Monday, April 22, 2013

April 15th email: Happy Birthday!

 you should watch the church video "only a stonecutter" it talks about magnifying callings and what not. it would get you pumped to teach those little kids how to sing and stuff. so what was the favorite Canadian candy? i like the wonderbars. we have this investigator who rebuild antique radios and i might get a really good deal on one and have it sent home he also has a bible from the 1700s that he might give me it has the apocrfah in it so its super rad it also has a bunch of family names in it so it would be really cool to take the names to the temple. the guy is super funny he is really weird but he loves us, he says he only has four friends on earth and we are 2 of them. man im really lovin the mission its actually really sad its almost half way over. this time next year ill have my travel info! dang its sucky. this morning my comp surprised me with a ton of reeses he is a good guy but i think im gonna start putting weight back on if i don't watch it haha anyway ive taken some pics on my comps camera so ill send them to you. then today ill buy a camera i think

Riley's note to dad:  
you stud muffin. there isnt such thing as a resturaunt where i live...... there is a subway. ha we eat with members everyday. there is actually a really good little diner in a little box car thing that we always go to it only has like 10 items on the meneu but its super good. man it seems like work is keepin ya busy. just remeber to have fun toooo :D i was really hoping to get a picute of you with your pants pulled up for my birthday but i guess a weird description of my birthing process will do. sure love ya
 That's my district with the matching ties, we are pretty big studs

 our church
 The couple we live with

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