Monday, April 22, 2013

April 8th email: turning into a "Superstar"

well  G C was amazing i really enjoyed elder packers talk also i think elder oaks gave a cool talk, very unique. anyway i have a hunch the end or the world is coming soon...... so um do missionary work. i challenge someone in our family to get someone to meet with the local missionaries. its the greatest work we can be apart of in this life. its even a comandment go ye into all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost who is one god without end. you are prolly thinkin man elder k is turning into a superstar hahah but really almost every talk was based on missionary work in some form or another so do it. anyway we are having lots of success here, our teaching pool is now 12 people and when we got here it was 3 so we are pumped on that and one of those 3 got dunked. we are now teaching all of lindsays family so thats super cool. we shoudl be having baptisms soon we are just having a hard time getting them on date. man its really crazy hearing how crazy the missionary work is going in some parts of the globe are mission goal is 140 baptisms in this year and most missions have 200 a month. we are really trying hard to changes this mission but its hard cause so many missionarys lose the vision god has for the people here. but with all these new elders coming out i think we will see lots of changes. man that swing is awesome i saw a magnet the other day that made me think or you haha it said man if i would have known how much fun grandkids were i would have skipped having kids. or something like that hah anyway ive been bored latley so ive been thinkin who would be the most even fight in the world and i think it would be ellen degeneris and oprah winfrey. one has lesbo strength and one has african strength. the deciding factor is how much oprah weighs right now. man i hope the package makes it it had some sweet stuff in it

We got the package!!  Everything was wonderful!!

"its the bomb. those cute little gloves are from Lindsay's mom. the shot shell was made by a 73 yr old guy who is super cool. those gloves were a gift from a member in my last area those ties are home made by a mentally challenged guy named gil. if you have any requests on some homemade ties let me know he can make anything"

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