Saturday, May 17, 2014

November 11th:

oh great a mission story..... this week we were trying by people and one of the people we ran into let us in and was super nice to us his name is Joe Bowers. he told us that ten minutes before we showed up he asked God to help him because he was about to relapse on drugs. he then went on to tell us that this isn't the first time missionaries have been the answer to his prayers. he told us that because of "mormons" he now believes in god. we are now meeting with him weekly. the only thing holding him back right now is chewing tobacco and his girl friend. we feel like we will be able to help him through those though. we also met with another family who we are teaching and the daughter who claimed to be an atheist when we first met with them now feels like there is a God and is really interested in learning more so it is really exciting cause we might baptize a family of six. so that would be a really big highlight of my mission. all we have to do is find a way for them to get to church because right now we are meeting in another city called Lacombe and its like 30 minutes away. but they are a really solid family. a goal i have set for myself before i get home is to be able to teach every single principle in the PMG just by using scriptures that i have memorized. and so thats what i have been doing lately. also this week we have another ZTM so we have been planning that. this Sunday we will be having a meeting with elder ward from the seventy so that  will be fun. thats about all going on. thats cool that garr and labot are doing some solid missionary work. if every member would just do one thing like that a year the church would be growing ten times faster then it is now. right now in our mission 85% of the people we teach are from our own efforts. if members did there part we would be super busy. and the church would be growing here ten times faster. but hopefully the lord will send some sort of disaster here to wake the people up.... half kidding. hey by the way you should send my comp some nice U of U sweats for Christmas i think size medium or large... hes like 5'8 and 170 pounds so whatever that would be. anywho i gots to go byeeeee. love ya
To Mandy:
thats weird that Andy has a kid. sounds like a crappy week in sports. what kind of sport analogy did Phill give? i spoke in church as well. it was good. my talk was how has my mission changed me. so i talked about how i have lost weight and everyone was pretty surprized cause i hadent told anyone in this ward, anywho i love you to the moon and back hope things are going well<3

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