Monday, June 18, 2012

Finally heard from Canada...

June 12,  2012

Dear Knaphus Family,
Elder Knaphus arrived in Edmonton on Tuesday, the 12 of June.  He arrived with 12 other missionaries that he worked with closely at the MTC.  They looked a little anxious when they stepped through the doors, but thankful to be here. We were there to greet them at the airport, President and Sister Campbell and the assistants showed up shortly after they arrived with the van and trailer.  
It was a pleasure to finally meet your son, Elder Knaphus, after studying his picture for the past few weeks.  The assistants helped them load their luggage into the van and we were on our way to the mission office.  
Once at the mission office we introduced them to the office staff and had a bite to eat.  They were very tired and hungry and appreciated the lunch we provided for them.  We had the opportunity to sit down and eat with them and enjoyed the time to just visit.  They filled out and signed the necessary forms that would allow them to get right to work.
After the office we went to the mission home, where the missionaries were able to sit and rest while President Campbell had the privilege of interviewing each one of them.  We welcomed them into our home and saw that they were well cared for.  During interviews they received their first training by the assistants. 
We provided dinner and then had a fireside where they watched a DVD of sights from the mission.  Then we had the privilege to hear testimonies from each of the new missionaries. 
Thank you for raising such an amazing son and preparing him for the work.  We look forward to serving with him and watching him grow in testimony and purpose as he serves the people of the Canada Edmonton Mission.
Enclosed is a photo of your son with us on the day he met his new companion.  May God bless you and your family during Elder Knaphus' service here in Edmonton.
With warm regards,
President and Sister Campbell

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