Sunday, March 16, 2014

October 15 email: Six months to sexy

This week was good. we weren't able to do too much in our own area because we had to do lots of traveling, but things are going pretty good regardless. Our most promising investigator dropped of the face of the earth, he started drinking alcohol again and we haven't heard from him for awhile so thats pretty crazy. but other than that things are good, we have 2 lessons today with people who seem really promising so we are looking forward to that. on Thursday we are giving our training to the zone so that should be fun. and as for winter clothing i am completely fine i actually have two winter coats that i scored for free. so i definitely don't need three. this week has been great. so has anyone set up any dates for me for when i get home? man its wild getting close to the six months to go mark. missionaries call it six months to sexy. its the time on your mission where you actually take the morning exercise time seriously. so im hoping to get jacked in the next six months. hopefully the rest of my companions like to work out. the area I'm in right now will probably be my second to last area. so that will be cool I'll prolly stay here two more transfers. this is the last week of this transfer. so that will be exciting we will be getting four more missionaries in our zone so that will be crazy.  I'm starting to think we will get our zone split soon so I'm a little worried about that, i might have to move areas or something. anyway thats about all new for now. hope things are going good back home love you all.
Conversation with Mandy:
 Only sending me videos?  (Riley sent a Mormon video for her to watch)
do you get on facebook these days?   I love your photos!
 yeah you need the videos... no i have only got on FB once on my mission. i felt guilty after. you findin me a wife?
 i thought missionaries could get on fb now.  our cousin rebecca reid gets on every week and posts gospel stuff.  i will get on finding you a wife.  phil likes his job, he's just crazy busy.  i need the videos!  what about garr and logan so they can find a wife!
 they are hopeless.... hahahahaha i send garr a video every week about retarded people. but mommy got mad at me and said to stop. 
How was Thanksgiving?
we had lasuanga it was kinda lame.

Here is a pull up bar we made out of our couches because pull up bars got banned, they were ruining doors
 Sexy Guy!!
Using the smile detector thingy on the camera!!

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