Sunday, March 16, 2014

November 4th email: I want to answer questions with the scriptures!

man oh man. i cant believe all my friends are home from their missions!  you need to make sure none of them get married tell i get home. and yes i loved the cook book! i havent made anything with it yet because i was doing a pretty hard core diet this last month and i was pretty much out of money but this next month we have plans on making some german pancakes. and i think before i leave this area I'll make some cookies. i have currently made a big decision to be able to answer any question anyone ever asks me with the scriptures. this will be hard for me cause im very bad at remembering scripture refrences. but our mission president challenged us to fiind new ways to be a good teacher so i decided to work on my weakest thing. tommorow i get to go on exchanges with elder Marsh I'm really excited about it. we will be doing a knitting class together with a bunch of non members so that will be awesome. I'm gonna make myself a scarf. anyway this has been a crazy week we had a random blizzard on suday so church got canceled so we spent thee entire sunday shoveling walks it was really fun but im super sore now. we would leave some notes on their doors after doing it, with our number on it, and we got a text this morning from a single lady who said we made her day and that the world need more people like us, so that was really nice.  man baby scar is ridiculously cute. i got to visit Innisfail also this week and I stopped by a guy who really liked me and he gave me a big ol hug and told me that he was gonna take me shooting before I went home and that he dosent care what the rules are haha. other then that not much new is going on. hope you have a holly jolly day


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