Monday, April 22, 2013

April 1 email: I'm kinda a maverick

Fun to hear about Easter, you should hide one (a basket) in the gun safe next year. maybe you could do it to my package cause it has tons of candy in it. but i got a good deal sending it cause the girl we just baptized works at a post office. anyway life is super good here we are teaching lots of people now and staying really busy now i get to go on exchanges once a week so i get to go to all sorts of fun places. today im going with a Spanish missionary. anyway sounds like things are going good at home. OH and i think my watch broke so im trying to find a member who could maybe fix it or something. anyway everything i own is just braking im the biggest struggle fest there is. after General Conference i dont have to wear a suit anymore so i dont think i will buy one yet ill wait tell i loose a little more weight. maybe dad could buy me one from Paris... or is that only for the NEW favorite child. anywho we were supposed to move into a new house but the owner just found out she needs a kidney transplant so we get to stay in our ghetto farmhouse. oh this week we asked a lady if we could do any service for her and she said only if she could do service for us after, so we did her dishes then she did some crazy vodoo stuff on us. she told me that i have a fear of success and that i need to focus on the present. then she balanced my body so i could run faster. and my running speed the next day was ten seconds slower then usual but thats probably cause of Easter supper. anyway it was really weird she even kinda grabbed my companions bum haha it was really awkward. anyway the package is totally on the way home! oh ye of little faith. its a freakin good package too. im a little scared it wont make it into the US though because kinder suprises are illegal to send to the US but oh well and there is some real maple syrup i dont know if thats allowed either but im kinda a maverick. anywho i opened all birthday presents early. they are awesome! man that painting is beautiful. and ive already watched like half of conference. im going to use it in my district meeting tomorrow. well i dont have much else to say but i love you lots and hope all your wildest dreams come true :D see ya on the 12th


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