Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 11th Letter: "He sounded like and Angel"

Hey, things are going good, I'm really stoked to get to the field.  I leave the MTC at 3 am where I meet a driver who drops me at the ariport pretty darn early.  I got a short hair cut, Mandy will probably hate it.  So we have been teaching Nickson and we just taught him for our last time and it was way rad, I think he is very interested.  My comp is singing weird Al Yankovich aka his favorite singer.  I'm struggeling with taking pics, I never have my camera with me, but I'll try to get some good ones.  The Tongan missionaries do the Hakka every night, it is exciting.  I miss Max, is he doing ok?  Tell Stu to go to church or email me, but one of the two!  I don't know why but someone stole my hangers today while I was doing teh wash so that sucks.  The MTC is awsome, we have had some really cool speakers and have learned lots.  I get bored a lot so I study crazy docterine and when we do fake teaching I always teach about big foot and stuff!!  We have a thing where we pretend to be investigators and the girl who teaches me is Austailian and really pretty.  But I'm really mean to her and talk about poligamy and blacks with the priesthood.
the guy in the temple today said he served with a guy in Norway.  Who in our family served in Norway?  He was really old too.  this is the last time I can write you until I am in Canada!  that's pretty crazy.  It's crazy the amount of prayers that go out to missionaries.  Literally every minute there are prayers going out to missionaries.  A sweet lady at the temple told us that the church wouldn't be around without all those prayers.  haha!  but it's cool to think how many people are praying for this work to continue!  I've learned so much since I've been here it's crazy!  This gospel is awesome because in this life we will never know all the truths and doctrines because it's so vast and has so many meanings.  I've been pondering alot the true meaning of things, it's really cool.  Like if you ask yourself why did God want me to read this or have this experience.  It changes how you look at things.  Coleman emailed me.  I keep wondering what my first companion will be like, it's gonna be a goon, I know it.  I've seen miracles already in the MTC.  One kid who we live with had no testimony when he came, he just went cuz he parents wanted him to, but my buddy Elder Hawkes said this prayer and he literally sounded like an angel or something, and then he told the elder who was struggling to open the BofM and read and he started crying because the verse he opened to was about missionary work.  Elder Hawkes has more faith than anyone I know.  this is his second time through the MTC and he has the strongest testimony.  Any who, I love you and want to let you know this church is true and Heavenly Father knows all of his children.  I hope everything is going good back home.  One of my room mates can fart the national anthem.  it is the craziest thing I have ever seen.  Send me some pictures of Max I miss him.  Love you all!!

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