Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th email:

well I'll maybe buy a camera today, that will be fun.  I'm gonna send a package today i feel like this is when everyone's Birthdays, are so it will be for everyone. just try to spread the stuff out evenly. today we got transfer calls and we are both staying in this area. but I'm the district leader now, so that's fun. i get to go on lots of exchanges and stuff so it will be a jolly ol' time. I'll eventually get a picture with people in this area. but since I'm staying I'll wait till I leave so that its more normal. anywho want to hear something funny?  My follow up trainer elder Carson, I'm now his district leader, haha pretty funny. it will be kinda awkward trying to train some one who is about to go home. oh well. man that seems really weird that Evan is eight. tell him I'm proud of him. Tell Logan he doesn't need to learn dads trade because me and him will open up a gun shop. well, life is good here we are hoping to have some great things happen in the future in this area.  I'll chat with ya later byeeeeeeeeeeee sure love ya

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