn't post his email to mandy... funny, but inappropriate!!!

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