Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 18 email: My camera broke!

Hey my camera broke is it under warranty? anyway life is going great my comp is in a bunch of pain cause he needs a root canal it reminds me of mine. but he is lucky because there are 3 Mormon dentists here. i think he got it to humble him hahaha, he is totally the missionary who talks about how he was state champion in everything and was gonna play college ball but got too many concussions hahahaah anywho there are 18 yr olds in the mission right now and also some weems too. i havent seen them yet though. transfers are next week. im hoping i stay here its a great area. you should go to the temple more it would be super fun. also do you have a copy of my setting apart blessing? i think i lost mine..... well Lindsay is doing super good she is working on getting her patriarchal blessing pretty soon. also i cant write more then one e mail per person anymore so sorry about that. but we can now write anyone we wont to, so you should get me a bunch of peoples email addresses.  well tell baby scar i love her and hopefully all is well at the home front. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

A cute email from Elder Lee:
 Knaphus Family
hey how are you all doing? I lost your mom's email address, and i receive a letter from your mom.
I was about to write a letter to respond to Sister Leslie Knaphus but Im going back to home on June which means, not very much left.
So I want to say, Thank you for the letters and all the love and advise for me.
She also asked about my address and i got little confussed about that. Im not sure if she asked about my mission address or back home address cuz since im in CEM with Elder knaphus, it will be a same address for 2 years.
but anyway, sounds like Elder Knaphus and his boy are doing good(if one missionary trains new missionary, we call it as you got birth, so new missionary is Elder knaphus's boy), and im doing also good, i have 2 companions now which is 3 Elders. It is pretty nice.
 It was great experience with Elder Knaphus for me. We both learn a lot, It wasnt always easy for both of us, but that strengthen both of us too. His is a great missoinary. I also miss all the conversation that we had all together.
 It is ok if something doesnt make sense, cuz i dont know how to write good haha.
anyway you all have great day and see you again

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