Friday, June 8, 2012

June 7th email:

Yes, Scarlett misses your belly!
My room mates are awesome.  all of us are complete opposite, my comp is a huge computer guy but dosent like video games, elder Hawekes is a free runner who can do double back-flips on the ground elder gold has inappropriate thoughts about cars. elder Black has never talked to anyone before. and elder Tompson is a starcraft player but can also dunk a basketball and he is korean Canadian. but we all have the same purpose as missionaries so we get along really well, so thats way rad. my comp is way knowledgeable about anything so he rocks in teaching but he also explains things in a really weird way. but any who, i really love getting your letters they make my day. i cant believe its already been almost three weeks i feel like it was just yesterday i left.  Remember how pres Parkinson said that the spirits of my ancestors would be watching over me? well he was right.  I know that i couldn't do this on my own and i have literally felt the presence of someone helping me in my lessons with our real investigator named Nickson. we went in there with no game plan so all we did was bear testimony and we all started crying and he said the closing prayer and it was really cool. i think that he will maybe try to actually meet with the missionaries in Provo.   i really love you guys, hope everything is going well. does baby scar miss my belly?  love Elder knaphus.

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  1. These are great letters! I've read all the posts so I'm all caught up. Can I say I'm super impressed by this boy? I am so excited to follow Riley's mission, especially since I won't have T-Fudd's much longer. Yeah!