Friday, June 22, 2012

June 18th email: first from Canada!!

So I'm in an area called Hinton, its really small and in the middle of nowhere. its like an hour away from jasper. which is like a national park or something. 1/5 the population is Jehovah witness and the rest are addicted to meth. our branch here in Hinton has about a solid 25 members who come usually. but since missionaries haven't been here for awhile, lots of people showed up to see us so it was fun at church.  there were about 40 people there,  including the 4 investigators we brought. one was in a swim suit so that was fun!  then we have a a really old couple who should be getting baptized soon cause they say they know everything is true, they just don't want to get married. and then a girl named Felisha who is mots definitely on meth. then craig the guy who were a swim suit he is awesome he has three kids and no money but he wants to change really bad. he is getting baptized on the 28 of July. everyone here works at a coal mine haha!  it reminds me a little of the town in  justified, there is even a member here named Lue Bennett and all here kids are less active. so ya its fun here, lots of people go camping and hiking and stuff like that cause is in the middle of no where. but i am kinda by the mountains so that's fun.. my companions name is elder Watt he's from Idaho and he sounds like Willow. and he is really short. come to think of it he might be part midget or something but he is really nice and is a convert of 3 years so he's a stud and has a strong testimony. I think im gonna just buy my winter stuff here cause i dont get mail ever. we dont have a mail box so i only get mail when we have zone meetings and stuff like that so if you have mail just send it and I'll get it sometime in four weeks.

  Lots of members feed us sheperds pie so thats fun. there is lots of really good food here like candy bars and chips. also one of the members is the Filipino girl who Logan should marry she is way nice and when we went to visit her she gave us a whole load of groceries it made me remember how nice Pinoys are. she also made us eat ice cream. anywho in about an hour im gonna go ask our investigator named Craig to get married so that's fun. i didn't think i would be marrying other people my first week.  anywho ill talk to ya l8er

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