Sunday, March 16, 2014

October 21 email: Crazy transferr day

So you should be getting released from primary soon hey? thats exciting. i got those letters the kids wrote and they made me feel so very happy, i really appreciated how curios they were to find out if I was learning Canadian. Benson's made me feel the happiest. he is a stud. anywho life is good. Our zone is doing great they loved the cute papers you printed out for them. also today is transfers so the entire zone is changing so that kinda sucks. i am a little nervous because we are getting some missionaries who are notorious for being disobedient so thats a bummer. man next week is our primary program i am excited they are the best. you should try to invite a non member you know to come to it. that would be cool. man seems like things are crazy, everybody is moving around all the time and what not. anyway where are we going on vacation when i get home? hawaii? that would be cool. anyway this week we helped a lady that was praying for a miracle then we showed up at her house so that was neat. anywho our investigators are all kimda just stuck right now, none of them showed up to church this week. so we are just trying harder to meet with them more often and we are also doing lots of finding, anywho i got to go cause things are crazy on transfer P day

 Halloween Zone Party
ZL's of the Red Deer Zone! Elder Dutson and Elder Knaphus!! Represent!
 Batman and the two Amigos

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