Friday, March 22, 2013

Email March 11th:

Hey hows life going? things are going well here. how was your B day? what did you get? did loggy get lasik yet? transfers are coming up in the next couple weeks so one of us will be going:( but thats all chill. Innisfail is a really cool area with lots of things going on. we should have another baptism this next month. maybe i can score a birthday baptism. ha it would be pretty cool but unlikely. my birthday falls on a P-day so I'm super excited about that, we have a member in our ward from Antigua a little island in the west indies and he is so freakin funny he only eats cute animals haha he is the opposite of a vegetarian. his son is the one who will be baptized soon so it will be cool seeing him with his gnarly long dreads in the waters of baptism. and his name is bro Joseph so its like talking to a black Joseph Smith. well not much is new Lindsay was confirmed and her mom is feeding us this Saturday. oh her mom is gonna send you a letter, it will be a great missionary opportunity for you to write her back and talk about how the gospel has blessed your family so prepare yourself. if you do a good enough job she just might be baptized. she has a son who is a bit of a rebel so she is super impressed that we would serve two years so i think she will write you about how awesome i am hahahahahahah anyway i hear America is supposed to get bombed today so that would be a bummer hopefully that wont happen. you need to tell Logan to update me on the gun world. i hope all is well i sure do love you and I'm grateful i was raised in a home like ours. its crazy how many people don't have a good family anymore. Satan is trying hard to destroy families. well keep up the good work          eat drink and be merry- elder knaphus

We got this picture from the mission home today... It is from Christmas!!
Looks like a great bunch of missionaries!  Can you find Elder K and Elder Lee?
Right in the middle!!

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