Sunday, March 16, 2014

October 28th email:

man o man. this week was fun. we got to go spend a day in a town called Rocky Mountain House. its where Elder George is serving so that was really fun. we had a baptismal interview there. it was great, while Elder Dutson did the interview i played with a bunch of cute farm kids. i even took pictures. its fun being a zone leader cause you get to travel to all sorts of fun little places. and the coolest part was the old guy that owned the farm.  He only had one leg and he was 88 but he was still riding his tractor all over the farm it was great. we also spent quite a bit of time meeting all the new missionaries in our zone we have about ten new elders so its exciting. it seems like for the most part they are all very obedient and hard workers. thats exciting that you are getting released. now you can just travel freely and what not, man its pretty weird to think that larbot is home. he is prolly having a hard time adjusting. well im gonna end now so i can send pictures. loves
To Mandy: man if the Bengals win the superbowl and I miss it, I will be pissed. who else has a good record this year? thats cool phills cute little team is doing good. i dint get transferred i will be in this area for 6 months prolly. then i will just have one more area before i go home! crazy. me and elder Dutson set a goal to have six packs before we get separated. so that should be fun. we do ab work outs every night then do insanity in the morning. anyway love you lots sister girl!

 Cute little farm girl

How a one legged farmer gets in the tractor...  hop in the shovel...
and jump in!

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