Friday, March 22, 2013

Email March 4th: The Church is True

Well ill tell you about Lindsay's baptism a little bit.her mother came and brought a chocolate fountain it was pretty cool. Lindsey bore her testimony after the baptism she said i know from the softest part of my heart and the most logical part of my brain that this church is true. it was really cool. her mom started to cry and stuff it was nice. her mom is having us over for supper this week and we will teach her the plan of salvation so we are super excited about that. and we are starting to get lots of members really excited about missionary work so its really cool lots of people are giving us referrals and stuff so this area is really cool. throughout teaching Lindsay we have talked about her being the pioneer for her family and so at her baptism we gave her a plaque that said pioneer and had the definition on it, it was sweet. there were lots of people crying and what not. but its been a good week now we just need to find our next victim hahahahha

 For my birthday Riley finally sent some pictures!!  Best present ever!!

 Beautiful Innesfail, Canada

 Funny Elder Knaphus

 Our study room!! (the basement of a members house)

 Here is my bed!!

  Crazy haircut "I did it myself"

Valentine treat from Tammy!!


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